November 19, 2019
HEAL Emotional Hurt: Ep 6 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

HEAL Emotional Hurt: Ep 6 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. Last time you mentioned that whenever wrong thoughts are created to our dislike Like in the example I mentioned – a kid was crying, so I gave him a toy and he stopped crying. I found that giving a toy to a child is easy but to replace it is very tough. And mind asks why we are considering it a kid (kidding with it) What is to be done and what are we doing in this case? I thought has been going on, regardless of whether it is about a past incident, a present problem, or thoughts of pain because of a conflict in a relationship. When an inner conversation begins, it keeps going on. For as long as it goes on, soul power gets depleted. When we are creating a thought which does not make us feel good. Will soul power deplete because of that? Yes I am becoming weaker by creating wrong energy, is it not? I am creating a disease. That only makes us weak. In that period, we are vibrating those thoughts to the body and affecting it. We are vibrating it to people also. There is so much going on. This can go on for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days or even 5 months. It can’t go on for 5 weeks or 5 days continuously. But often it can go on continuously for 5 minutes, 30 minutes or for an hour. Suppose I finished my shooting, the director or producer said something which was not right. And I am at the airport now. While buying the ticket and checking in, the focus was on the ticket. But once I sit in the plane I again start thinking about what he said. Right now the mind got fed with something because of which it started to continuously think about it. Now you get on the flight. You mentioned that until then you are busy, so the mind did not think much about that situation. Once you got off the flight, even then your mind got busy and so you did not think much about what the director said. But for the duration of one hour or two hours that you are in the flight – for 2 hours if we did not stop the mind’s continuous thinking about it If we did not change it or stop it So what did we do in those 2 hours? We reaffirmed and confirmed those wrong thoughts. That groove started becoming stronger. Also for those two hours our strength depletes – of the soul and of the body. And our vibrations are reaching the person about whom we are thinking. So for 2 hours we harmed the soul, body and relationship. What could we have done during these two hours? When we are not busy and the mind is free it keeps on thinking. So during those two hours the easiest thing we could do to stop the thoughts was We should have read or listened to some pure information. We have to pull out a healer from the emotional first aid kit. This is a matter of awareness. Earlier when we created such thoughts we felt it was fine to think like that. We didn’t even think whether it was fine or not fine earlier. We are discussing it only now. It would just go on and on and we would not pause to check. And then I would go home and complain about that person to my family also. And when I have to meet him the next time, a week prior to the meeting itself I would again feel unpleasant. This was a normal way of thinking for us earlier. This was a normal way of thinking and living. A lot of energy is getting depleted in this process. We need to just pause and check how many times it has been happening with us. Energy is reducing, we are getting weaker our soul is getting depleted. Is it similar to our body’s immunity becoming weak and catching any infection? How do we tell if someone is a strong soul or a weak soul? Based on his stability. If we lose stability it means the mind fluctuates very quickly. We react very quickly by crying, getting hurt, getting angry or getting irritated. We manipulate or try to control other people. We try to overpower them or get disturbed very easily. The mind will not be at peace. Will lose control over our mind, our words and our behaviour. Willpower becomes low so we cannot do what we wish to do. We cannot think of what we want to actually think. All these are signs of a weak soul, is it not? Whom do we refer to as a powerful soul? One who is stable and is not disturbed if somebody says anything unpleasant. He does not think much about it. So we know all these things is it not? So one is a powerful soul and the other one is a weak soul. Suppose a small scene happens in my life – like how you mentioned that you were about to get on a flight and somebody said something unpleasant. This is a very small issue. That small situation came and I started to think about it. Throughout the 2-hour flight I kept thinking about it. What we are thinking is not healthy It is getting recorded so it is becoming a part of our personality. What quality of thought is now becoming a part of our personality? One of pain and negativity. It is reaching the body and even the other person. Now when the next situation comes up Then our chances of creating a positive response will reduce by the end of 2 hours spent thinking in the flight. It means soul is getting weaker. This is the meaning of saying soul is getting weaker. Why weaker? Because we wasted soul power in excessively thinking about the other person’s behaviour We used our energy in doing this. If I keep on doing it for a very very long time, will I contract any illness? How far does it go? When the soul is weak, how severe can the illness become? The person can fall ill with any disease. Illness in terms of a disease is separate. Suppose I don’t have any illness either in the body or in my mind. But I am just not able to be peaceful even for a minute. The Mind goes on shattering the whole day. There is no inner happiness, there is heaviness of the mind. There is no medical disease as such. But this is a spiritual disease. The soul is not happy. And if I the soul I am unhappy, I cannot make anyone else happy. Because my heavy vibrations will radiate to other people throughout the day. So we need to conserve our energy. So, the situation came and the mind started to create wrong thoughts. Either we change our thought saying it is OK, it was his perspective. Or by saying that his mood might not have been good at that time. Or even understand that it might be a return of my past Karmic account with that soul. So the thought becomes fine. If we are not able to do that also, we need to do this for our own protection that At that time we need to give something good to our mind immediately. It is like a child refuses to take injections but it has to be given those shots. It is quite possible that the moment we start reading, that activity of reading also does not feel good at all. Even if the book is in my handbag, and I need to divert my mind from that wrong thought, even if I convince it to let go, the mind repeatedly goes back to the same thought. It starts questioning why that person behave like that? What harm did I cause him? What does he think of himself and so on. At that moment just give yourself one small gift immediately. Just take that book out of your handbag and read. But that is not easy. Last time you shared with us that some people carry medicines in their pocket and the moment there is pain or irritation, they take it out. If somebody has problems with breathing, that person carries an inhaler with him. The moment he feels breathless, he will immediately need to take out that inhaler and use it. But why should he take it out? Suppose he just does not feel like taking it out, what happens? He doesn’t want to die and he is struggling at that moment. He wants to get well. Let us take this line – he doesn’t want to remain in that pain. He doesn’t want to suffer. But in the other case, the person will not say that he is suffering. He will only feel that he is angry and hence has to react. He has no idea that he is suffering emotionally and it is a disease. Aren’t we in pain that time? So we are in pain. But the same thing does not happen to the mind when you are thinking something negative. Something very bad which has happened long time back. When it comes we cannot see – that it is a suffering and so this is the healing to be given. We would not do it because we were not aware of it till now. We felt thinking that way was natural. We used to only say that our mood is not okay, so we would go for a movie or go out for lunch. Even then what are we doing – we are only distracting the mind for that duration. That also helps. For that duration we stop thinking about that situation. But going for a movie or lunch is a distraction. We did not give anything good to the soul using which the mind could have changed the quality of thoughts. We only got distracted for a while. Similarly let us use this also as a distraction itself, no problem. Let us use it as a distraction itself – that my mind is very upset so I need to divert it elsewhere. At that time if I watch a movie or a TV serial or started reading a fiction or a crime story My mind was already negative even though it was about some other issue, The movie or the book what different from my situation but the quality of information is the same. Result? My soul was getting weak because of what I was thinking earlier. And now I turned on the TV and started watching something which is also depleting my soul power. So if I created weakness even after that situation, then the chances of my thoughts changing goes further low. It is like if – I am ill and I need to eat something, what if I eat something which is unhealthy? Suppose I eat exactly what the Doctor had asked me to avoid eating. Which means that distraction is not healing my illness. It is actually increasing my illness. So when we can see that the mind is thinking negative and we feel like distracting it – we should at least take care of the quality of the distraction that we plan to give. This is very important and we will see the benefit once we start doing it. Keep a good book, good audio recording – and immediately open it the moment there is a situation. And before opening it just offer a prayer to God – “Let whatever I’m about to read now give me the answer to resolve the problem that I am currently facing.” And now open it. This is a way of healing ourselves. If we don’t work on healing our self, then our suffering is going on increasing. We just need to do it for a few days and see the results. Always carry that emotional first aid box which is a source of wisdom. Not just keep it but open it and use it at that right time. Just open and read it. That is enough. But we need some amount of concentration and stability to be able to read. We get so many wrong thoughts at such moments, sister. The line is in front of us but we cannot read. Then you read that page aloud. That’s a good idea. Or even write down whatever you read at that time. Writing down is also a good idea. What are we doing right now by doing all this? We don’t feel like reading sometimes. Even if we are reading, the mind is elsewhere. Suppose there is no replacement that we give to the mind and we just distract it What did you do to distract it? Yes that is important. How did you distract it? If somebody fears a lot, he can get over it by watching a scary movie. Now when you fill it with knowledge and distract it So you did not only distract it, you made it powerful. There are two things here – sometimes you immediately get the answer to your problem, the moment you start reading a book. This happens many times. People write to me that the moment the receive my notes or my WhatsApp message, or email, they needed to read exactly that, at that moment. They ask me how I knew about it. So obviously you did not know their issue. What was your role in that scene? You only posted that message on Facebook. So basically there are two options – that whatever we read at that moment will very specifically address our problem immediately. We read it and it’ll be as if somebody is giving us an answer. So we get an answer to our problem. The second option is – that what we are reading is not giving us any answer relevant to our problem. But it is still a source of positive Gyan which will make the soul powerful. So fill it up at that moment. The moment you fill it within yourself The soul feels better and when the soul feels better My capacity to be able to heal those negative thoughts will change. To my capacity increases for future or for the moment? My capacity now. Suppose we are upset about something and want to change our thoughts. But they are not changing. I am just not able to change the thoughts to think something good. I am not saying anything good from that situation, I am not liking the person involved in that scene And I am not liking my thoughts either. Then I try to tell myself to change the thoughts and think positive. Suppose even that is not helping. Which means my capacity or my power to change my thoughts is not working. In this state of mind I can spend 5 minutes or 1 hour. Or I can spend even 2 hours. Time will keep passing. Now if I listen or read something good It may directly address my situation or just may not do it. If it does not address my situation and is a completely different thing altogether My problem was something and the page of Gyan which I have taken to read is completely something else. But what is its quality? Its quality is very pure and divine. Moreover its quality is not the one which can disturb your mind. In fact, its quality is something which will soothe your mind. So the moment I read it, although it does not address the situation, it feels very soothing. So the moment we start listening or reading to it, our mind started to get good information. The soul got something good. So its power increased. Once the soul power increased, at that moment it got the power to change the quality of thoughts which it had created during the problem. It happened at that moment. This has to be experimented with and done. We need to do it. Today you look around in offices or other places, there are calendars having positive messages displayed. Organisations are putting up posters of positive thoughts. What is the reason for them to be displayed here and there? So that even while we just passed by, for those 20 seconds you just consume good information. This is also information. We have to pause and read it. We should not cross it without reading the message. We have to stop and read it always. It may not have anything to do with our life situations but because its quality is good We definitely need to read it. It is like a tonic for us which is making the soul powerful. When I was struggling to become an actor those years, there were so many problems. The Mind had become so weak because of rejections Then I used to see messages written on buses – work hard for success. I used to read them written on buses send other places. I benefited so much from them. I used to find so many good points. Yes, while we are just passing by, we find so many messages or quotations written on buses and trains. How long will it take us to read them? They are short messages. 30 seconds. But why do we feel good when we read them? Because the soul got good information fed into it. And it made the soul feel good. It not only makes us feel good but it also increases soul power. If just by reading for 30 seconds the soul feels better, then how good will we feel if we read for 30 minutes a day? So by reading good information for 30 seconds we feel good, what about when we consume wrong information for 30 seconds? We are not registering that bad feeling. While going here and there, when we read a good message for 30 seconds – even that 30 seconds of information increases soul power. This we have to remember. So take out those 30 seconds to keep reading. Keep reading them throughout the day even in small doses. Along with that, also notice how the other small messages of wrong quality are influencing the soul power. So both are happening throughout the day. So now we need to pay attention and read those good messages of 30 second duration And we will not even look at the 30 second messages of the opposite quality in the day. We will not pay attention to them at all. Swan one hand the soul power increases. And on the other, it does not decrease. So even if it starts increasing in very very small increments, soul power finally increases significantly. Like you shared – it was your struggle period and the mind was getting demotivated. You feel rejection and feel like giving up. So reading such things is like oxygen. So that we are able to stand up again and say – yes I can do it. Because the soul got power at that time. It means, at that moment you got a quotation which was related exactly to your problem – in that situation. But very often we find quotations which are nowhere related to the problem but are good to read. We will still benefit because it gives us good energy. This is the point. This good energy which gets created will increase your motivation. Suppose there is a child who has an exam the next day. He is very stressed and tensed, unable to concentrate and not feeling nice at all. If you want a 5-minute break, go and fill your mind with something good in those 5 minutes, and then come back. That will not be related to your exams or studies at all. It is also not related to what you have to do tomorrow. But it is giving power. We now need to incorporate this into our way of living. If the mind is anxious or sad, don’t let it remain that way. It goes from worry, to tension, to anxiety, to fear to then depression, to a nervous breakdown – this is a whole series of a state of mind. But if we had stopped it at the level of worry, it would not have gone so far. It means you did not give it medicine at that time. If you had given the medicine, it would have got healed at that time. What you told us about radiating seems so practical now. You explain the sequence – information to thinking to doing And at the same time the most important thing is – we radiate that. I had been to somebody’s house for lunch but there was so much bad energy being radiated there I just could not eat there, that day. I had to lie to them that I don’t eat lunch. I had tea and left. Maybe they had a fight, there was heavy energy. So when you explained about radiating – it is so important for us to remember that when we do something, we alone are not getting affected. We are harming so many other people around us. Likewise, we can choose to radiate in a way that will help so many other people with our good energy. That is why it is so important to take care of our mind. Situations, problems and challenges will keep coming. And because of the past recording that is stored here, we will create wrong thoughts sometimes. We will not feel good at that time but we should not let that feeling sustain. We should not let it go on for long. You mentioned that you went to somebody’s house and felt heavy energy, it means that negativity was sustained over a long period of time. Otherwise nobody can catch that energy. Suppose you go to somebody’s house and that person was upset just 5 minutes, then you cannot make out. But heavy energy sustained over a long period of time So in this case the heavy energy of their house influenced you. But the mind which was creating the heavy energy – if it had the power to influence your mind Then how much effect will it have on his own mind? We are not seeing this and we are not taking care of ourselves. Today I understand that radiating good energy is also a good Karma. It is a very big Seva or service. Your good energy will radiate and give others a soothing effect. Like how you felt heavy energy at their house, it could even have been the opposite of that. That you went to somebody’s house and you felt very soothing. So how important is it that we take care of our mind? So let us pay attention today to carry something good with us – so that the moment the mind is upset, sad, scared or jealous of somebody. Basically any thought which is not healthy for the soul is getting created Don’t let it go on. We should not just distract the mind but should empower the soul. At that moment you something which has good information. Everyone has to keep it handy. Because we are living in times where there are negative vibrations in our surroundings. They will have any influence on us. So we need to quickly read or listen to something which is of a good quality. We need to protect the soul at that time so that the thought that had been going on, will stop in 1 or 2 minutes. Otherwise it could have gone on for 2 hours. But if we stopped it at 2 or 3 minutes, how much have we protected ourselves from the harm and how much have we saved ourselves? To the mind, body and environment. This is the best gift to ourselves. Sister let us give the best gift to ourselves, and while doing so let us give the best gift to the surroundings. Thank you so much. Thank you. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

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