December 9, 2019
HOME REMEDY FOR MUSCLE PAIN II मांसपेशियों के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

HOME REMEDY FOR MUSCLE PAIN II मांसपेशियों के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health Care At Home We are here to help you in your problems by Home remedy We received an email from Sajid Khan, Kishanganj Bihar He says his father is 65 years of age He has a joint & Muscle Pain problem For which he has tried Allopathy He got problem in his stomach as well by having pain killers He get temporary relief by pain killer By apply balm also he gets temporary relief He want a home remedy for this problem Yes we do have a home remedy for this problem which is very effective Its very simple and available at home Muscle pain increases most probably in winter Stop having pain killers immediately it can cause many side effects it numbs your brain nerves dont affects your pain I will tell you the simplest way and cheapest way to cure your fathers pain Grate a ginger Extract juice from that grated ginger Apply this juice on affected areas and cover it You will feel a warmth after some time it penetrates inside the skin Your pain will vanish within 5-10 mins Apply this 4-5 times a day you will get rid of joint & Muscle pain You dont have to apply any balm nor you will have to take any pain killer You will be cured completely within 15 days Isn’t it a easy home remedy We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us Thank you

100 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY FOR MUSCLE PAIN II मांसपेशियों के दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

  1. sir mujhe vericose vains hai ,mere pero me hamesha bahut dard rahta hai kabhi bhi band nahi hota or hamesha pero me ek bechaine rahati hai dard sirf calf mesuls me hi hai bones me nahi pls kuch upay bataye badi pareshan hu

  2. hello
    sir mere ek rishtedar lady hai ji age 53 uske leg pain hai .ander nadi mai bahut dard hota hai hamesha raat ko neend nahi aati koi ilaz batayen ji

  3. sir mujhe pachpan se mujhe left knee ke left side bhaut jyada pain hota h or baithne par pair block sa ho jata h kya krna hoga. pleasee mujhe btaeye….

  4. Can you please provide English subtitles or put the same explanation in description area. That will be very helpful those who can't understand your language

  5. sir meri beti 12 years ki h uske kafi time pahle per me chot lagi thi treatment bhi chala but wo ab bhi jab dance karti g jump karti h ya game khelti to uske per me pain hone lagta h . doctor KO dekhate h to wo bolte h problem to kuch najar nahi aati, calcium khilao

  6. dear sir..mere husband ki age 35 hai unko leg me bahuth dard hura. ….pure test kara diye. …knees se neche pure leg me

  7. sir namaste..sir mere dad 65 years old hain kucch teen chaar mahinon se unke peron ki taliyon se aur sir ke ooper waale hisse se bahut garmi or sek nikalta hai..MRI SCAN bi karwaya..kucch nahi nikla..bahut pareshani hai..please kucch help kije..thanks

  8. Hi sir, I' am having neck, and muscle pain, but afraid to try these remedy as i m having urticaria/ hives problem.
    Can u please suggest is there a side effect by using these remedies. Does it increase hives or urticaria allergy.
    Please let me know.

  9. suffering from dermatomyositis
    eating steroids from one month tired now
    little relief becoz of steroids. is there treatment in ayurveda

  10. hi sir my age is 23 now. i play football a lot. after played everytime i feel pain in my front side both legs so can i apply ginger on my leg please suggest

  11. Hi sir… Can u suggest me how to cure kynase problem by home remedies…..i m 25 years old…. Mujhe koi bh height wali cheez chdne m problem aati like steps, bus,train… Mera cpk 2500 hai… I m taking treatment and medicines from three years but no effect…. Kuuch bh thk nai ho raha….so can u suggest me how can i cure my problem

  12. hi I'm 35 years old and I have 13 years old pain on my neck shoulder and hand it's on my right side the pain and with that I have right side knee pain and right side of my back pain now my all body is getting weak day by day I can don't my house work with out any maids and I can't do any havy work I can't sit with out back saport and can't here loud noises or music getting angry fast cause of the prasore of old pain on my neck shoulder and hands and now I feel live the pain is covering my whole body I don't take any camicle midicen cause its useless I used many oils massages but I can't get rid of this old pain I get depresse every evening or anytime till I go out of my house to change my mood some time my mood is of for 2 to 3 day doesn't want to talk or hear please help me to get rid of this old pain thank you

  13. hello sir me NEPAL se bol raha hu me nepali hu par mughe Hindi likhna padna bolna ata he.sir mere problem he ki mere right side leg ma bahaut dard hota hai abhi mere ghar me adrad nahi he aur market me bhi nahi he isleye adrad ki sibhaye aur kohi remedy nahi hai.sir pls reply fast mughe ye lakhbhag 3 hafte se hua hai. sir pls reply fast I am suffering from leg pain

  14. Dear sir my mother is having many muscle knots all over her body. Please tell some solutions. She is in severe pain

  15. sar mera exigent howa tha 50 din tang ki hady tote gei thi jis ki wajha se 50 din plaster laga rehne se mera ghoda jam ho gea he is ka koi alaj send kar do merbani ho gi

  16. Why do you need writing the title in English and talking another language. And to much talking to introduce Ginger.

  17. Hello sir am amdadul Islam 33 years
    I live in Paris I have scitica problem in tow yers and my leg measles and nurb too much pain I am not work stand by until 5 hours. so please suggestion me sir how can I relief this pain thank you sir

  18. sir I am 38 year old l have pain in all the joint's back pain ,hand fingers, muscle pains, cheeks bones,chest pain and l can't sit for a long time and mostly of the right side it pains a lot and homeopathic medicine from last 2years but no results are seen so please tell me some home tips

  19. hello sir please mujy batin meri right leg my qamar sy ly kr or pindli tak shadeed drd hota hy or pao b soon ho jata hy koi ejaaj bata dain. plz mail kr dain mujy

  20. Sir गर्दन के थोड़ा uper bohot dard h मुझसे सर झुकाया नहीं ओर right साइड भी move करने मे काफी मुश्किल हो रहा है कुछ उपाय बताए…. सुबह जब सोकर उठा तभी से ऎसा है

  21. plz mere bache k muscles weak h body k…mera beta 11 months ka h bht elaj krwaya h pr temprary fark prta h phr wasy hi ho jta h pllllzzzzzz koi remedy bta st

  22. Sir mera age 18 years hai aur jab main koi heavy weight (10-25kg) uthata hu to meri bones and muscles me pain hota hai koi remedy bataiye

  23. हेलो सर जी गुड moring,मेरे लेफ़्ट टांग पर चोट लग गई और टांग के उपर नील भी पड़े होए है जी जिससे रात को बहूत मासपेशियों में दरद होता है जी इतना दर्द होता है के सहन नहीं होता,मैं khud मैडीकल लाइन में हूं जी Diclofanic inj, & अस्क्लो MR tab. भी ली है,गरम पानी की स्काई कर के बाद में ठन्डे बर्फ़ वाले पानी की पट्टी बांधी थी, पर कोई फर्क नहीं पड रहा जी सर जी please आप जल्दी से जल्दी कोई इलाज़ बताए जी,बहुत धनयबाद जी

  24. sir mere tharot me problem or stipness hai plzzzzzzzzz sir koi cure batye me bhut preshan hoo from 3 months plzz any video make

  25. Plz app legs and back pain k ley koi remedy bta dyn agr apki hy phly sy to mghy ml ni rhi plz mery abu ki age 58 years hy un k ley chae please..

  26. Sir my mom is suffering from severe body pain..She is saying everyday that her body is always paining.So plz..tell me some home made remedy for my problem.So me and tell me the remedy

    Plz.. Sir..

  27. How can i release from weak body and cold diseases??cuz i did some work like cleaning room after that i felt so much pain in my muscles and joint sides after i slept. What are the cause of these problems???

  28. hlo sirji namste, sir Maine ek mhene pahle knee ligament ka operation krwaya h, to operation ki wajh se leg mussels kmzor ho gai h to pls jaldi mussle gain ke leye kuch bataeye , pain bhi bhot rahta h

  29. Hello sir can you please tell something about my leg I had excer size and now I have pain in my leg in muscles please tell me something for my pain everyday I am taking medican.

  30. Sir mere per me dard krta h … Mene x- ray kraya h but usme kuch nhi btaya dr. Ne bola muscle me problem ho skti h tablet li pr koi frk nhi pda

  31. Sir…meri bhi 1 problem door kar dijiye aap….i m vijay age 30…weight 55 k aaspaas ..sir mere chahere ki muscle me baar baar tanaav hota raheta hai…or aankho k aaspaas kaafi bhaaripan hota hai….to sir ji ye problem kis wajah se ho raha hoga…plzz aap iska upaay bataye….

  32. Sir I'm 36 years old i have Heel sice 10 years and now knee pain since 1 months had been to many a doctors but no use, pls help me

  33. Thank u for the video. I have pulled/strained hamstring muscle while doing yoga and I am currently limping. Will application of ginger juice on the muscle in such condition help it to heal faster?

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