November 17, 2019
Headache Care Shelburne VT

Headache Care Shelburne VT

– Hi, Doctor Heather here
from Wellspring Chiropractic. Today we’re talking about headaches and I want to give you some
tips of things you can do to take the edge off those
headaches and help you. I like to use essential oils. And there are two particular ones that are very effective for headaches. The first one is peppermint oil. The second one is lavender. Peppermint oil is useful because
it helps with circulation. So if you have tension that is restricting and constricting blood vessels, then the peppermint can
actually bring more relaxation by increasing circulation. The lavender has a relaxation effect. So also can be very useful if somebody is struggling with headaches. There are different ways that you can apply the essential oils. One way is to use a diffuser
so that you can just have it in the air where you can just smell it. And then another way to use
it is to take a little drop on your finger and you can put
it on the back of your neck at the top of your neck, or the back of the occiput or the skull. On the temples is a very
useful place to put it as well. And so those are some of
the most effective ways of how you can use essential oils and perhaps that can help
you take the edge off and manage your headaches as well. So if you found that this was useful, I hope you can share it with
your friends and family. If you’re curious about
whether we can help, we do have a new patient
special so you can just click on the link below and you
can find out more about that. (upbeat music)

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