November 19, 2019

78 thoughts on “Ground Ginger to Reduce Muscle Pain

  1. Can you do more reasarch regarding IBS, CFS, IBD, ME, MS and less of these 'interesting' videos on exercise, obesity etc.. most people don't go vegan because of digestive issues, and for many the gut microbiome doesn't change even after months of consuming beans greens etc..

  2. So just like turmeric, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, taking extracts isn't as effective.. Nature knows what it's doing.

  3. Is there reason to believe this will cause less adaptation (less strength gains), since the inflammation is important to trigger it? If not, I will start taking it every day.

  4. I am going to google more Indian food recipes now. They use lots of ginger, turmeric and other goodies in their vegetarian dishes. Also, they have something called 'zero oil' which seems to be a national health initiative to combat heart disease. Meaning that Indians make 'zero oil' versions of their classic dishes. Brilliant 👍

  5. Gains! Thanks doc but for my musle pain by fibromialgia and slipped disks? Any paliative ?cannabisfor acute pain? Resveratrol and curcumin?

  6. Aren't weightlifters trying to induce inflammation though? That's how the muscles grow… So while ginger may reduce muscle pain wouldn't it also reduce muscle growth?

  7. He failed to mention that the Zingiberaceae extracts and the NSAIDs both have an increased risk of bleeding. Pause it at 2:15 and you can read it for yourself.

  8. I have been using raw ginger added to my smoothies. Now I feel like I've been wasting my time since dry ginger spice is better.

  9. no frequency left in cooked food
    if i eat cooked food i cant stop, same food item like the raw one (sprouted buckwheat same amount)
    calories is just 1 thing ur body is looking for, 2nd is frequency

  10. Love this!! Spreading those positive, natural health benefits! I workout a lot and often add ginger, turmeric and black pepper to my foods or even a warm drink. It's a SUPER mix that helps the body to recover. I couldn't recommend it more! Great video Dr. Greger, thanks for sharing!

  11. Now I feeling a little better about all the gingernuts I've been consuming recently haha so good dipped in hot chocolate.

  12. Love ginger and eat it fresh everyday, usually with something sweet like a banana or papaya. Some days I forget or run out, and within 24 hours, my hip starts asking for it. Ha Also great to chew on, if you ever get burns from hot tea or mouth sores.

  13. Ginger dry or fresh has nearly the same effekt, even if it is heaten up – it's won't lose the effects. Thanks.

  14. You need inflammation to repair and build (i.e. hypertrophy) after serious exercise. No anti-inflammatory source, be that pharmaceutical or food based, is good because of this. Of course, if you have chronic inflammation, it is different.

  15. i don's see enough arguments/evidence to suggest that cox-2 is BAD (neoplastic does not sound bad) and that it should be suppressed by diet on a daily basis. the thought of taking a medication that suppresses your body on a daily basis is highly suspicious and if the medication is natural, that makes no difference. we need proof that ginger does something that helps self-healing (does it contain any building blocks or catalysts?), as opposed to suppressing warning sings that call us to rest, like pain or a depression of strength. i understand that many athletes want to beat their body into short term submission no matter what. but with the ginger strategy, they can't even do it temporarily, when they really want it.

  16. What about amla and tumeric?
    I was told a combo of ginger, amla, and tumeric would help with my knee pain.

  17. Hi Dr Greger what kind of supplements do you take in a day, I remember you saying you take b12, and vitamin D, what else and what company?

  18. Shogaol must have been discovered by Japanese scientists because 'shoga' means ginger in Japanese. I guess they weren't any more creative than their western counterparts!!

  19. I can attest that ginger helps migraine sufferers. I would get them at least monthly. I have only had one (and it was much milder than usual) in nine months. Appeared to have had a preventative effect. Of course, this is just an anecdote. Let's listen to the science and act.

    That's what I did. And I feel better for it.

  20. There was a missed opportunity to discuss the downsides of previous selective COX2 inhibitors, since they exist. Considering he is a medical professional he should have at least mentioned the known risks instead of touting all the benefits of selective COX2 inhibition, regardless if it is from whole foods or not.

  21. Man. I love the content you're throwing out there. Any chance that you gonna start doing your own podcasts? I'd love that so much. Keep up the good work!

  22. Would be interesting to see the effects on hypertrophy since part of the mechanism behind hypertrohpy probably is due to an increased inflammatory response after resistance training. Chronic NSAID ingestion lower hypertrophy and maybe antiinflammatory foods as well?

  23. Many years ago I had an accident and fell sharply onto my right hand. There was extreme swelling and pain. My wife grilled a piece of ginger, pummelled it until soft and pliable, poured olive oil onto it. She made this into a poultice which was kept in place by a bandage. It burnt/stung like hell that night, but in the morning there was no swelling and even though there was some pain I had complete mobility in the hand and wrist. Are there any studies on the use of ginger as a poultice?

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