December 9, 2019


What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan, a.k.a. The Toe Bro and we are on day number five of this Foot Health Month. So if you guys
are still with me, thank you so much! Please subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t. Like, comment, share, get the information out. I’m doing this month of
videos just for you guys. I’m trying to give you as much as I can. Today we are
gonna talk about probably one of the most commonly asked videos or themes and
that is plantar fasciitis. (music) It’s my one day off and of course my
buddy, Al, wants to play golf 7:40 in the morning! It takes an hour to get here so why not make the most of the day and start
the day off with a nice round of golf. Oh my gosh! So as you can see I’m walking on the golf course and walking is one of the best things you can do for exercise.
Get your body moving, gets the muscles moving, get your feet moving, and it gets
the heart rate going and that’s really really important. The problem is a lot of
people are in so much pain that they’re not able to walk. So start small, start
with you know a 5 minute walk, start doing this little distance and work your
way up. Walking is really, really, really, important! Get yourself some comfy shoes
that are wide soft comfortable to be in and get them feet moving. So that’s one
little quick tip cardio walking is really important. You gotta keep moving and the
only way to do that is one foot in front of the next. First things first, before I get into this video about plantar fascia, let me get a little bit more comfortable. Yeah, that’s a lot better! Today was a busy day. I when golfing in the morning then we went to a communion for my cousin, family party after, and now
finally back at office even though it’s a day off with no patients. We don’t stop!
So here we are. I’m gonna give you guys some information about what plantar
fasciitis is because I know a lot of people hear about it but don’t exactly
know what it means. What are the signs and symptoms and how we can treat
plantar fasciitis at home, if you need to see a foot care specialist. or another
healthcare professional. So what is plantar fascia? It is the inflammation
of the plantar fascia So I have my feet back here let me grab one… no one saw
that! What we have down here is the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a
ligament and is a very fibrous tissue and pretty much think of it like the
bottom of the bridge it connects on the heel and it goes all the way to the toes.
It gives it some stability while walking and moving. Plantar fasciitis is usually
characterized by pain on the inside of the heel, the bottom of the arch, or in
the general bottom area of the foot. There are many other things that could be
causing your pain whether it’s muscle strain inside the foot, whether it’s
other muscles or ligaments, whether it’s the achilles tendon. Generally when we hear about heel pain and we hear about arch pain, most of
the time it is possibly plantar fasciitis. So again, it’s the inflammation
of the plantar fascia. So what we have here is a foot with the plantar fascia.
Basically think of it like a rubber band that attaches on the bottom
of the heel but for today’s sake I’m going to attach it to the back here so I
can hold on to it. So think of the plantar fascia is a rubber band that
attaches on the bottom of the heel and then goes to the front of the foot at
the toes. What happens for everyone when we stand, the arch is going to collapse a
little bit as the as the foot absorbs weight and what can happen is that the
the plantar fascia can become over stretched, okay? So as you can see as more weight or pressure is apply to the foot, the more
this rubber band stretches. Another thing that can happen is if we have too much
pronation or rolling in of the foot, that also causes this plantar fascial to
stretch. So again if we have too much stretching of this plantar fascia, we can
have too much pulling or possibly tearing of the plantar fascia on the
heel bone and that’s what plantar fascia plantar fasciitis is. We can feel
symptoms of pain in this area where the plantar fascia attaches here, sometimes
at the toes part, usually underneath the big toe, or sometimes just general
ache or pain in the arch. Now you have a good idea, let’s just move the foot so
you can see. It’s pretty amazing when we see it like this. The more we stand, the more we’re having more weight on the foot, the more the arch can collapse, and
the more the plantar fascia stretches. When people come in and they’re having
those general signs and symptoms of some sort of plantar fasciitis, there’s really
two things that I focus on: number one is to reduce the stretching or pulling of
the plantar fascia on the heel and number two, reducing the amount of pain
and inflammation that the patient might be feeling. So for number one for us to
reduce the amount of pain that you’re feeling from the
fasciitis we’re trying to reduce the amount of pull or strain of that rubber
band on the heel. You’re gonna do that a few ways so number one, we’re gonna try
to reduce how much that plantar fascia is stretching by either supporting the
foot. We can support the foot by a better footwear like I said in the video, shoes
that have more stability, less flexibility, that will help reduce the
amount of collapse or strain of that plantar fascia. So that’s using an
external device. Orthotics is another type of method or treatment that we use
in this office trying to reduce the strain on the plantar fascia. By us
having some sort of shell or material in the arch area that’s gonna stop the foot
from collapsing as much. We’re gonna get less pull of that elastic band and
that’s gonna reduce the strain on the foot. Here we do custom made orthotics. So that involves us taking a scan or mold of the foot in a non weight-bearing
position; this is where you have a relaxed arch position. When you are
standing, the arch is gonna be a little bit more collapsed and the plantar
fascia is gonna be a little bit more stretched. So when we take a mold with no
weight, when your foot is a little bit more relaxed like this, there’s less tension
on the plantar fascia. We usually have a higher arch and so when you have an
orthotic made from that kind of mold and when you do stand and the foot wants to
collapse, it’s going to be supported. So that’s one way that we do about it. So if
you don’t want to use external devices, such as better footwear or orthotics or
some sort of shell material or inserts to hold the arch up. The other way to
do it is with exercise. If we can make the muscles inside of the foot stronger,
they’re gonna have better hold of that arch and reduce the amount of collapse
or be able to handle the amount of stress when we’re standing. So we can
either use external devices, footwear changes, orthotics, or insoles or two we can
do some sort of physio or foot physios strengthening exercises for the feet. Not
only is strengthening the muscles of the foot really, really important, it’s gonna
make the foot stronger and have better support and hold of itself but also
stretching of the plantar fascia is something we’re going to talk about
because the more the plantar fascia is used to having that stretch, it won’t be
so tight and it won’t pull as much on the heel bone and
that’s really gonna reduce the discomfort. So like I said one portion is
supporting the foot, whether with external devices or strengthening the
foot, and number two is treating the inflammation and the pain that you might
be feeling. The first thing that we try to get people to do is apply heat. Heat,
whether it’s a warm or hot foot soap or a hot pack that you’re putting to the
foot, is going to increase the amount of blood flow to the area and that’s going
to be good for healing and and improving the healing ability of that area. So
again, heat is gonna help improve the blood flow, get things flowing, and that’s
gonna help with the healing process. First thing that we offer here- laser
treatment. Laser treatment basically sends energy into the area of discomfort
or the area that we’re treating and this energy is going to activate cells. It’s
going to cause cellular processes to occur that eventually end up allowing
the body to heal faster improving circulation and giving those cells in
that area more energy to work more effectively. The second thing that we
offer here shockwave treatment. What shockwave treatment really does is that we
apply a device to the foot that sends shockwaves into the affected area. These
vibrations or shock waves help agitate injured and inflamed tissue . This
actually has been shown to increase the amount of healing factors and blood flow
to the area. That’s really gonna help with healing this injured and inflamed
area. Basically we treat the area that’s affected once a week for three sessions
in total and this really gives a really good effect for some sort of plantar
fasciitis heel pain or arch pain. The third thing that we do here cortisone
injection. If someone is in a lot of pain and there’s a lot of discomfort and
they’re unable to put their foot down, sometimes we resort to a cortisone
injection. Cortisone is just a steroid; it’s an anti-inflammatory that way again
inject into the area of pain. This is going to cause a lot of the inflammation to disappear. The pain goes down and everything feels much much better.
The problem with cortisone injection, we try to limit the number of injections
to just three per year. The reason for that is there are some side effects with
cortisone injection. Some of the main side effects from having multiple
injections are things such as thinning of the skin, number two weakening of the
tendons. So multiple injections can actually decrease the strength that can
actually cause the tissue to rupture or completely break off and number three it
can affect your overall health. So if you are diabetic or if they’re other health
conditions, a lot of cortisone in the body can affect those biological
processes. So that’s why we try to have no more than three injections per year
but it is very, very helpful. What I find is that whether you do laser, shockwave,
or cortisone injection, all those things can really help reduce the pain and
discomfort but if you really don’t truly fix the biomechanical stress or a strain
on the plantar fascia, then the pain can always come back in the future. So again,
footwork changes are really important. Something that has a lot of cushioning and a little bit more support can really help reduce your discomfort right away.
Number two- using it over the counter insole like a Dr. Scholl’s pad, using a
custom orthotic, something that helps support your arch and reduces amount of
collapse of the foot or the pronating of the foot, will reduce the amount of
stretching of the plantar fascia and again that will help give you a lot of
relief. The last thing that people should really focus on and something that I’m
really going to be improving in my clinic, is the stretching of the plantar
fascia. The strengthening of the foot muscles. By us creating a very strong
foot that’s able to hold itself reduces the amount of collapse just by the
internal strength of its muscles and having the plantar fascia handle the
stretching from the mechanical stress will really help reduce your chance of
this coming back in the future. Here we have this nice dancers foot. As we can
see, with no weight nice high arch. So from the side, when I extend the big toe,
we can see something tightening up right here. This right here is a plantar fascia. Usually people who tend to have a higher
arch have a tighter plantar fascia. Someone who has a flatter foot usually
has this already so stretched out and again isn’t as prone to having such a
tight feel. So what we normally do for one exercise to help with plantar
fasciitis is we bend the big toe we find that plantar fascia and we just run our
finger down there and what this is doing is stretching that plantar fascia. If
you’re in a lot of discomfort, it might be quite sore but it’s very important
that we massage and stretch this thing out. So another thing you can do you can
get a firm ball and you really try to put some pressure down and you use this
hard object to roll out and massage the plantar fascia. So again, the goal is to
really push down, stretch out the plantar fascial, get it used to having that
little bit of stretch. It really helps reduce the the tightness of the plantar
fascia, it helps massage the plantar fascia, it
can really help alleviate a lot of discomfort. So getting the foot prepared,
getting a plantar fascia prepared to stretch is very, very important. So one
you can do it with your finger by bending the big toe the other way you
can do it is just by rolling out that plantar fascial at home. So another
exercise we have is rolling up a towel and placing it under the big toe to
really get this toe in this flexed position. Okay. The moment this big toe is
kind of bent like this, it really activates the plantar fascia. You can
see how it just tighten up right here. In this position, we’re gonna do a heel lift.
so we’re gonna stand up on our toes, get nice and high, and go down nice and slow
nice and slow. Yeah lento (slow) very good. We’re gonna make sure this is really
underneath the big toe so it’s really bent and up we go and then down nice and slow. This is again gonna work the muscles in the foot, to hold the arch nice and tight, to have
a very stable a strong position as we’re bending our toe and activating this
plantar fascia. This is gonna get the foot ready to handle the stretch that
usually occurs if the foot isn’t strong and the plantar fascia needs to stretch.
So again, by us strengthening the muscles in our foot and getting the plantar
fascia ready to accept and handle the body’s weight, we’re gonna feel less
discomfort and less pain. Up! Very good and down nice and slow awesome. So we’re just seeing what some dancers
do to strengthen their feet, improve the This is definitely advanced stuff! This is something I can’t do and I would not
advise a lot of people to try but again, if you really want to test the amount of
flexibility in your feet, this is something you can definitely try. So one
thing that you can do yourself that won’t be as hard is we’ll put the foot
flat like this and the goal and we call this a short foot is where we try to
hold the big toe on the ground, heel on the ground and we try to imagine
squeezing these two points together. This is gonna contract all the muscles inside
the foot kind of forming a little bit of a shorter foot but tightening all the
muscles in the arch and this is gonna help really like that very good and
relax again relax so again and I can feel all the muscles tightening up in
the arch but we’re trying to keep the big toe on the ground contract very good
relax tighten relax. So this is something that
you guys can practice at home keeping the big toe on the ground the heel on
the ground and thinking about squeezing the muscles in the foot to bring these
two together. It’s not too much of a movement but you feel a lot of tightness
and cramping in the arch and that’s those foot muscles working. All these
exercises do one thing: strengthen the muscles in the foot and help the body
accept the weight so this plantar fracture doesn’t get over stretched. The more
stability that we can get, the better that we’re gonna have and reduced
tension on that plantar fascia. So I hope this video is really useful with those
tips. Those are some of the treatments that can really help out. Hope you guys
enjoyed this video. Day number five video number five. We
still got a lot more videos to go. I’m still going to be putting them out.
Please share them, give me the views. One last thing, I am holding a seminar in
Toronto on June 9th 2018 called “Step Up Your Foot Care 101”. I’m really
trying to put together a program that’s gonna help educate people about overall
foot health, conditions that you see, how you can treat them,
and just improve your overall foot care experience for your clients. So it’s
mostly based for pedicures, nail technicians, foot care nurses, people who
work with feet and want to just improve their skills and their knowledge. If you
are interested, please go to my website You can find the seminar as a product, you can purchase it there and that is going to reserve your spot. I’m only having 40 spots in total. I’m looking at possibly getting a bigger location from the start because there is a lot of demand and questions coming in about it. So hopefully we’re going to have enough room for 60 to 80 people. If that works for you, please come visit me in Toronto and we can learn a few things together. I really appreciate all the love and support! Like my videos, comment, share them, subscribe if you haven’t. I couldn’t be doing this without you guys so I’m so thankful every single day that I have an opportunity to share with you. I hope you guys, had a
great weekend. Ready for Monday, tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow. Toe Bro, out. you


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    -new balance sneakers
    -I refused cortisone shots

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