February 21, 2020
Herniated Lumbar Disc, Herniated Cervical Disc, Back Pain, Dr Kenneth Alo, Houston, Tx, Texas

Herniated Lumbar Disc, Herniated Cervical Disc, Back Pain, Dr Kenneth Alo, Houston, Tx, Texas

Alo, Houston, Texas
Hello, my name is Dr. Stanley Lang and welcome to this video. The purpose of this video is
to introduce you to a doctor I would like to recommend to you if you are in the Houston
Texas area and have issues related to chronic pain either in your neck or your back and
particularly if you’re dealing with a herniated disc in either the neck or the back. I came
across this doctor, Dr. Kenneth Alo, after searching for assistance for a patient that
I have that had a herniated disc in his neck. I started doing research online seeking solutions
that were less invasive than the only other solution that this patient had, which was
open surgery on his neck to repair the herniated disc. This man was basically disabled, had
severe headaches all of the time, his arm was getting weak and he had no choice but
he had to do something and he also needed to work. He couldn’t afford to take the weeks
and weeks off from work that would be required from open surgery. I called Dr. Alo who was
kind enough to spend more than 40 minutes on the phone with me to try to understand
more about what Dr. Alo was doing that could help the patient like this. He explained to
me the procedures that are part of both treating herniated discs in the neck and herniated
discs and other problems in the low back. I was very impressed with the interaction.
I felt that he had an incredible grasp of the medical issues at stake and having been
a family doctor for more than 30 years interacting with lots of specialists, some of whom that
were very good and some of who that are not so good, I am pretty good at making judgments
on how good the specialist is. My judgment is that Dr. Al is excellent. I would encourage
you to consider his services if you have any problems related to a herniated disc in the
neck. He has a procedure that involves using a laser that is very unique and you’re not
going to read about it on the Internet, it is different than other kind of laser treatments
that are often advertised. I am not going to go into detail here on this video just
to say that it is a unique approach. It has a pretty high success rate and it is minimally
invasive compared to the procedure that this patient of mine was facing, which was open
surgery and putting in a lot of metal hardware and a lot of other things that most of us
would prefer to avoid. Also, if you have low back pain and you have got herniated disc
or you have some other issues that are structural in nature and in the way, they have a procedure
with a scope that is call an Accurscope scope. This is a fascinating piece of equipment that
allows the doctor to look at multiple levels of the spine at once. Again, this isn’t the
place to go into detail but just to say that through a minimally invasive procedure multiple
problems in the low back that can be fixed at once. Again, I want to encourage you to
contact Dr. Kenneth Alo through the phone number that you are going to see across this
video and to seek his services, seek his assistance and consultation. If you are outside the Houston
area they do an excellent job of consulting long-distance. If you are in chronic pain,
I encourage you to not be afraid to look at these minimally invasive procedures. Many
people stay away from fixing their herniated disc because they are afraid of the big procedure
and rightly so because of the chronic problems that can happen after those big procedures.
With these procedures, no bridges are burned. You can often have an excellent result and
have the benefit of it being minimally invasive at same time. I hope this has helped you.
If you have any of the issues I have talked about, I do encourage you to call that number.
I wish you well, God’s blessings and have a great day.
Dr. Stanley Lang

4 thoughts on “Herniated Lumbar Disc, Herniated Cervical Disc, Back Pain, Dr Kenneth Alo, Houston, Tx, Texas

  1. Hello Dr. Lang, thank you for this video. I wonder if you would be willing to put us in contact with your patient? My wife has nearly identical symptoms you describe and we are considering being treated by Dr. Alo. We would really appreciate being able to talk to someone who has had the cervical procedure as all we can find online is information about their lumbar procedures.

  2. Hi Dr Lang, were you able to connect with your patient? We have booked the procedure but it would really help to set our minds at ease to talk with someone who has had this procedure. Thank you!!

  3. I had Accurascope surgery in 2011 from Dr. Alo in Dallas, NA Spine. Excellent results. I recently developed a herniated disc on the opposite side after a bad fall. I would like to contact him again but there was no phone number after your video. Going on line there were multiple numbers. Advise me as to phone number please, and thank you.

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