September 19, 2019
How the Pointoselect Digital Stopped a Migraine Headache in 15 Minutes

How the Pointoselect Digital Stopped a Migraine Headache in 15 Minutes

I get patients all the time who ask me,
“Does auriculotherapy really work?” As most of you know, I’ve been working in the
acupuncture industry for about 10 years now, and working in the modern technology
aspect of acupuncture. So I’ve been using AcuGraph for
nearly 10 years in my clinic. And I have a way to measure the progress of my patient, so I can
tell whether or not the treatment that I am doing is working. Not only
because my patients are getting good results, but because I can see the
progress within a graph. So when I began using Pointoselect, it was very
curious to me what is it — what’s gonna happen with the graph when
I use the Pointoselect? I was at my clinic and I had a friend of mine who
call me up, and she had a migraine headache. And she said, “Kimberly, can you
fit me in?” And I said, “Sure!” So I arranged my schedule,
and I brought her in, and she’d been suffering for days with a migraine
headache. And I said, “You know, I’m actually doing a little bit of research, do you mind if I try this new tool on you?” She was a friend and coming in for a free visit, and she was happy for whatever I wanted
to do as long as I could bring her results. So I did a graph on her and… any of you that know AcuGraph, she had an extreme belt block issue. Excess
in the upper body, deficient in the lower body, and she had all of the typical
symptoms of a belt block of that direction. And she had anxiety, and she had
pain, and she had the throbbing headache, and had been there for days. So she laid on the table, I dimmed the lights, and I did my typical ear scan. And
I treated what I found in the ear. When I was done I said, “How do you
feel?” And she looked at me and she said, “My headache is like almost gone. It’s like 80% better
than it was before we started.” I said, “Do you mind if I graph you one more time?
Because I just want to see the difference.” Now, typically, I’ll just put a little
disclaimer here, typically when I’m graphing a patient or treating a
regular patient, I don’t graph them, treat them then re-graph them. I decided to go ahead and do
this as an experiment. Well, I re-graph the patient and
she was completely green except for one imbalance. To see
instantaneous – within 15 minutes of her walking into my clinic, her headache was
gone by 80%, and the graph had changed. Those are the two things that have been
my defining factors in my practice. One, can I change symptoms? Two, can I change the
acupuncture meridians in the body? And that’s what AcuGraph measures. So the fact
that Pointoselect, by scanning and treating the ear changed what was happening
in the body, it absolutely works. And the proof is two ways. One, it changes
symptoms. And two, it changes the acupuncture channels.

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