December 14, 2019
Help for Pregnancy Aches & Pains in San Diego

Help for Pregnancy Aches & Pains in San Diego

Hi my name is Megan and this Shaan and
I have been coming for about two and a half years. I started off doing some
corrective work with my shoulder and just had continued with maintenance. And
then when I became pregnant it was definitely part of my birth plan to
continue during chiropractic care. I knew that would help with my birth and it
really helped. I could tell. I had an all natural birth and everything went great. And then about two weeks after birth we brought Shaan in and it has really
helped um keep him mild-mannered. He didn’t have any colic and so we knew that would
be really beneficial to have the chiropractic care for him as well. So now we
come every other week for maintenance and it’s just been helping a lot of keeping
us straight and in alignment.

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