December 9, 2019
High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)(2019) – Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Lifestyle.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)(2019) – Symptoms, Cause, Treatment, Lifestyle.

do you know someone suffering from high
blood pressure chances are you do high blood pressure is a very common health
problem and the risk increases with age in the United States nearly forty six
percent of adults have high blood pressure or hypertension as we call it
in medicine this condition has no symptoms so many people are unaware that
they have it and unfortunately many cases of high blood pressure are not
well controlled according to a national survey hypertension is well controlled
in only 47 percent of adults in this video we will go over the medical
definition of hypertension what causes it and how it is diagnosed what is
hypertension when your heart beats it creates a force that moves the blood in
your arteries arteries carry blood from your heart to other parts of your body
the pressure of blood in your arteries depends on several factors such as your
heart pump function the volume of blood in your body and the elasticity of your
blood vessel walls when your blood pressure is measured it will be
expressed in two numbers often in the form of a fraction for instance your
doctor may say that your blood pressure is 120 over 80 the top number your
systolic pressure is the pressure generated by each heart beat the bottom
number or your diastolic pressure is the pressure between heartbeats
when your heart is resting normal blood pressure is defined as less
than 120 over 80 if the machine reads anything from 120 to 129 as your first
number your blood pressure is considered elevated people with elevated blood
pressure do not have full-scale hypertension but their blood pressure is
still not at a healthy level 130 over 80 or higher indicates hypertension the
higher you go after 130 over 80 the more harm and risk to your body if your blood
pressure reaches as high as 180 over 120 you are in what is called hypertensive
crisis at this point urgent medical treatment is necessary what causes
hypertension about 95 percent of adults with hypertension have primary or
essential hypertension in these cases the cause of high blood pressure is
unknown a small subset of adults has secondary hypertension which means there
is an underlying and potentially correctable cause usually a kidney or
hormonal disorder how do we diagnose hypertension high blood pressure usually
doesn’t have any symptoms which means if you’re not on top of your health you
could have high blood pressure for a long time without knowing it but a
single high blood pressure reading does not necessarily mean you have high blood
pressure disease when your doctor or nurse checks your blood pressure the
number might be high for many reasons you might be anxious about sitting in a
doctor’s office you might have just walked from your parking spot two blocks
away or smoked a cigarette or maybe you just had a cup of coffee these are
things that cause temporary high blood pressure you don’t have hypertension
unless your blood pressure is persistently high during to office
visits that are at least one week apart before a decision is made to begin
treatment you may be asked to measure your blood pressure at home or work to
ensure that the diagnosis is accurate the only exception is if your blood
pressure is dangerously high or if you have signs or symptoms of
organ damage from high blood pressure such as heart eye or kidney injury in
these situations you need to be treated right away

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