September 19, 2019
Google Eyes Diabetes Battle With High-Tech Contact Lenses

Google Eyes Diabetes Battle With High-Tech Contact Lenses

Google’s special projects unit, known as Google[x],
has set its sights on the battle against diabetes. How? With high-tech contact lenses, of course. ​​”This prototype looks and feels like
a regular soft contact lens, but inside of it we have a tiny chip and a miniaturized
glucose sensor that allows us to continually monitor your glucose levels.” The company likens managing diabetes to having
a part time job — and a tough one at that. ” … all people with diabetes must still
prick their finger and test drops of blood throughout the day. It’s disruptive, and it’s
painful. And, as a result, many people with diabetes check their blood glucose less often
than they should.” Google hopes to help those with diabetes by
making it easier to regularly measure glucose levels in the body. The prototype uses tears to measure glucose
levels once per second. And as you can see in the image Google posted on its official
blog, it includes an extremely thin antenna that can connect to an app for monitoring
levels. The company is also experimenting with LED lights to notify users of changes
in glucose levels. Google has already brought the project to
the FDA, but a writer for Re/code says it’s going to take some time to bring a product
like this to market. “Much work lies ahead. Even overlooking the
fact that this is eons away from FDA approval, it’s actually not even clear that tear fluid
from eyes would be a reliable indicator of glucose levels in the bloodstream.” Of course, the device is still in its early
stages regardless. Google plans to partner with industry experts to improve the contact
lens and get it ready for market.

6 thoughts on “Google Eyes Diabetes Battle With High-Tech Contact Lenses

  1.  if they have developed thus kind of technology and show it publicly already, just imagine what governments and corporations are doing on us right now, just imagine the achievements they have reached in nano tech… of course they are introducing micro chips in vaccines and much, much more…

  2. LOL, this is just the beginning of the end of freedom, free will & privacy! Little by little this is just a scheme to put a chip on or in the human body. They (Evil Diabolical Conspirators, they have many names just to name a few, The NWO – New World Order, The Rogue Government, etc., etc.) want more and more people to be encourage to put chips in or on themselves or on to others, to monitor, gather DNA, ease drop, control, etc., etc. They want to tag the human population like cattle's! This is a advance version of tagging or marking people somewhat like the WWII (War World II) holocaust victims who have somewhere on their body tattoo numbered on them for identification! But this time, this "tagging system" (or what is perhaps said in the holy bible, the mark of the beast!) it will be something beyond sinister and that is to monitor everything people do, see, hear, think and other things! 😯

  3. Hi! This sounds OK. But, have you tried – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (just GOOGLE it)? I have heard some mind blowing things about it. My sister in law got superb progress in controlling diabetes with it. I am diabetic also (type 2) and have been trying it for a month and I am astounded at the incredible difference it has made – and I have not stuck with it 100% 🙂 

  4. putting a radio frequency device in the eye next to the brain. stick to the LED warning light google. ask Steve Jobs who shouldn't have been wearing that iPhone of his. 

  5. Hey there! Have you thought about the Hamilton Diabetes Reversal Protocol? (search on google) I have heard some unbelivable things about the results in lowering Blood sugars and my father got amazing Glucose measurementsafter trying it.

  6. This is Fantastic GOOGLE doing Laudable work.Diabetes is epidemic and leading cause of 1)Blindness 2)Heart attacks and strokes3)Amputations of feet4)Kidney Dialysis and lastly death.If GOOGLE can work on a Watch for monitering sugars and Artificial Pancreas that will be great they have resources helps Humanity.I applaud GOOGLE.

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