December 9, 2019
Headaches Migraines Numbness Loss of Speech –

Headaches Migraines Numbness Loss of Speech –

Amanda when you originally presented to the
office, you presented with chronic neck pain, intense migraine headaches, compromise of
speech, loss of sensation in the right arm, loss of sensation in the right leg. You were
literally a shut in, you couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything. Why don’t you go ahead and tell
me your story what was going on before you presented to Davis Clinic and what’s been
your experience since receiving the specialized care here at Davis Clinic office, and how
are you doing today with your lifestyle and career? Well before I came to the Davis Clinic,
I was in the emergency room on three separate occasions. Each time I received care and treatment
for migraine or tension headaches. Basically the doctors looked at me and said there’s
not much we can do for you. We can put you on some really intense medicines and they
gave me some prescriptions which either made me sick or didn’t work. I was on three different
prescriptions, one from each visit. After that I still wasn’t getting any better. It
had been a couple of weeks and I was still pretty much just trapped in my house sleeping
in my bedroom. I couldn’t drive for fear of my right side going numb. It was very tingly,
the sensation was completely gone on my right side and I couldn’t talk at times which was
extremely frustrating. So I had met up with some girlfriends for a birthday dinner and
they had asked what was going on. A couple of them have migraines themselves. They had
said that they had seen chiropractors for the relief from the migraine pain because
their prescriptions were also not doing them any good except for making them sick. So upon
their advice I came to the Davis Clinic here and the protocols I received were DRS, EMS,
Health Flight adjustments, and a series of supplements that I take a few different times
of day. Now one more thing, everything we’ve done here it was non toxic. It was safe effective
and natural as far as the health care correct? Yes the supplements are all natural they’re
vitamins for your bones to make them healthier and stronger. Ok and your nervous system as
well. Yea! So in a nutshell is it safe to say the treatment was effective as far as
relieving the chronic migraine headaches and really getting the right side of body and
speech back to a working state correct? It did, I no longer have any numbness, I obviously
have full use of my speech, I have little or no headaches. If I do have a headache I
would guess right now it’s from the pollen outside. So it’s fair to say that we got you
back to an active lifestyle, back to your duties as a caring mother to your three year
old, and really just getting you back on track with life, is that fair to say? Yes. Well
congratulations on your results and we’re very delighted to have you here as a patient.
Thank you for having me!

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