February 21, 2020
How CBD Can Help With Joint Pain

How CBD Can Help With Joint Pain

Hi, I’m Michael Gick, the founder of CBD Advantage. Today, I’m talking about joint pain. If you’re suffering from joint pain caused
by inflammation, CBD Advantage has three products that we’d like to recommend to you. All of them are full spectrum products, so
that’s all the parts of the plant including three-tenths of one-percent of THC. It’s really going to come down to your personal
use and the delivery system that you prefer. The first product that I’d like to talk about
is our full spectrum sublingual tincture. This product is high in CBDA, which is an
amazing anti-inflammatory. This product is taken sublingually, so that
means we’re going to take this under the tongue. We’re going to let this dissolve for a full
ninety seconds, and then it’s going to take about fifteen minutes to an hour to get into
your blood stream. An amazing product, one of my favorites. I use this a lot for my own joint pain. The second option I’d like to offer you is
a little bit different delivery system. It’s a full spectrum product, it has all the
parts of the plant, just like the sublingual, but this is nanogram technology. This product, nanogram technology is just
a fancy word for particle size. So the particles of CBD are broken down a hundred
times smaller than a red blood cell, so there’s no blockers, there’s no inhibitors. This product is fairly instant, it’s going
to be bio-available very quickly, and the nice thing about it is it can be swallowed
right away. You don’t have to sit there and have it sit
under your tongue for ninety seconds and wait, or you can actually mix this product with
a coffee or a juice or something along those lines or have a chaser of a glass of water
or something. Take it and swallow it right away, and there’s
no adverse effects. The third delivery system would be a full
spectrum capsule. So all those awesome ingredients that are
in the other products, but it’s in a tiny little capsule. So people don’t like the liquid, the flavor,
whatever that might be, so at CBD Advantage, we want to give you another option. And the capsule is taken just like you would take
any other medication. You’re going to take that and you’re going
to wash it down with a liquid. That’s going to go through your dietary tract,
it’s going to break down a little bit as it goes through the stomach wall, it’s going
to take a little bit longer to activate, an hour to three hours, but it’s going to be
time released and work throughout the day for you. So there’s three outstanding recommendations. All these are great products. All of them are natural. All of them are organic. All of them are tested, certified, verified,
third-party tested, third-party verified. We highly recommend these products at CBD
Advantage for inflammation pain. And finally, I’d just like to thank you for
your time.

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