November 17, 2019
HERE IS HOW FOIL HEALS THE JOINTS, burns, insomnia, phantom pains and…🌳 Health & Wellness

HERE IS HOW FOIL HEALS THE JOINTS, burns, insomnia, phantom pains and…🌳 Health & Wellness

It would seem that how can foil be used to
get rid of health problems? But it really can help! Many of us think that it can only be used
in the kitchen. In fact, aluminium foil is able to provide
healing properties for the human body. But how to get such an effect and how exactly
should it be applied? You will learn about it from the video! We have prepared 5 ways to use aluminium foil,
get ready to be surprised. Before you get familiar with them, write in
the comments how you use ordinary aluminium foil in everyday life? So, let’s get to the point. It is a great helper in case of insomnia and
fatigue. Place a few square sheets in the refrigerator
for 2-4 hours. Then – just place them on your face, pay special
attention to the eyelids and cheeks. You can apply them so that the foil takes
the desired shape. In just a couple of minutes you will feel
relaxed in the muscles. Remove a “tin mask” in 10-15 minutes, the
fatigue will pass. And the practice of such a procedure on a
regular basis will help get rid of insomnia! Minor burns will be healed too Apply any remedy for burns to the skin and
wrap it with foil to get a kind of compress. Leave in this position for the night, and
in the morning – remove it. After a couple of times, there will be no
sings of a burn. Foil relieves phantom pains These are pains for which there is no explanation. Why, where did they come from? Unknown. But you can get rid of them this way: wrap
the problem area of the body with a thick layer of aluminium foil and tighten it with
a bandage. Keep it there until the pain is no more or
if you do not notice any major improvements. And finally, we left two methods, which will
be in demand more often than others. Before moving on to them, share this video
with your friends so that they learn about these techniques and will take care of themselves
and their loved ones without the use of expensive medications! It will save you from joint pain To obtain this effect, it is enough to wrap
a problem area of the body with a thin layer of foil and tighten it with a bandage. Perform this procedure for 10-12 days at night,
without missing a single day. By the end of the course you will notice significant
improvements! Note that you can repeat it with breaks of
2 weeks to get maximum benefit. Helps lower temperature Foil is a great way to fight the symptoms
of colds or flu. It is enough to wrap your feet in 5-7 layers
and leave for an hour. After a short break, repeat the session (you
need to use new sheets!). So you get rid of the heat without the use
of pharmaceuticals. Follow our tips, so you maintain health and
youth for many years to come!

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