September 19, 2019
How Can I Stop Feeling the Physical Pain from My Breakup or Divorce? | ND Program

How Can I Stop Feeling the Physical Pain from My Breakup or Divorce? | ND Program

– Hi, this is Adele
from the Naked Divorce. I recently got an email from a client asking me how do I actually
stop feeling the pain of my divorce, feeling
the pain of my breakup? Now, this is an interesting question because first you have
to understand why it is that you’re feeling to begin with. So, the actual pain that
you’re feeling in your heart and that horrible
feeling like your stomach is being ripped in two, is actually your hormones
and neurochemicals in your body playing
havoc with your emotions. So, what happens is when you’re feeling really horrible emotions, your body’s actually releasing
quite a lot of noradrenaline, adrenaline and cortisol
into the bloodstream. The minute cortisol gets
released into the bloodstream, your dopamine levels will go up and the combination of these factors actually makes you ache inside, it makes you feel that
horrible, gut-wrenching pain. Now, what we tend to do when we’re feeling this horrible pain is we reach for the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or we rush off and we
want to douse ourselves with lots of alcohol. I would not recommend doing that ’cause that actually increases the level of cortisol hence increasing
the level of dopamine in your bloodstream. So, what you want to do is
actually eat more green stuff. I know, arg, green stuff but seriously, eat more green stuff, things like kale, spinach, lettuce, yeah, believe it or not,
it actually decreases the heartache that you are feeling. So, eat more green stuff, in addition, go get yourself a really, really good B complex vitamin. So, B complex vitamins, extra magnesium, extra calcium, those are gonna
decrease the level of stress that you actually feeling in your body and go and get some exercise, a good, hard run, a good, hard workout at the gym. That will also decrease the
level of cortisol and adrenaline into your bloodstream. So, if you’re feeling that
horrible pain from your divorce or your breakup, do some things, take some action today and get some help. Make sure that you actually processing it. The faster you process what’s
actually happening to you and put into context what your relationship
breakup is all about, the better your healing will happen and the faster you will heal and the less pain you
will ultimately feel. So, that’s it from me until next time. See you soon.

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