December 8, 2019

Healing the Heart & Soul Intro Class

Alright, thanks for being here. We have folks watching live, and we’re also, got quite a few people attending in person. We’re starting tonight, is a free introduction. So what I’d like to do with a free introduction, it’s to our course online, our next online course, Healing the Heart and Soul. And I’ve written
books on this, done lectures on it, workshops on it, and so on. So it’s a really broad topic,
far more broad than we could cover in a night, or even in a few weeks. But as always with
our online courses, we cover as much as we can, going as deep as we can as thoroughly
as we can, but two nights, the free intro. But to me, it’s important to understand that
the free intro always when it involves me doing a free intro, it’s not an ad. iI’s not
an advertisement. It’s not one of those. “And if you sign up now here’s what you could have
heard. I like folks to feel somewhat complete so we will, in a sense, cover some material
and feel like tonight we learned something. We gained something. Even if you don’t do the online course. Obviously, doing the online course means going further and farther and deeper, and there’s just so much more to it because it’s several weeks, but what’s nice
is it’s only a handful of weeks to where we’re done in a month. So this course will start
tonight. It’s a free intro, and then it runs through the month of May. The great month of
May to great times the spring ish kind of feeling new beginnings, a good time to be
doing a course related to healing the heart and soul. What I wanna do is we’ll start with
this, and that is… I’m gonna also read just a couple of quotes from the book I wrote on
this topic. But let’s start with this. The concept of healing really is best characterized
or described or defined as emptying our cup and refilling our cop. A lot of people don’t
know that for some reason. And what they do is they involve themselves with healing, they
call it healing, but they’re only doing the digging of the old, which is powerful. There’s
tears and they’re go, Oh my god. I went to a counselor, a healer, and a lot of tears
came up, I think it’s great. Memories came up. I think it’s great. Past life. Memories
came. All of that is great, but that’s the digging up, but usually don’t garden by just
digging up ago. That was great. Wow. Dog, all the roots and Leeds and rocks out of my
garden. Now, it’s just sitting there kind of just doesn’t make sense. Usually you’ll
plant something new. But if you plant only do the planting and no healing of the old
garden, so to speak, even the metaphors and parables of Jesus described the weeds and
the rocks choking out the life of the things that are trying to grow the metaphor of the
seeds falling on the ground. They gotta fall on fertile ground. So that’s kind of what
I like metaphors a lot. It just comes to me a lot. I’ve never read or taken a course in
life’s metaphors. It’s just how my mind works. But it’s a beautiful way to have the mind
work, understanding parallels of things, deeper meanings, connections to things. It’s kind
of cool. So gardening is a great metaphor for healing instead of me trying to prove
that you need to uproot and re plant and argue it with people that maybe healers or scholars
on healing. Instead of me trying to argue, I don’t need to own… all I’m gonna say is
imagine gardening. Why would you just do one and not the other? And that’s it. Then the
argument’s done, it’s over. It really takes working the old and bringing in the new. Now,
on that note, both the digging of the healing, the old and working on the new are always
made more effective when you do it with god. And that’s gonna sound like religious and
some healers. Some counselors, they’re gonna be, oh, this is religious, and they’ll shut
this off right now. And those aren’t people I would go to, nor what I recommend you go
to, not because they don’t have a technique they might, but trying to do anything without
the deepest spiritual power behind it. And I don’t mean it’s religious or preachy. I
don’t mean you have to do like the Our Father in front of your clients before every healing.
If it’s not where they’re at, it may not be the best thing for them. Maybe they would
just need you to hold quiet presence and you’re holding the consciousness as though you were
doing prayer without words that could turn them off. And I’m not saying allow them to
control everything in your sessions, but I am saying that you have to bridge with people,
which is another important topic. So first healing involves emptying the LD refilling
with something new. What could possibly know how to heal more deeply than God’s spirit?
The divine mother, anything you wanna call it, even you angels, whatever. Just don’t
use fire hydrants and tree branches. If you’re gonna use some other name, let it be sub line
guys. Let me call it something cool. God, angels. But when you start going lumber or
not, everything’s gonna have the same power, isn’t it? Let’s be… I’m exaggerating to
make a point, where is it in the middle that it becomes okay to say, I think I’ve gone
too far away from spirit, and I’m just… I’m gonna pray to the Holy acupuncture needles,
and I bow to my needles. I’m gonna bow to my massage is at what point? You say, wait
a second. This has gotten silly, where’s the power behind? Where’s god? Spirit, the divine,
the holy spirit, or whatever behind. Let’s go to that to help us with our healing. And
I do think and acknowledge a lot of people you bring in Master’s or light beings, angels
that’s about as low, for lack of a better word is I would go. I wouldn’t try to channel
my deceased Anson uncles, go to god, try to get the highest presence you can in the healing
work you do. But I’m not preaching a technique. You’re not gonna hear me say, you’ve got to
do this or this or this per se. We’re gonna talk about ways to reach the sole. Because
even though we’re talking about digging up the old and replacing with new, which is a
theme I using just about everything I do, even though we’re talking about replacing,
dig up the old and replace it with new. Yes. Do this with guidance, try to get in a deep
state of mind so you can bring the highest possible as a healer, even as a friend or
as a parent. It’s not the key. You have to be a licensed therapist or healer, I’m talking
about just as people just learning to put the little self aside and let something more
powerful and efficient come through efficient. Sounds like a weird word for some people when
it comes to healing efficient. Sounds like a technical term. It sounds linear, kind of
left brain dish, mechanical, and it isn’t what I mean by efficient is something that
knows how to really find the stuff more thoroughly, more pain free as possible. But to get in
there, Spirit sees it, spirit knows it. The Divine Mother Knows this. The Holy Spirit
knows this. God knows this, your deceased ends that you might wanna channel or your
second grandmothers, and whatever second departed this and that your dearly departed I… it’s
fine. There’s spiritual beings, but they’re not illuminated… when they reach the other
side, they’re just dead grandmother’s name. They don’t suddenly have on all knowing this.
And again, I’m exaggerating to make a point go to spirit, go to god, try to be in a state
of surrender when you do healing work of any kind, when you do counseling work, even befriending
a person. Even if a person comes to and says, man, I’m really struggling. Can I talk to
you for a minute in that minute without them even knowing it, you can learn to just drop
in. And just in the back of my mind, I’m smiling, sure, how’s it going? But in the back of my
mind, it’s like, okay, God be with me, meaning into your hands. I surrender this moment,
everything that that person is gonna say, help me to see it as you want me to sit. Help
me hear just the right things. Help me give just the right advice. Help me be really present
as much as possible, and that’s it. That means I’m surrendering to doing the best work I
can. And again, it’s gonna sound like I’m already talking about people that are licensed
in train. I’m talking about being a person, being a good person, call spirit, and let’s
something very powerful and spiritual happen, a miracle that’s called. So technically, people
sort of think miracles are reserved for parting. The red CEO don’t remember or don’t realize
that a miracle by definition, is a shift from something that’s not so good and healthy to
something that’s good. And healthy, I say just I’m giving a generic description, not
so good and healthy could mean an old pattern, an addiction, it could mean hurtful behaviors,
traumas and wounds. And so any of that shifts into something else, an illness that’s going
to become an illness, or that’s gonna become somehow fatal, perhaps who knows, is all of
a sudden shifted and it doesn’t go that direction. In other words, there’s a problem that has
a likely not so good outcome, and yet something shifted. You had a different outcome. So let’s
say there’s this boulder, I’ve shared this metaphor, many friends, but there’s this boulder
at the top of the hill, and let’s say this would be your car when the bolder gets dislodged,
kaboom, goit’s role. Have you seen boulders given the physics of this going towards your
car and then going in reverse? Not typically the physics of it is it started moving. All
you can do and count on is how many seconds it’ll be before it matches your car. That’s
pretty much all you can figure out. And if it’s not too close, you’ll have enough time
to, well, look at that. That’s gonna hit sometimes it’s so sudden you don’t even have the time
to figure that out. So boulder, car inevitable, that’s what we call a problem in life, man.
I have a relationship and there’s just no communication, inevitable problem. I have
this health thing, but I just don’t wanna get it looked at. I’m not in the mood problem.
It’s gonna result in something not so good. I continually mistreat the neighbor’s dog.
It’s gonna happen one day, you’re gonna be on a wall and that thing got out and you’re
going to have to deal with your being mean all the time to that do. It’s just There’s
a problem waiting to happen. And one of the issues is humans, for some reason. Just assume
if you deny that it’s there, it won’t be there. If you minimize that it’s there, it won’t
be there. And that’s what humans tend to do, minimize ignore, and whatever, trying to avoid
that does not work it dislodge as it rolls down masses, your car, and then humans proclaim
why me, I wish I would have known and all that. And sadly, we do that because we’re
so scared. We’re so afraid of taking responsibility, but nothing ever happened without it building
up. The Boulder didn’t just… it wasn’t there when I parked my car, somebody put it there,
it doesn’t work like that. The Boulders there, you might have known, no, it looks safe and
you left your car there. You might have put your car there knowing you had a dream the
night before that something was gonna happen to your car and you still ignored. There’s
all kinds of signs and premonition, and sadly, people ignore, and then the Boulder dislodge.
But when the Boulder dislodge, it’s going towards your car and a miracle is described
as here comes the inevitable, and it doesn’t happen why something had to have changed it.
This is called nature, physics, natural, and this is called supernatural, where something
changed, what didn’t seem like it could be changed. Sometimes that’s something uses laws
of the Earth and physics. That doesn’t mean it’s not supernatural, that just uses the
laws and physics to get there. Other times it uses laws that are beyond physics, but
it’s amazing what it happens. We show up to our friends and gatherings, Oh my god, I gotta
tell you this story because it’s so freaky and cool and all inspiring, but technically
it’s supposed to be happening all the time. Okay. So let’s breathe that one in. When I
say it’s supposed to be happening all the time, you can take that like, oh, but it doesn’t
and you can get bumped or you can get excited and go. Wow. Really? Yes, you can actually start creating these
more often during this course. We’re gonna share some videos along the way, and some
of them are involving how to create more miracles like that. But a miracle is a shift where
something that shouldn’t have happened happened. Anyway, the shift in the greatest sense is
a shift in consciousness. Okay. It’s not just an external ship. So if you say, for example,
okay, I would like something in my life to be changed. Meaning let’s say I have a sore…
I would like a miracle and have my knee fixed. Well, that would be a physical shift. My knee
is now shifted. It’s gotten adjusted or it’s gotten… it’s pain free or whatever. But
that’s people that are praying for physical shifts where in fact, what we’re supposed
to be praying for is an internal shift. One reason is that an external shift does not
necessarily guarantee you’re gonna get an internal shift, but an internal shift will
likely manifest as an external shift, meaning go to the source, figure out the internal
thing that needs to be changed. And then usually the outside will change, or as it’s commonly
stated in a phrase, when you get the message, the messenger disappears, the messenger is
the illness or a problem. You see what I’m saying so far, it’s like, this is a consciousness
thing. It’s an inside job. So I really wish my knee were and hurting hurting. So I think
I’ll put an ointment. Wow, that works miraculously button. It’s Atman. It has a numbing effect,
and that’s not a miracle, but let’s just say it feels like one because I’m no longer in
pain. So that’s pretty cool. Because. You shifted pain level. That’s pretty cool. But
what if, when the ointment wears off, the pain comes back and that’s one thing we haven’t
really figured out on this planet is we need to get fed up. People are fed up with a lot
of things on this planet, but they’re not fed up with things that don’t work. They’ll
just get a second injection of 15th surgery, an 80 second relationship, and they’ll just
keep doing it. It’s a weirdest thing. But when you have an internal shift, it becomes
more efficient because that’s what I use that… that’s why I used that word earlier. True
healing is efficient, meaning, now it will take less effort, less money, less strain,
less worry, less of everything to get to the place you wanted to get to. Why? Because I
figured out what was behind the relationship issue, the illness, the pain, whatever it
happened to be, I figured out what’s behind it, that’s why I call it soul level healing.
You’re getting to the sole of it shakes. It’s the heart chakra where you find the soul of
everything. When we say, we have an ace, a physical lake, that is a root chakra experience
because it’s your physical chakra. You have a physical pain. I have a physical chakra
to reflect that pain. When I have an emotional issue with a friend or partner, whatever it
is, or I just in my person, like an emotional issue is the emotional chakra. You see what
I’m saying so far? So if I just talk to somebody about my emotions and release some of those
emotions, I worked at it on an emotional level. If I work on a physical thing, I worked on
a physical level. I didn’t get to the soul of it unless I got to this, all of it just
because you go tell so much better. I don’t need to really work on that inner stuff now.
Okay. Well, so be it. But there’s a likelihood that thing will come around more often or
come around again and again till you get to the soul of it. I’m not saying only get to
the soul of it. I’m gonna say, get to the soul of it. And you can also do the others,
for example, instead of saying, Oh my god, I’ve hurt my knee. Let me do some soul work
on it. And I do some inner soul work on it. Let’s say that I have some successful insights
and feelings shift and epiphanies. Wow. But the knees still saw. It’s okay for you to
also rub the dang thing, puts a ointment on. It were a brace until the body catches up
with the inner healing I did. It’s okay to still take your meds. If your bipolar or depressed,
it’s okay to have your acupuncture. And if my knees hurting and I did my inner work,
it’s okay to get a massage, get some work done on it. Not a problem in a sense. We’re
not saying that So level healing replaces other, and I mean this tacky, lesser forms
of healing. I don’t mean lesser is in bad, lesser meaning they’re not as deep to the
core, so it’s cool. Go ahead and do the soul level. I’m not saying don’t engage in lesser
or other forms of healing. I’m actually saying, do the soul level and the others are a great
addition. That’s all take an aspirin, even when you have a headache. It’s not a problem,
but work on the sole level stuff. Go ahead and do your chamomile to help you sleep at
night, but let’s also look at what’s keeping you from sleeping. Okay. That’s it. Alright.
Now on that note, the soul level healing concept is related to the heart chakra. Because if
we just use the metaphor of shockers for a moment, if we tune into who we really are,
the God self, it’s like saying, I’m identifying with my upper chakras. Now. Once Upon A time,
we went from being only a perfect God expression and we seemingly dropped down out of heaven
itself into a place called the Garden of eden, Eden is the place of my heart and soul. If
I’m just gonna use some Metaphors and examples from the Bible just real quick and other sources
from wherever who knows where I’m gonna get these things. But in the moment, the Bible
tells us and other sources tell us fables and stories and mythologies. They tell us
about this thing happening where mankind seems to have gone into a sleep. That’s when we
first dropped into the garden of eden, and in eden, we’re not in Kansas anymore. We’re
like, we’re not having anymore Toto, we’re somewhere else. But in that garden of eden,
we still could have woken up. But that garden is a story. It’s a metaphor of us biting from
the apple of illusion. In other words, in the garden of eden, we bit the Apple meaning,
we bit the illusion. We found that we are flawed, holy up here, flawed here, and here’s
where we made our choice here in our soul is where we made our choice. How do I know
that ’cause the garden, you had two trees, one to believe your holy and one to believe
you’re not got that so far. So now if I’ve chosen the tree called the tree of life, it’s
the tree of forgiveness. I’m still holy, then I would be able to still feel no experience
God in its completeness, in my everyday being in life. Perfect. However, if I bit from the
apple and choose to buy into the apple, by into the beliefs of the tree of knowledge
of good and evil, if I draw from the tree of judgment where I’m judging that I am less
than holy, all I’m saying is, here’s what’s gonna happen. Everything actually does roll
down hill meaning divinity dropped into my heart, and in my heart, I chose to believe
that I’m less than holy guess where it went. It rolled down hill all the way to my physical
being, and it manifests as aches and pains, and aging and financial issues and everything
else at that. But where did originate in god? No guys, the problems never originated in
god. It originated when we decided to believe unlike god. Did that make sense? That’s what
judgment is to have beliefs that are not matching gods, because God’s beliefs are always love
and holiness, mankind decided, well, you know, we have our own opinions. Okay, that’s it.
That’s where we had our problems start. We’re gonna choose to have our own. We understand
there’s love, but we want to have our own opinions and splits into politics, and it
splits into arguing and debates and disputes and this and that. It becomes, this is…
and that’s all the time. There’s the one knowingness of god, and in the oneness, you cannot have
illness. So technically, you could say, it’s three parts. I am as God created me, I’m not
so sure. Oh, crap. The results. Now what humans do is all these
results, I’m sick. What’s the one on? I have a flu. Oh, I must have caught it from my child.
What a nice sentiment to blame your illness on your child. That’s kind of judgmental.
Think about it, the poor thing, they’re like, I’m just sleeping. I didn’t do anything. I’m
just like, I’m just sleeping. I didn’t do anything, but I caught my cold from you. I
have financial issues because of you. I have this because of that. I have this because
of that and so on and… and that’s how humans try to survive by projecting all their stuff
anywhere except here, and meaning the heart and soul, if you project it anywhere. But
here you can’t fix it. Why? Because everything else of the other shakers in an outer life
is only a hologram of what’s gone on in here. My beliefs are being projected into my life.
We try to go, okay, look, there’s a projection, there’s a projection. It’s called an injured
foot or whatever. Let’s bandage it with another projection called advantage. And then we’ll
just be fine. All you’re doing is using shadows to play with shadows, it doesn’t make any
sense because they’re just holograms, healing the heart and soul means. Let’s practice getting
back to the heart of the matter. What are the beliefs in me that are likely spawning
this thing creating this thing, projecting this thing. Anything that is the topic. We’ll
use some shamanic soul retrieval in the workshop in the course. We’ll use some tracking exercise.
Well, we use some really cool things. Something I haven’t done very often that we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna look at not only tracking you call it core issues and core beliefs behind
these things. But once we look at it, we look at our life and say, let’s say I have in my
lifetime, Let’s Pretend I’ve had 100 challenges just 100. That means an ace, an issue, a breakup,
or what 100 issues in my entire life. Usually people have 100 per day, but let’s just pretend
you had 100 in an entire lifetime. Now a human being will describe it as 100, but in reality,
when you track them back, you’ll start finding. Those hundred experiences are actually all
rooted in more like 10 deeper patterns of yours, you see, for example, let’s pretend
one pattern is low. Self worth, low. Self worth can manifest as rejection being unlovable,
breakups, divorces, and whatever else you think is a problem. It could even manifest
as illnesses. I have an illness somewhere. Let’s say my heart. My lungs are something
related to… I’m just feeling like I’m unlovable and it affects these organs. Perhaps just
as an example, it could affect your baby to for that matter, but wherever it affects you,
it’s affecting you. So it could be physical, financial, emotional, manifestations, relationship,
manifestations, all of those hundreds of things. But when you track it, you go, I don’t have
a hundred problems. I’ve just got 100. But in this course, we’re gonna go further and
learn how the 10 are actually only like two. And when you get that, you’re like, oh, I
am so on to you. You’re saying to yourself, man, I am so on to you. And it’s so beautiful
because the more fragmented you become, the less chance you find yourself. Absolutely, even if you start looking for
yourself, the ego has fractured you into so many pieces. There’s no chance you’re gonna
find yourself even that beautiful phrase. I’m on the spiritual path. I’m trying to find
myself just a good luck, because if yourself is 100 pieces and it isn’t, it’s hundreds
of thousands of pieces. You can’t find yourself. You’re too fragmented. At least when we look
at it this way, when we go here we go. It’s all coming together. When you go and you dig
up the roots of something. Think about it guys, logically rationally. When you dig up
the roots of something, the flannels start dying, meaning the LED heats, the poison begins
to fade on those things because you dug up the roots. I try to just only deal with the
flower heads of something that are gonna be bringing about more weeds in your life, try
and only nip off the top. It doesn’t work. These are tubers sometimes, but they’re growing
and they’re aggressive and they show up anywhere. Think of that gardening. Metaphor, God look
at gardening. It’s so much easier to raise weeds than anything nutritious. That’s a metaphor of life. I would love to
have a wonderful relationship. Me clear some space here. I’m gonna plant it right there
and water and feed. I love you relationship and the plants will respond to your love.
As you know, in case you don’t know that it’s true. The plants respond. There’s a vibration
love. So it’s growing and it’s grown, and then away we or we got you, and we put it
out, and then you miss doing this for one day. Now there’s three weeks, but you get’em.
But when him, you broke off the roots of some of them. Now there’s 200 the next day and
so on. And you know what you’re gonna do eventually. Oh, I don’t have time for gardening today,
but I still see you little plant that I planted high. I still see you, but I just don’t have
time. And what’s happening is you’re getting tired of dealing with the weeds, and this
is what human beings do all the time. Oh, I’m on a new path. I’m gonna be healthy from
now. I’m gonna start tracking my stuff. I’m gonna start looking at my issues. Are becoming
responsible just until there are enough weeds called people around you, they annoy and you
just go, you know what? I really wanted to start a new year’s resolution where I was
gonna start looking at my stuff. I just didn’t realize there was so much of it, so I don’t
wanna do that anymore. And that’s a humans do. And you can do that. You can do that.
That’s what gets free. Well to do that. But that’s why Jesus is saying in, of course,
in miracles, everyone has to reach their pain tolerance at some point. Reaching bottom does
not just mean an addiction. Reaching bottom also means I can see where I have let my life,
my relations or whatever, get out of control, not just my addictions, all of it’s an addiction.
You’re not just addicted to drugs and alcohol. You’re addicted to screw up relationships,
do your addicted to terrible communication. You’re addicted to having bills. You can’t
pay, Believe It Or not. Why is it called an addiction? What you think? It’s not ’cause
you don’t feel like you’re getting a high out of it. I don’t feel the same stimulus.
Cocaine versus a bill, they’re not the same thing are the same. You actually get a chemical
rush every time you get the dang bill, you can’t pay. It’s not a good rush, but there’s
a chemical release when you get the bill and go, and there’s something about it. Someone
inside is addicted to that juice. It could be your ego, obviously not your soul, but
somebody’s feeding off of it or you would go, oh, that tasted bad. I don’t like the
taste of getting bills. I can’t pay. Let me do something about that. And you change your
consciousness. Humans are so far more messed up than they could ever imagine addicted to
unhealthy things like this. You wouldn’t think you’re addicted to court us all. You wouldn’t
think you’re addicted to adrenaline, but it’s true, unhealthy chemical Russia. And when
you track that and look at it and say, well, I’m not addicted to anything, but I tend towards,
let’s say it’s low finances. I’ve even known people who, let’s say I work on somebody and
they go seriously for people to even say that you work on and all, then they go, god, I
just feel like I’m taller, this one person said The other, I feel taller and I feel really
light. Okay. Now the question’s gonna be, how long can that last? And here’s what happens,
swear based on people’s testimonials and all what happens. I feel like I feel to now they
go home and they’re feeling really happy partners, not in a good mood. Here’s what happens. They
start to wanna hide a little bit so they don’t shine too brightly and upset their partner
’cause that wouldn’t seem very compassionate partners. All upset. You don’t wanna go really.
I feel great, but I’m really struggling. Well, sucks to be you. I feel great. You don’t wanna
do that. So you go, that would be un compassionate. So I’m gonna start standing a little more
like this again, and you start compacting again and your shoulders drop in again, and
then when your shoulders drop in, it starts pulling on that low back issue you used to
have, and it was gone for a couple of days ’cause you did some work on this or whatever.
And see there’s an addiction. I’m gonna just fall right back into my addiction to being
small or whatever else it happens to be so healing. The heart and soul isn’t though just
about healing the deep tract issues. It also involves what we call holistic healing. Nothing
is holistic. If it doesn’t involve the heart and soul. I know that sounds like I’m putting
everybody out of business, but it’s true. All the people say, well, I’m holistic because
I make herbal teas for illnesses ’cause I’m holistic. You’re not holistic. You’re still
using a physical or for a physical element, which is great. Great, good. Let me have something.
Okay, great. Don’t call it holistic. If it isn’t holistic, how could it be holistic if
you’re leaving out any part of my being whole means hole, H O L here I am. So the problem
is that most people don’t know how to get to the soul, you, it really… people just
don’t. How do you get to the soul? And because they don’t, they figure, we’ll just segment
it off and then say, this is holistic. And everybody buys into it because they don’t
know how to reach the soul and you don’t know how to reach the soul. So we’ll just ignore
that and call what we do have the ability to access. We’ll call it holistic and everybody
will buy it because we’re all enabling the fact that none of us know how to get there.
There is a way to get there. It’s actually not that complicated that there is a trick
to it, and it takes consistent effort practice because we’re always ego’s always taking us
a little off course a little off center. So it’s important to learn how to track things
tracking and looking deeper does not mean I’m gonna obsess on inner issues, but it does
mean I’m willing to look at the deeper issues behind things. So Holistic means all of me.
And so when I’m talking about this heart, and so I don’t just mean only the heart and
soul ’cause then that too is not really holistic. Holistic would mean let’s look at the issues
in here and also, do you need a hug? Holistic would mean, let’s look at the issues in here
and I know a good acupuncturist. You see what I’m saying? So you get to the core, but you
also utilize the other things that would help the person believe in the healing or speed
up the healing process. Is that making sense? And that’s kind of cool ’cause if you think
about it, it allows everybody to have some space. It allows everybody a little bit interview
the, sound healing, inner healing, and inner healing and surgery. Oh no, no. We don’t believe
in surgery ’cause we’re holistic. Holistic means whatever. You can’t say surgeons are
not allowed. I know that’s gonna be against somebody watching her library or online, but
it’s true. Everything has its place. Don’t shame it, or you’ll be drawn to it. Don’t
shame it. I don’t believe in any of the medical stuff. Those people are out for money. That’s
true. They are. And often they are. And then you’re gonna need surgery ’cause you have
issues with him and you’re gonna be facing yourself. And if you say their crap never
works, you’re gonna be the one it might not work on. I’d rather put some belief in them.
I’d rather say, yes, doctors case you ever need one. You wanna be able to Carmichael
attract a good one. So I would just put out some good words, if anybody’s listening out
there, any universal doctors, I really like You guys, it wouldn’t hurt. But at your casing,
I always thought this was so cool. Edger Casey would tell people occasionally that they would
need surgery on her occasions. He did. But when he did, he would say he would describe
the process that they were needing as surgical forces. You didn’t call it surgery. Surgical
forces. Why? Because it’s an energy. It still has an affect. I know linearly, we go, MEC
problem may have me cut out problem. I know that’s how we see surgery and the Medical
profession, but the truth is, does anybody really take time to look at what’s happening
energetically? Is it not also possible that that thing that they’re cutting out is a disturbance
in the body? It is a mass, or it’s a disturbance of some kind that’s inhibiting energy flow,
that this thing is made of energy as well, and it’s going to use its form of energy to
move this other, this disturbance out of your body. Is that making sense to me, give it
some… allow ants, just give it some allowance. Surgical forces. He called emotions, sometimes
emotional forces, because he was almost more like a Rudolf Steiner type approach. He was
seeing it all as an energetic process. Everything interacting little wheels within a bigger
will. It’s a holistic experience. Pretty beautiful, pretty powerful. We’re honoring all those
extra things if ever in this course or tonight, I’m sounding like I would… Diane one of
them not at all. I do know that some things are just so limiting in the way they approach
it, but that’s the way they approach it. That doesn’t mean you have to approach it that
way. So keep an open mind, I believe, in miraculous healing, faith healing, this kind of healing
and that kind of healing. But if you don’t reach the heart and soul, you have not reached
the core. You have not reached the root, even if you surgically forced removed something
from a body, you didn’t necessarily get to the core right, all that I’m healed and you
might never get that on us again, but you will carry the pattern with you into another
lifetime. Because if the patterns are there, the beliefs are there to cause the patterns.
You can’t. Surgically remove a belief system, so you took out a problem. Good for you. I’m
all for it. I think it’s great. And did you remember to also work on the soul? Well, I
don’t need to now ’cause I’m fine. Bummer. I’m sad for you man ’cause I know it’s gonna
likely show up in some other form. So we wanna be open minded and be willing to see the deeper
issues behind things. Again, it’s not an over analyzing process, but we wanna be able to
see the inner issue, the core issues, as I call them, the word core comes is where we
get the word heart, the core. It’s the heart of something, the core of the apples, the
heart of the apple, the core of your issues is in your heart and soul. Right? We’re gonna
talk about just a quick scan of some things. We’re gonna talk about how using the metaphor
of crucifixion is like dealing with life’s traumas when you’ve been traumatized and not
healed. And let me say this, the definition of trauma is any time you experience something
that lacks loves presence. It’s not just when somebody overtly abuses you it is traumatic,
ever to not feel the presence of God or the presence of love that’s traumatic. It’s just
the metaphor. And I remember this, I shared this once before somewhere, but I remember
this odd thing happened, I think, must have been first grade and came home from school,
and it was like the last day of school, if I’m not mistaken his last day, but I came
home excited like, hey, and this is so sad to describe this. I walked in the house was
entirely empty. It was like a bad version of the grinch, histone grisman. There wasn’t
one male needle hair, NSEP out, cleaned out refrigerator, gone beds, gone, everything,
gone, no people. All I could do is back up into a corner and fall into the ground and
just shaking cry, like What just happened. Nobody did anything overtly. But you noticed
that something was still happening. Trauma is not always when someone’s doing something
to you, it’s how we experience something lacking loves present. And for all I knew, especially
given my family are they did on the vet. So for all idea it was real. You know, scary
and all that some people watching would go, well, I’ve never had anybody harm me, even
when you’re an infant wanting fed, but somebody doesn’t realize you’re as hungry as you are,
and they think you’re just crying for someone. Maybe you have a wet tie and they ignore you.
That’s actually traumatic. I’m not saying they are vernal overtly are trying to harm
you, but your experience of the incident is traumatic. There are people watching here
and all over the world that aren’t watching for that matter, that have had trauma being
in a relationship with someone thinking, this isn’t even the person I wanna be in a relationship
with. But I’m here. So I gotta be here. That’s traumatizing ’cause it lacks loves presence.
Getting a bill you can’t pay is scary, scary. All of this lax love’s presence. A miracle
is, how do we see what’s happening, sort of break it open, dismantle it, I call it and
give it up and have it replaced with something different. That’s all. That’s a miracle. I remember somewhere
along the way, when I was little, I wandered out the house and across the street across
the Main Street over to an amusement park. My family is like, where did he go? You? They
couldn’t find me. Everybody’s all of that was traumatizing for them. Now, it wasn’t
traumatizing for me yet ’cause I’m meandering around just kind of exploring, but it didn’t
end up traumatizing to me because whoever found me at the amusement park bought me an
ice cream and help me until they figured out the security and the police who was a kid
and all that. So in something that could have been traumatizing wasn’t… and yet it was
for the people who didn’t know where I am. So there’s times you’re traumatized with just
by not knowing, you know those words. It’s not knowing that’s really the toughest part.
Nobody’s doing anything. There’s not an action happening in un around you, but you’re in
this void of unknowing. It’s like a nightmare. Having a nightmare. And being in your bed,
there isn’t actually a creature under your bed. Well, why aren’t you gonna go pee ’cause
just in case you’re in a mind that is traumatized by a nightmare somehow, which incidentally,
the nightmare is telling you about something else that we could look at, but you’re in
your bed, you’re all… she’s shaking sweating and all that. You’re experiencing a trauma.
But humans, what they do is eventually light comes through the window. It’s morning. Oh,
I don’t have to be so afraid ’cause if you’re under there, I know you don’t like daylight
’cause the movies say so now you can’t get me. That’s almost like the silly mindset of
an adult who’s not wanting to get out of bed because of a nightmare. Oh, it’s Okay now
’cause the lights on like, are you thinking This through? This is like the people that
couldn’t go in a swimming pool after they saw jaws. First of all, there isn’t a big
fish looking for you, but if there were, it couldn’t get through the dream. But many of
us on this planet when a little less often in the water humans, man, and it’s the same
with the nightmare. But guys, it’s the same. If nightmares can make you a little apprehensive
to get out of bed, what happens when your nightmare is a bill? You can’t pay what happens
when it’s… I just don’t know that I’ll ever have a partner, a life mate. I… it becomes
a thing like the creature under the bed. Terrified. You may not look sound, feel, think as terrified,
but you are. And then it starts to become a pattern. Think about this, what if I’m just
gonna use that metaphor of the nightmare? So what if you’re getting used to it, having
nightmares all the time, had’em for years. I have these disturbing dreams, and then I
wake up shaking and then I usually wanna get up and go to the bathroom, but I can’t because
I’m told to too scared now what guess? What? So 20 Years later, you go to The doctor, I
hat’s going on, well, you seem to have some incontinence issues or bladder infection,
and they give you medicine and you go, oh, it seems better. Do you understand what happened?
It’s a pattern years of this thing. Not getting out of bed because of your fear. What we could
do is, let’s say you come to me for a session, how Michael. I’ve got the ISA bladder effector.
Okay. We look at that, we talk about it, we start tracking it, then we start remembering,
oh, this isn’t the first time that you felt irritated, a bladder infection. And when else
did you filler it did? I was feeling anxious. I felt anxiety and irritation through anxiety
through trying to stay in bed and repress this or that or the other. And we see that
this is an ongoing pattern for you. If we can find the roots of the fear that brought
about the dreams in the first place, the dreams alike go away. The bladder infections will
likely go away and you probably wouldn’t have to be on the medication. To me, that’s miraculous
healing. I’m also okay with you saying, I don’t believe in any of that. Just give me
my medication and amount of pain. Hey, I’m happy to hear your out of pain. I really am.
I’m not gonna be like, well, somebody will be back tomorrow looking for me
to people. If that’s all that people can do, it’s okay. The old school isn’t gonna buy
into this new stuff. The old she even the old school that calls themself new school
doesn’t totally buy in this concept of, let’s look at the deeper stuff. It’s okay. It’s
fear. It’s the lack of discipline to wanna look at oneself. It’s a lack of responsible
behavior. So I get all that. So if you know people that say, look, I would love to believe
in all that, but for now, I’m not there. So I just need to go and get this done or that
done. You support him in that, because even your love in supporting people where they
are is a very beautiful thing and could bring them more miracles than if you reject them.
I’m not talking about enabling something for them. I’m just talking about supporting that.
That’s where they’re at, dealing with life life’s issues. Life’s traumas is like a crucifixion.
It’s a good metaphor. It may sound religious. It’s not meant to be religious, it means something
kicks your butt. There’s life’s traumas. There’s also dealing with emotions. What we’re gonna
do in this course. I’m in a couple of times, say this, just for the people watching that
wanna get it into this other piece. We’re gonna talk about why people don’t heal accessing
the past. We’re gonna talk about some emotions like loss betrayal, regret shame, depression.
So we want to investigate these deeper things. We’re also gonna go not only into the crucifixions
of us ’cause we don’t wanna just stay in the problem, the pain, the issue. We wanna learn
to track that, get inside up root that and start resurrecting coming into a new life,
and then that’ll help us launch into learning more and more about healing. And then eventually,
our ascension, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, our Ascension means, Oh my god,
I’m living a completely different life. Now, I would say most everybody, not necessarily
everybody, but most everybody that does these courses with me online courses and five day
in tenses and all that. I love hearing the fact that they say, this has worked. This
is like an ongoing thing. It is working. I have changed the way I do this, that or the
other. It doesn’t mean you’re immune to everything on this planet. Things happen. People don’t
say I took one online course and guess what? I never had another gray hair stuff happens.
And it’s gonna happen, but they’ll say things like, I understand why I get to it more quickly.
It doesn’t bother me as much. And now I have someone who’s in my life who’s loving and
safe, losing her with me, graying with me or whatever, whatever it is that they wanted
to consider or describe as an improved life, finances. Your life should always be looking
like this in outward. It’s better and doesn’t have to lottery and crash, and it doesn’t
have to flat line, and it doesn’t have to go down hill. It’s just this beautiful, higher
and higher. I should look like that. And if it doesn’t, it’s likely that you either aren’t
uprooting the things that need uprooted or you up root, but you forget to put new seeds
of something new when your life isn’t improving. It’s always about one the other or both. So there’s a time something’s going on in
your life, take time to ask yourself, have I really taken time to look at this? I was
just kinda hoping it would go away. Why don’t we go back and look at that? Why don’t we
dig into that a little bit? Excellent. Now you’ll go, Oh my god, as soon as I caught
on to it, it’s gone. Congratulations. Other times something’s going on and you’re going.
I looked and I’ve journaled, and I met, and I did this, and it’s just still lingering.
Have you planted any new seeds? Oh, that’s what it is. I haven’t put any energy into
where I wanna go. All I did was what? I didn’t wanna go got it seconds later, perhaps bam,
miracle. And it shifts other times, maybe you’ve neglected both, but if we’re going
to call ourselves sincere about our path, remember this, the path in life, the spiritual
path, the path and self improvement is not just chanting and owing. It’s healing as well.
That’s called the spiritual path and the healing path. You cannot just do one and be a holistic
person, so much ignorance, even in the spiritual community, the groups that by all their granola
and whatever at the Health stores, and they do yoga and they go Look at me, I’m healthy,
they do no spiritual work. They’re not holistically healthy. Oh god. Well, I don’t really believe
in that. I’m just into wholeness really, but only on a physical emotional level. What about
your spiritual self? You’re not feeding that by with spiritual connectedness. So they’re
missing that or the other way around people that do nothing but Oman chant and neglect
their bodies, holistic experience, the physical emotional work, the lower shockers, you know,
physical emotional shocker is in the first couple of things, the healing, and then the
spiritual is in the next couple of chakras. So we don’t just want our work and we want
the heart working. We don’t just want the heart working well what the root working.
We want all these systems working collaboratively, cooperatively healthier and healthier. So
holistic also involves learning to things from all sides. Guys, if you have an ache
and you do an herbal pack on it, and it’s not working, think about acupuncture. If that’s
not working, think about massage. If that’s not working, maybe it’s some myofascial working,
maybe whatever of this world do things spiritually and materially don’t shame or neglect one
or the other. If you’re gonna call it holistic live holistically, then one of the tricks
in healing. And we’re gonna cover this more in the course, but I still wanna cover this
today. We have to look at our unknown fears of healing, which most people would say, well,
I don’t have any of that. There’s all kinds that people would never wanna believe or there.
If I’m an addict and you tell me I’m gonna go in the program, why would I be afraid of
the program? No big deal. I’m open. I wanna be done with this addiction. Take time to
breathe with that for a second. What kinds of things might I be afraid of? And you can
use your head and go, I have none. That’s just resistance. What might you be afraid
of? Here’s just an example. I’m not even dealing with alcoholism, but I can still tell you
if I were an alcoholic and I were going into a program, the kinds of things that would
intimidate me from going into the program first, there’s a likelihood you’re gonna tell
me. I have to probably hang out with different people. I don’t want to lose my friends, my
little ego. I’m afraid of losing my friends. Okay. What else is there? Well, my friends
that are gonna go, oh, are you one of ours? They’re gonna laugh at… I’m gonna be humiliated.
That’s another fear you see. Now I’m gonna hang around with strangers and who are they?
And are they gonna judge me? Or they’re gonna look at the stuff that goes on. There’s a
five year old that’s gonna be bringing stuff up. There’s a 15 year old, it’s gonna break
there. Failure. There’s one of my parents gonna think all that stuff. And that’s only
one topic. Me going into recovery, you have an illness and you say, I’m thinking, I’m
gonna have surgery for this. And you’ll always have someone, oh, well, no surgery is not
organic, man. Oh, that’s a shame. You gotta rethink that. Let me show you some things
online that will tell you how horrible of a decision that is. And there’s always somebody,
but then do the other. And there’s gonna be a group of people telling you the opposite.
It’s not just, hey, you know what, what it’s like when somebody recently asked me, “Michael.
surgery, no surgery, which should I do?” Everybody I know is telling me different stories. I
just said, “You know, really, that’s not gonna matter, what they’re all telling is not gonna
matter at the end of the day. Which one can you live with best in your own heart and soul?” And they instantly went, “Oh, that’s it. Got
it.” Because they were being bullied and badgered, and they were being pushed and pulled. And
I said, one of those decisions, even if you live, you’re gonna be pretty ticked off ’cause
this is a person that would get picked up. You’re gonna be ticked off that you even did
that one thing that you don’t believe in. Did that make sense? So I said, you better
pick the one that you most believe in and then be peace with it because you could even…
you might even die if you pick that one, but you’ll die at peace. I’d rather that than
live and hate myself for choosing the thing that I didn’t believe in causing me to be
held, there are all kinds of forms of healing, and I think you should… everybody should
learn to hit things from all sides. But in this course, we’re going to not just talk
about inner healing, soul level healing. It’s holistic, it’s healing the heart and soul,
because that’s an important theme to this. But I could have called it healing, body and
soul, but that’s just so broad. It’s hard for people to imagine that you can cover all
that, but you can. And one of the things we’re gonna learn, and one of the things I’ll even
explain here, so that it feels like we’ve covered it, is that if you just beam into
this planet right now, you’ve heard me share this metaphor but before, but if you beam
into this planet right now and you’re just like, you know this, like in a movie where
an angel manifest and it’s flowing hair and Robin wings, and just… there’s this whole
pulsation of light. Hello, beloved, that kind of trip. That’s how you would look, if you
just beamed in. There’s just this, an open energy thing going on, but the way Earthworks
is as soon as a trauma, which is anything that lacks, loves presence. As soon as someone
kicks you, spit on you, shame, you hate you, whatever, whatever, whatever the whole wing
expensive thing starts to kind of tighten, and then it starts to tight. Do you understand
what I mean by that? You get a feeling for that, watching online as well tune into that.
You can be all really cool and pure, but it doesn’t take much to shut you down, but it
is much that happens to do so on this earth. It’s not one or two things that shuts you
down, it starts tempting you from the first bam. It starts tempting in a shut down a little,
but it’s the consistent or what I’m gonna call Persistent traumas that get to us. You’re
gonna be affected by trauma in one of a couple of ways. It’s persistence, it’s intensity,
or both intense and persistent. And you could be like, oh, I am the presence of love. Look
at me. I’m the president, bam, bam, bam. Persistent or intense or both. And pretty soon you’re
like, I don’t know who I am. You start with is, I am that I am to this, so I don’t
have a voice or confidence you’re just shutting down. And that’s exactly the way the ego world
wants it to be everybody without divine identity. Everybody living with constriction, but the
constriction doesn’t just no metaphor me going like This band, Bamba shutting you down. Also
watch what happens. Every joint doesn’t move as freely tendon, start to tighten your…
or starts to tighten your Ari’s supposed to be out here, but it starts to look like it’s
more like right here and it starts getting holes in it. Believe It Or not, punctures.
It starts getting like You’re the Starship enterprise. And the soul is like, can’t take
much, motivate captain ’cause the blows from life. It’s like the shields are down getting.
We can’t take on any more. It’s like shaming and hitting and harming and abusing, and it
just takes a toll. So the Starship shields are down the starboard side, shoulder down
the AFF children and whatever. Yeah, your shield, tart to drop. There’s holes in them.
That’s what Ora workers sometimes do. They’ll say, oh, there’s some blocks here. There’s
such and such in your… or that’s what they mean. They’re finding the effects of trauma
essentially. And what’s a bummer is once the trauma has blown a hole in a part of your
ra, it’s not done now that you have a hole in your… or you have new problems coming
from having a hole in your ra. What kind of problems are all kinds? For example, you have
less of an ability to have psychological shields that’s say Back off when people bug you, you’re
now like Back off Tino ’cause I’ve a whole right here and you’re welcome to get in there.
That’s what happens. Holes in your ora, low psychological, badgering people, draining
your energy. It’s true when you have your shields up. They’re like, they come flying
in with their little psychic vampire heads and trying to suck into your energy and their
teeth. They just break their teeth on this beautiful, bright light ora. But when it weakens,
it means it’s not just your energy systems. When my Ora weekends, it means I’m losing
track of who I am. See that I don’t know. I know who I am. I am that I am versus…
I’m not so sure, and I’m not so sure allows other people to go, oh, well, we’ll help you
out with that. You are so valuable to us and you’re going really, which means we’re hungry.
Can we suck on your RA and get some energy from you? Yes. As long as you like me, that’s
where that relationship comes from, lack of boundaries ’cause your RA is your energetic
version of boundaries. If I have low psychological boundaries from life’s traumas or is affected.
And also if I have low internal health core, I don’t just mean like muscle port. I mean
core in my knowing of who I am, if I’ve got that, it just really lifts my energy systems
as well. So my energy systems are fed. They’re not wrapping around me, your… or doesn’t
just wrap around you. It emanates from you and whatever is of inside trauma hurts. Other
things that have happened to you and believe systems, the or US gonna reflect its energy
systems change. So back to it, I’m standing here, I feel pretty great. And then one thing
after another after another, I know people that have had stellar childhoods, rare, but
it happens. Stellar chat, wonderful parents, supportive parents, encouraging parents. Everything
was fine in certainly got married because they still had someone bring up stuff or til
they went to college ’cause then they were raped or something else or something else.
It’s true, you can have a decent life for 10 years, 00 years, 30 years, 40 years. At
some point, the world is gonna try to find a way to get to you. And when it does, it’s
almost like saying, the more stellar you had of a life, the more shock you’re gonna be
in when you find the other. So it still gets you just the shock of it being different is
enough to cause hits on your systems. But when it does, however it happens, whether
it’s early or later past, life, stuff even comes in with us and can cause some weaknesses
in our being. So here we were supposed to be able to be radiant, but then my trusting
breath, my vitality, my confidence, hey, how are you guys doing? Bringing light into people’s
lives. Great, banana, banana, bam here and there. And then pretty soon it’s… you kinda
look like somebody I could say hi too, but you might not say hi back. So I’ll just not
do that. Oh, you look like a nice person. Hi, slap your hand and you’re more and more
becoming meek, or there’s some people that don’t become make they just go, you know what?
Screw it. Nobody’s gonna get to me anymore. In fact, if anyone is gonna kick anyone, it’ll
be me taking you. So life has now made you either into a victim or a victimizer. You
see, that’s all that happened. One is not any better than than another. Everybody likes
to talk about how bad victimizers are. Victims are no healthier. And if there weren’t victims,
what would the victimizers work on? Both are an issue. And both come from the same place.
The victimizers only reached a point where they got fed up with being victims. So both
are hurt people. I’m not saying that means that’s okay. There behaviors. Okay. I’m saying
both are hurt people. And again, I’m doing my life a low low, a low. Now watch carefully,
because this can go so many different directions, but let’s say that it tends to be that when
I… from when I was young, for some reason, guys, I know this is gonna sound little grid
ut. Let’s just say for some reason when I was little, my mom puts on my shoes and she
unknowingly put the shoes on too tight whenever we went to Let’s say, family outings, like
events, Church and whatever. Now those events, these family events, let’s pretend when we
went to family events, family members were arguing, somebody got drunk every time there
was abuse. There was shame. Everybody’s yelling, why do you always have to drink it or event?
And now where is the kid feeling it? The shoe laces are too tight. So this whole event is
getting absorbed unbeknownst to them and lodge down in their feet. So 40 years later, they
don’t know why, but they have terrible fee always in pain. It causes them to limp. The
limping causes their hips to go out of joint, their hips, going out of joint causes back
eggs, and the back cakes are causing tightness in the neck. Then tightness in the neck is
causing vision issues. You see, and then when you go and do deeper work on it. Sometimes
the holistic experience is to go, this is so bizarre. I went and I was working on some
vision issues, and I found out it was connected this to this, to this, my shoes being too
tight. Now how many of your friends and family members are gonna go, oh, that makes total
sense. They’re gonna be like, Oh god, you went to somebody. And so down I didn’t you.
I is. Because the kid is doing this. It’s gonna constrict somewhere somewhere by the
same token arguments at the table all the time. And a parent says, you eat that, boom.
You’re gonna maybe have your digestion affected so many arguments. Where is it gonna affect?
You could affect your shoulder your pinky finger, but why the stomach may be because
you were trying to eat at the time of the upsets. So it lodges where it’s most repetitious
ly showing up. It tells us that’s where it lodged and it could lodge there, but it could
also be connected somewhere else down downstream or upstream, depending on where we’re at in
the body. So there are these deeper connections as much as the stories could be seemingly
more BT or really hard to hear some of the most vivid ones. I think someone I knew they
started realizing in their relationship. There were fights, but the fights seemed to be more
often when they started looking at it in the kitchen. And then when they looked at it more
deeply, it was in the kitchen where this person, when she was a child, one day was sitting
up the table kind of pouting, and the mom walked in and said, what’s wrong with you?
And the child was gonna say, he’s molesting me. And he threw coffee on her and burned
her to keep her from talking. So her reaction to the kitchen arguments. In other words,
the kitchen was not a good place. So her wound is not in the shoe laces or wherever else
we’re using in our metaphor, hers is the kitchen becomes a bad place. So that means as soon
as she walked into the kitchen, it was an accident waiting to happen. She was already
charged for some people in the bedroom to be sexual is I’m already charged for other
people. It’s at a beach amongst people just you having fun, you don’t know where it’s
gonna be ’cause you don’t know exactly. Sometimes your mind is gonna literally make a connection.
Oh, you know there’s a trauma in the kitchen because of what I just described right? Other
times it’s not connected directly at all. It could be something behind something, being
something did something and so on. It could be like, I get triggered every time I walk
in the peaceful woods. Why would that be? Somebody’s gonna say, oh, you’re probably
living in the widener, which… and the catholics. Burgundy does that one anymore. Okay. It could
be. It could be, but you track it and you find out it might not be a literal memory.
You might say, why do I get upset when I walk in the peaceful quiet woods? That’s where
you’re supposed to feel. Great. Here’s why ’cause maybe you never had peacefulness in
your life. So now when you get to it, you don’t know what to do with it or how to relate
to, and it upsets you. So maybe that’s what it’s about. An indirect connection. You see.
So you have to be willing to go like this open. I’m open to seeing what’s going on.
So the trauma has these effects. There’s a guy who I saw many years ago and he came to
me and he said, I have stomach problems. I’ve tried medication, I’ve done this done that.
I don’t know what’s going on. So did some healing work on him and felt better. It did
some hands on and he felt better. But then I had him also go inside and tracked, and
in this particular instance, forgive the vividness or whatever details. But he said, okay. And
he started crying. And I said, okay, what’s happening? What do you remembering? He said,
well, I got it. He said, okay, when I was a kid, I had this favorite little, my family
bought me this little sheet and it was my favorite low and I loved it. Load didn’t took
care of it, and baby didn’t all that. And they used to tease me, I’ll stop being like
treating it like it’s a baby, your best friend, Juan anal, and so on as ones one a one day
come home from school. They killed it cooked. It made a meet it. So his stomach was still affected because he never
got over it understandably so, but he didn’t get over that. So his stomach is not… you
understand, think of, this is my relationship with him. Look, I have a stomach, but you
have a relationship with your stomach. You don’t just have a stomach, you have a relationship
like in Chinese medicine, you don’t just have organs. You have Chi un experience, you have
an energy stomach. You don’t just have a stomach. It’s a whole experience. They don’t just say
like in Western medicine, oh, you have a stomach ache. They’ll go, well, your stomach Chee
is slippery and slightly warm like What did what? But when you look at the ancient text,
these are all important stories, like metaphors and mythologies about the stomach is robbing
cheat from the liver, because the relationships, this guy didn’t have a stomach picture. This,
he had a relationship with the stomach, and the stomach was… I hate that you ate my
animal. Right. I know it wasn’t my fault, but I’m wrong and bad for doing it. Yes, it
was forced on me. It’s not the point to a child. They personalize things so much, and
so he can’t have a peaceful relationship with his stomach because of the non things. Just
like a person, molested male or female, their genitals become somehow shamed, but you didn’t
do it, or there’s times we’ve missed behaved in our lives talking about when you’ve been
views, and then all of a sudden it’s like, it’s all shamed. This thing happened. I can’t
see it the same. It’s totally, totally understandable, but it is in God’s will that you shame any
part of your body. If Jesus shows up with the guy who’s got the stomach thing because
he ate this animal, Jesus isn’t gonna say, well, that’s okay. Just leave it good. Jesus
is gonna say, let’s find forgiveness. Let’s find forgiveness. Let’s find… let’s reconnect
you with your lamb. That isn’t really dead. You didn’t kill it. You didn’t devour it.
It’s okay. Right? It’s not your fault. Jesus would want to help him find peace with the
stomach, not say, oh, well, that’s life. Toughen up. Keep a stiff upper lip. Walk it off, buddy.
Okay. Is that all making sense? So everyone in this room, everyone on this planet has
this same thing. So the metaphor I typically use is one time I had this plumber coming
over and he was doing some plumbing or whatever, and he accidentally banged one of the pipes
on something. And then he, as I got to put that back on the truck, I said, well, just
bring them. We gotta use it. Right. You said you need to put it in. Oh no, we can’t use
that one. I’m like, why? He said, well ’cause it dinged on something. I’m like, is that
some weird superstition I didn’t hear about? He said, no, no. When you slightly even slightly
dented, if it’s going to burst, that’s the place that’s gonna burst. Got that. It’s a
weak point. The weakest link and your body is that pipe. Where did it get dented? Where
did you constrict when they were yelling? Where did your muscles constrict? Where did
your nervous system stopped working? Did you clench your job? Because they were abusing
you, that sort of thing. What? Where did it go? Your loans? Perhaps some people, some
people you freeze and you freeze so much. You might freeze once what’s this started
you know, and then freezing more and freezing more and freezing more or what it does, it
could even make your glands stunt and stop growing. I’m 110 years old, there’s all the
shelly, I’m startled and freezing, freezing, freezing. And then I notice, and again, don’t
personalize this ’cause this might apply to… it might not… you can’t say it’s always
the same outcome from the same cause ’cause we’re all different and things can vary a
bit, but because of the freezing and the holding getting tense around you guys yelling it mere,
ll the time, here’s what happens. Stunt it done enough to wear pretty soon. Mike lands
essentially are told, don’t upset, dad, mom, or whomever, and the glands are like, what?
Okay. If your gland stuck at 100 and you’re a male, your genitals might not develop fully.
Your breast of female might not develop fully male or female. Your voice might be a little
more timid. You know, I’m not trying to wrong what you if you have to have a live voice,
not might not be from this, but it could be things like that. You can be so stunted, you
might never develop further intellectually, and your ability to read you’re actual learning
reading might stunt and you never got… there’s some of us that can’t write any better than
if we were 10 because we froze somewhere back then. Okay, take a breath. Shake off your
hands ’cause some of you I can tell they’re leaving your bodies. That’s. True, I see some of you are going into shock and I
don’t want you to do that. Careful you’re not hearing this to send you into shock and
the people watching online. You gotta take this and just breathe and go, wow, this is
kind of heavy. Tama is not a light thing, but we’re not here to obsess on trauma, but
we do want to and need to understand it more holistically, all the stuff that can happen.
So in the course, we’re gonna take time, and by the way, if you don’t do the online course,
there’s still the five day intensive called Healing and mastery check that out because
we’re gonna do some really cool things there. In fact, we can do some physical exercise
and release things that we’re gonna do there, techniques that we can’t easily do in the
online course because they’re filming it and it’s hard to move the cameras around at all.
So there are some things we can do in one that we can’t do in the other and vice versa
in doing a few week course. We can do things that we’re not gonna be able to do in the
five day care, so they have their pros and cons each, but there’s this whole idea of,
if my… let’s say my solar plexus tenses ’cause a lot of us tens to the solar plexus,
to during trauma, there are exercises you can do to help open up the solar plexus. And
if you can’t do the course and all that or the workshop five day, that’s okay, just discover
some things to help open up. Yoga helps you open up. Now, if when you’re doing yoga, all
you’re thinking about is whether your color coordinated. It’s not gonna work as well.
But if you do yoga from the heart and soul and say, you know what? And even tell instructors
if you’re using an instructor, look, I know everybody else is memorizing awesome as they’re
doing postures and whatever. It’s beautiful. Great. I would like to take some time with
each of my postures to allow some stuff to happen. That doesn’t mean you’re necessarily
going to have to bank on the fact you’re gonna have deep emotional process, but I just wanna
be open to whatever ’cause the ideal thing is you go into a move, a posture of whatever
you would like to cost and a posture, you go into a move a stance in the stance, you
kind of go into it. And then the idea really is you go in and then you back off slightly
and just hold and let things kind of unwind. You don’t go into a stance to push, push,
push to sell his stretch, stretch, stretch ’cause I’m becoming more limber. That’s linear.
Go in back off slightly and breath and see what starts to happen. So you might go, okay,
I’m gonna do… let’s just say I’m doing is an art, takes me stretching this way. Now
when I’m doing it, what’s gonna happen is my mind is gonna go, hold on, there’s a little
tension. We start going now I’m not gonna bread either ’cause I’m gonna hold ’cause
there’s a little tension. Breathing not breathing is not helping you. So just go from this thing
and back up a little into where you can talk again and then just kinda maybe slowly drop
into it. So now I can still talk while I’m doing this, and I make little micro adjustments.
A rib just opened up and I felt a rush of energy when I straightened back up and this
joint kinda dispersed kind of opened up. That’s what you’re looking for when the solar plex
is really bound. A really helpful exercise is to find something a good sturdy chair,
couch a handrail out here. We have those annals. There’s a perfect, nice round shape. If they’re
the right height, you want it to be the height where you can bend backwards over it once
you bend backwards over it, you just let yourself just fall open and breathe. You’re opening
the solar plex, which also in your back, has constricted now a person into posture, various
forms, a posture help. They’re gonna talk to you about how gravity pulls all this, especially
the solar plex together, but that’s actually not normal. That’s not organic. That’s happening
because of gravity or grave events in our lives. We’re compressing because look at me,
I just arrived. How is everyone doing? I feel so great you here for a little while and you’re
just like, Oh man, this place is a downer. You’re compressing because this place sucks.
There’s just so much tension. People are yelling, kicking, you, shaming you, and you’re hiding
and you’re compressing ’cause the way of the world is on your shoulders and you’re just
compressing. So part of healing besides the inner hart. And so part of healing is to take
the intention to heal of the soul and bring it to the body too. So I’m gonna arch backwards
and practice just breathing and letting that open up. And you say, let me try that. Oh
no, that’s do pay funit. I’m done then. Maybe do it even less of a bend and breath and hang
out there for a while. Don’t run from it because something’s tender, just back it off a little
bit and go with it. See, let it unwind the idea really with tissue release, joints, muscles,
whatever any kind of tissue release is to really find it, relax into it and let it surrender.
But remember, it has a memory that you might not even be consciously aware of. So you could
say, well, I wouldn’t want tension in any of my joints. So I’m doing a stretch and I’m
stretching out this hip. I don’t want it to be constricted. I’m open, it’s just stretch.
You don’t realize that maybe maybe you had some shaming related to your pelvis somewhere
along the line and now the muscles hold. And now the public loans are kinda glued in place.
So you go to a work body worker, or you’re doing some Yoga and it kind of gives and pops
and you go, oh, that was terrible. Now I’m in pain. You don’t know that. Sometimes you
let go of something. One of you just emailed facebook. I think a message just the other
day and said The beautiful story about how they were doing a lot of personal work, internal
emotional work and all that. And then they realized that was
stuck energy, and it actually popped open. So learning to discern that it’s alright,
just don’t force, and then you’re not likely harmed or harming yourself, but try to go
to a place and back off a little bit and let it come out. But what is the it? Do you have
to know when it’s coming out when you approach a cave? Because you’ve got to go into this
cave to get your car keys. It fell in there ’cause you can’t leave if you don’t go get
a… so you go into the cave and then all these back am running out. You don’t have
to name them all as they’re running out of them, flying out of the cave, let them fly
out, get your keys. So if stuff comes out, when you’re doing yoga, tears, you do not
have to know. You do not have to know what it is that you’re crying over or feeling.
You don’t have to know, don’t forget that. But here’s the catch, you have to be willing
to know what that means is, I Don’t Have To know, but I have to be willing to know means
I’m not afraid of it. So if it does reveal what it is, I’m open. And that’s partly what
it means by god, the holy spirit, or Jesus, or whomever saying to you, and many different
sources. Let me stand with you and watch your stuff with you. Let me stand with you and
we’ll watch it together. Oh, but I’m scared of looking at my past honey. I know you are,
but I’m here. If you get too scared, close your eyes turn and snuggle in, and I’ll hold
you for a minute. When you’re done being scared, we’ll open up breath, open our eyes, and we’ll
do it again. Your pace is fine, but don’t believe that this stuff has power over you.
That’s what it means. You don’t have to identify every side every cry, but you have to be willing
willing that if a memory comes along with it, are you okay with that? No, no. I only
want issues to work out that I don’t have to remember. Now that means you’ve placed
an order. I only want some of my issues to heal and not others. And that’s putting conditions
on it, which the bummer with that is you’ve just stated, these have power over me. And
I’m not saying it’s easy to do. Nobody who has an easy time, remembering some of the
most grew, some things they have ever heard seeing felt this life or another. Obviously,
it’s not necessarily easy breezy, but we learn as we learn to heal. And as we learn the efficacy
and the value of healing, we’re less afraid of the stuff that stands in the way of our
healing you won’t be as afraid of a memory when you know that if I let this go, what
replaces it? See if people only do the digging up the roots and not replace it, they’ll never
know that there’s much of a value of digging it up. Yeah, I’ve been digging up stuff for years minute, so
I have in hard. Wow. Why aren’t you going? Yeah, man, I did. I took up this stuff. We
didn’t know that was there. And looking me now, most people don’t see it that way to
act that way, because when they do focus a lot on healing, all they do is bring up the
stuff and this stuff wasn’t good the first time around, it’s not good and any better
now. So that’s why there’s sometimes feeling so heavy about having been on the spiritual
path. So let the stuff come do your best. If you have moments when you’re scared, just
own it. Wow. That one kinda scared me. Freaked me out. How did you know you were scared?
It’s not just ’cause they started shaking. Sometimes you’re scared when you found yourself
raging shutting down scared can have all kinds of responses, just the way a dog bites. It’s
not like the dog went. I’m kind of mad it lights more often when it’s scared then when
it’s angry and it’s the same with people healing the past in all these different forms and
getting close to a clothes here guys, but it’s stored in the body. We learn to find
it, we learn to open it up. We’ll talk about some techniques like that. We’ll do some of
that in the other courses, but it’s about discovering where these things might be, letting
them resell themselves, as well as finding them and then releasing them, let them open
up and let them release, but also learning to see that in other people. And that’s another
one of the cool things that we’re gonna learn. But that’s important to learn. Learning how
to see it, learning that if a person has a tendency, short breaths to notice it and that
it might be about something. Now, what I don’t want to do is be teaching or training or encouraging
people to start analyzing others and judging them. Hey, look, I’ve got a short breath person over there.
I bet. I know what’s happened to them. You don’t wanna do that stuff where you’re a look.
Some of the shoulders are tie, but this is what happen. That’s rude. And it’s not been
invited. So we’re not looking for that. But I am asking for us to learn, to open our minds
and to recognize every single person is sending out messages. Of course, in miracles refers
to it as the body is a messenger. That means it’s a symbol. So if I stand here and speak
to you and say, hey, how’s it going? And mannerisms and body language, posture, accessories, or
non accessory, whatever it happens to be everything about me, every trickle believe it or not
tells you something about me, this is what the Bible means by every hair is numbered.
Everything is perfect perfectly in place based on who I believe I am. I really feel pretty
good about myself. So Bala and I look like this, and it’s not over compensating. I just
feel great. I feel alive. You’re likely gonna look like that. You’re not gonna… god, I
really feel great about myself, and I really feel confident in all things, and I think
I’m loved by others that doesn’t fit, and I’m not putting down our body language and
our body types and all that, but it all every bit of it plays apart every cell of fat, every
tense muscle, every freckle, every grey hair, not just the good, the bad things, it’s all
of it. The fact that I breathe fairly freely is a great sign that I can’t breathe at all
is not a good sign, but I wonder what it’s about instead of calling it good and bad,
what’s it about? And so I have this tendency, I have a pain here. My elbow got hurt once
and it never got over it. When you have the old war injuries, they call it when you have
oet’s an old football injury. It’s not just a football injury, it’s something that’s come
back. There’s a great scene and it’s part of the story of Arthurian nights. That’s a
great scene in the movie Ex caliber, where lance, a lot has been falling around with
the king’s queen, the wife. So lanceit’s been fooling around. So he kinda goes, This Is
Not right. So I’m long story. Sure. He splits and goes off on his own. It gets away from
his shame. His guilt takes him out of living the life of the grail. Christ consciousness
I can’t have Christos is I’ve been falling around doing note things, so he splits and
he goes within himself in his own way, goes into a dark night of the soul. Now, some years
later, the King and others have decided it’s time to come back to life from trauma, all
of our traumas, the Kings trauma, his wife, being a queen, being on faithful, the Queens
traumas of being a face on her guilt, the traumas of the kingdom being overrun by mean
people, all this Trump is happening. And they said, you know what enough is enough. We’ve
got a hell that’s where personal finds. The green says, I got it. Personable means to
pierce the veil, the veil of hurt, illusion, wounds, you ego. She pierces. The veil says,
guess what? Anthe downloads that to the king, the king’s calf. Ars, let’s come to life,
man. Let’s stand up for what’s right. So they go to battle their final battle, if they were
fighting off evil forces and Lana lot shows up. Now here’s the trick inline in the movie,
the way it’s portrayed. When lance, a lot was off kind of in his dark night of the soul,
he accidentally rolls over when he’s sleeping onto his sword and it punctures him. So we
almost died, but they patch up. He fixed it, he’s fine. Now, years later they’re into battle
and they’re all fighting off the bad guys. And yes, we’re winning. And so on lance, a
lot falls and he’s dying, the king runs over, Are you wounded? And he says, it’s an old
wound. See. So that was the great part of that scene. He was saying, this isn’t a wound
that one of these guys gave me, this is a wound I gave myself, I’m dying from my guilt.
So we have wounds and regrets and shames, and they come back and get us. How do you
know when they’re coming back? Well ’cause you’re sitting in your doing a class and serious
work. And yeah, sometimes, but you could be sitting in a dentist chair and it can be cranking
on a tooth, trying to pull that sucker or drill, and it’s like pain pain. They’re pulling
in. The tooth won’t come. You do something like this. Hold on, doctor giving just a sec
and you kind of just… and it may be spontaneous, or it may be chosen process, but whatever
it is, you’re laying in that chart. They’re drilling, they’re pulling in. All of A sudden,
A memory comes up and most people that was weird and they ignore it. It’s so brilliant.
Now, I’m not saying, you say, hold on dormant, cut this process coming through. I’m gonna
need to do some breath work in some crying, right? Give me you might. You might. They
might understand it, but if you don’t do it, when you get home, do not ignore that. Something
happen. So what did happen? You go home and you journal it and talk to our friend away,
and you go, god, you never believe it. I was laying in the chair. They were trying to extract
a tooth. It wouldn’t let go. And I just, all of a sudden, as flash popped into my mind,
and then the tooth went, what was the flash? I remember that someone, my husband, my wife,
my dad, my SAT school teacher. Someone used to treat me poorly, and I used to just think
you cannot have me. You can get away with controlling me right now, but you cannot control
all of me. So my tooth like, that’s right. We’re not in going, man. It’s fighting the
fight and you saw it, it let go. But you’re going to take some time at home and say, wow,
I’m sorry. You’re a memory of mine. And I got it. You see that whatever the case may
be, but all of it, it’s not just body things. You’re at work. This one person once said
to me was that work, Michael, I need some help with a shoulder injury, something. It
was on his shelf and it fell off and landed me the show. Now that’s just the linear thing.
You can’t argue that guys. It’s a thing. It’s an object. It fell off a shell, hit them on
the shoulder. They had a shoulder injury. We went inside and looked at it because the
thing that didn’t just fall off and hit them, they hated that job they wanted out of their
so bad they’re mind created. I know it’s hard to believe an object on the shelf that would
could fall off, hit them on the shoulder and send them on to disability. It’s not just
like Organic ailments or whatever here, accidents, incidents, everything is numbered. Everything
is laid out perfectly to reflect our consciousness. So the person who says, god, I’ve got some
hip things going on. Often hip things have to do with moving forward in your life. Yes,
generally don’t stereotype, please. But generally eyes would have something maybe to do with
what I’m seeing or not seeing in my life. Here’s what I’m hearing, what I’m not hearing,
shoulders, shouldering, responsibility, things like that. Knees, humility, Neal and humility.
That’s saying feet feet have to do with your understanding. I’m not understanding something
he could get injured. Why would feed have anything to do with understanding ’cause your
feet are under your standings, your legs, so ponds and plays on words and all those
things. They’re often very strategic in their meanings, but you have to have a mind that
can have enough imagination to go. What could that mean? Not just the play on words, Robert’s
brilliant at that. The gentleman over there, he’s brilliant at finding the words to the
meetings. Other words, not just brilliant, and it’s not just the words and the meanings,
it’s also your own symbolism. So low back for you could be shame, but your low back
could also be, which is often common. I’m not feeling very supported in my life. And
so my low back goes out or gets tired or is injured, not feeling support it. And as I
said, The shoulders could be shouldering responsibility. Does that all making sense? Then look at what
this course or what tonight is covering? This is a talk about What healing the heart and
soul is really all about. We’re talking about how to see the Body at so many different ways
in so many divine and on so many different levels, symbolism holistically, stomach. I’m
just not stemming this. Well, there’s a reason why babies throw up all the time. They go,
I don’t like this place. They’re throwing up toxins out of the stomach. True. Where
do you think the tech… what do you think the docs N’s represent… we’re not in Kansas
anymore, I’m in this world, I don’t like this. And they spit it up. And then when you have
people to go, I have an issue, a needing disorder. I constantly make myself throw out. You had
this one family bring me a kid once and they’re saying, I help her help her. She keeps tell
her to… she’s beautiful. She keeps making yourself throw, so she’ll lose way and tell
her she’s bit of like, oh, have a cherry told her that. But yes, I go then that didn’t help
did it. Apparently that wasn’t it. So silly honey, you really are beautiful. Oh, well,
how? I didn’t know that. So now I’m just gonna stop this binging on merging or tie. They’ve
heard that. So I help the child to understand there’s a certain person in your life and
the person is a perfectionist and they push you and they push you. And for a child it’s
a very vulnerable nervous system. And they say, I can’t stomach this, but I can’t say
mom, dad, whomever. I don’t wanna hear it anywhere. That doesn’t go over in most households.
So the child tries to swallow at all and they can’t, so they find their own little secret
way to put it out. So they’re not having an eating disorder, they’re having a parent disorder,
they’re having an experience disorder. So in this, again, we’re learning. God. Look
at this guy is looking how multi level all this is not an accident, these things, it’s
all starting to come together. I understand now, even if I’ve only been sitting here for
an hour and a half or whatever, I actually get this to a new level. Don’t eyeball people
and look at their neighboring. What’s that? What’s that mean? Don’t like sit around and
analyze people, but just sit back and be in all like, wow, I get it now. You can look,
if you must from a distance and see people, if that’s your learning technique to look
at people and just watch people watching so that you’re learning never for analyzing your
judge and judging, but it’s one way you can learn. Look at that body posture. You can
study that a bit more if you choose. You don’t have to, but you can choose to. But it’s more
about the whole experience, our issues down here in the world, our reflection of what’s
going on in our belief, systems in our heart and souls fixing things on the material level
will only be a band at approach. No matter how hold is to get scenes will. I’m using
organic things like still cap for a headache as opposed to aspirin. So that means I’m holistic.
No, you’re still eating something for heading and that’s good to do. Small cap didn’t work.
He was an ask for. Great, great, good for you. But did you track anything down? Did
you look at the roots? Did you look inside to see what the belief systems are about?
And again, I don’t know how to see the belief systems then here’s what you can do. I at
least acknowledge that they’re there. This is how cool this is. God says, well case,
you guys really wanna sabotage yourselves. You don’t even have to figure it all out.
I’ll accept just good intentions as follows. You can just say, I know that there’s something
more behind this and whatever it is I’m giving it to you. See, you get to eat, you get to
actually read the answers in the back of the book and do the test in the sense that you
don’t have to say, well, I’ll show up in a minute. God, let me do my work and figure
out what this is about. All you have to do is say, I accept that there is something in
here that’s likely behind this, and I’m giving this to you, whatever that this is, and all
the causes bad giving it all to you. And it’s enough. Does it help. Though to know the things, yes, because it triggers
more multi dimensional things for us, but you don’t have to have that. Okay. If you
choose not to study anymore, learn anymore here anymore about this, and you only get
that one simple prayer concept. I see something’s going on in my life, whatever it is. And I
accept that there’s more behind it that I don’t know, whatever it is. I’m giving it
all to you, God and I asked to have it replaced with something better. That’s enough to raise
it up a bit, turn it around and give you something new. It’ll work at least to some degree and
it will work, but it’s even healthier to be willing to be a participant in this. I know
something’s going on. There are some deeper issues. Am I willing to see those. Wow, it’s bringing this up and this up and
this up, and he’s okay. Well, there’s that too. It comes some tears and some will, some
feelings and whatever, and process it a bit, then surrender it. Now you’ve done so much
extra gardening besides the first example I gave where it’s a little lighter weight.
I’ve done so much gardening now. I’ve made so much more room for a new life, so you’re
likely gonna see an even greater outcome when you’ve done more work. But if for any reason,
you don’t know how or camp choose not to even that one prayer will at least move it in that
direction. But from tonight, things are deeper things to… it’s better. If things go to
the heart and soul, and if things are done more holistically, meaning my heart and soul
stuff, your heart and soul stuff will tend to surface and it’ll surface. As you’ve found
a lot, you cry a lot. You have an eric. Again, This is happening that’s happening or shoulder
issues back issues. What part of your back? Why my stomach doesn’t seem to digest, just
go, wow, I did that mean something. You just look at the wording, there must be something.
I’m not digesting something I don’t dig, that’s happening, and I’m just not stacking it. And the words, you got a lot of gall. Gallbladder
and so on, and these emotions bladder infections might be… might be related to irritation,
something’s irritating you emotionally, it goes to the bladder do that enough, and it
goes to the kidneys. That means that anger is really getting into my system. Whatever
else it is, knees elbows, they symbolize things my right hand and right side of the bi, my
right hand is related to the things I’m doing, my left, the things that are being done to
me. So an injury to one or the other can help lead me into knowing more about myself. What’s
happening? Oh yeah. I tend to have more injuries to the writer left. That doesn’t mean you
sit around and go, let me analyze this for hours. Why the Right side? Nothing comes to
mean. You’re sitting there to spending hours. It’s called obsessing if it comes to you.
Great. If it doesn’t just surrender it anyway, I didn’t… it didn’t go away. Great, but
you did good job. Now if it comes up again for another injury, give it up again. Just
do your part, even if you don’t know how it’s working or how much it’s working. Do your
part to be responsible show up and show up holistically? Is that all making sense? Everything
a nose means something different than your mouth teeth different then. And we’re not
just in the waking life when you dream I trip last night on my teeth, I can’t quite bite
into that could be a symbolism, or I’m so angry. I broke them all because I’m grinding
and I like that. All of these things, a nose for business. But a nose can symbolize something
else as well face. What if I dream that I looked in the mirror? I couldn’t see my than
maybe I’m not facing something, all kinds of symbolism, and that’s how we actually could
and how we will inevitably, we will get to this place to learn to live with that kind
of consciousness where we see the connectedness of things, they don’t see aptat. So like the
song, there’s a little black spot on the son out there, whatever. It’s my soul out there.
There’s a little black son. Remember that there’s a black wing goal with a broken back.
Of course, it’s my soul out there. So the police I’ve stood here before, in the pouring
rain, I’m looking at this river in this creek and this bird and this. And every time he
names an item, the background core says, that’s my soul out there. And that’s what we’re learning
to do. He was reading synchronicity for by Carl Young when he wrote these songs at that
time in his life. But he’s writing that saying, wow, I think young is saying that there’s
a connectedness to everything. Yeah, pretty much. And that’s what we have to learn to
see the front is different than the back. Your front yard is different than your backyard.
The attic is different than the bathroom bathroom is different than the kitchen. Everything
has its space place and significance. I keep having this a leak in my basement. Pretty
cool. It doesn’t feel very cool, but it is the basement. Maybe it’s the basement is where
we store sigma. It represents subconscious leaking water is typically emotions. So you
got something leaking. It’s heavy, it’s good symbolism. I demi have a pond. It’s beautiful
waterfall, but it broke and all the water was stagnant. It means something. Everything
in life not to over, analyze, but it all has a significance and we have to learn to dance
with it. What’s really happening? I’m standing here, here’s the front of my body. Here’s
the back of my body. Really? Maybe the front of me is the back of you. If you’re all part
of me, do you see what I just said there? Maybe this is connected to that. Maybe when
I look at the trees, that’s my soul out there. And that is a part of me. What am I seeing
in that tree? Oh, there’s such beauty. And yet those branches out there, you can just
tell they’ve been there for a long time. It’s reminding me of my inner strength. And my
experience is the tree rated infested with termites and a different symbolism. But everything
connected. Let’s remember to be in awe of the magic and the beauty of things ’cause
that’s my soul out there. Wow. That person has such a beautiful smile. That’s great ’cause
that’s a part of me. And that person is so prosperous. That’s great. That’s a part of
me. When I own those things, I bring those positive to me. And then when there’s God
that person is injured. Look, that person has a bad day. That person only has one leg,
etcetera. You’re supposed to be able to say That too, is a part of me. What is it showing
me so that I can take it in here? And what it’s showing me is poor thing that actually
didn’t teach me anything. What does it show and reflect me? So I take it inside. I process
it for myself and I then let it go. And the process of what’s called in prayer whole Popo
means I’m able to see somebody walk in on crutches and instead of poor thing. Can you
get them a chair? It looks like, I can’t get them a chairing. That’s great to care them.
What you’re supposed to do is go, oh, day you’re the one who manifested the injury for
me today. You are my leg injury. You are my back injury in Hoon upon. That’s why you’re
saying, I’m sorry, please forgive me ’cause it means there was something I needed to learn,
didn’t see it and it manifested on the outside and you caught it for me. It’s a really deep
concept man, it’s heavy, which is why you say, Hey man, I’m sorry about that broken
EG thing. That was me not really taking blame, but what I’m saying is you’re saying in the
hologram of life, you are reflecting something to me had I not needed to learn that you might
not be showing up in my room while I’m sitting here. You say what I’m saying with that, whether
it’s seemingly negatives or whether it’s positive, you soak them and you draw them in. You own
them that way they become completed, and now the person could get up and walk and not have
a broken leg anymore because you… the observer got the message. So the messenger, meaning
their leg injury can disappear, tell and this is their messengers. When you get the message,
the Messenger can disappear. Himi’m your stomach issues again and again and again, your knee
issue again and again, whatever it is, get the message and it goes, oh, well, I guess
I’m retired. Right. Thank you. Now I can go on vacation and it goes away. That’s why healing
is an inside job healing is a spiritual psychology form of healing. We’re healing the internal,
not just the thing on the outside, so I pray that this has made sense. I think we’ve covered
some with breath and vastness and depth to… so I really appreciate you guys tuning in.
If you didn’t sign up, you should. There’s a discount I think may be available. I’m not
positive, I think up til like midnight tonight. There’s a discount. So sign up. You don’t
have to have the book, but there’s a book called Healing art, and so you can get that.
We’ll go from there. Remember, also join us will be doing our Sunday services usual, 95
Pacific time. So if you’re here in town, join us here. We also have these services at noon.
If you wanna join us 930 on noon, but 945, we go live and then this course will start
immediately. Next Wednesday will be our first class, and we’ll do a handful of Wednesdays
and we’ll be done lots of deep work. Lots of deep learning. You’ll discover this maintenance
program and it’s a way of life. You don’t make it your only thing. It just becomes a
tool on your tool belt, but a really good one. It’s a way of life that helps you keep
up with stuff that otherwise would undermine okay so, many blessings pieces with all of
you. And we’ll see also a bit. Thank you.

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