April 6, 2020
Gonstead Fixes Sciatica Pain!

Gonstead Fixes Sciatica Pain!

(rhythmic upbeat music) (loud pop and grunt) (rhythmic upbeat music) – So it goes down from
here, down from my backside, and then up there, about to the line. – Where to, about that. So it doesn’t go all the way down? – No.
– Okay. – So it stops right here. Right now you’re feeling
it mainly in the glute, but you also have it over here, as well. – It all started… – You’ve had this for how long again? – I mean off and on it’s been happening for like three years, maybe. And I’ve done everything. – Done everything. – And it’s been the worst. I did acupuncture, cupping, massage. – Now in terms of this here and that sciatic pain going down, do you feel this more if you’re sitting or if you’re walking around? – Neither, it’s when I’m getting up or usually when I’m standing up, sitting, getting up from- – Sitting to standing? – Mm-hmm – So then can you show me that, right now? – Yeah, right now it’s calmed down a lot, but it usually goes from here, all this pain and then, I can’t do it. So me moving forward, like I can’t. – Can’t bend forward? – Yeah right there and you start feeling this pain right here. – So typically when you have this it usually starts here and it goes down? – Correct. – So this, today’s a little bit weird, which is kinda why we’re here. – Yeah, well for the
last few days or maybe, yeah, the last few days, it’s only here, not so much up here anymore. But it started here. – Okay. – Like where I couldn’t move. And I can handle pain pretty
well, this is very painful. – Like out of 10, how bad? – 10.
– 10? Take a seat. – Okay. – Couple other questions. Is this worse in the morning? – Yes, definitely. – So I know that sitting to
standing, obviously, it hurts but does sitting for a
long time aggravate it? – I’m assuming.
– Okay. – ‘Cause that’s when it hurts the most, I’m sitting too long and then I get up. – Okay And then once you walk around
a little bit it’s fine? – Yeah, it goes away. Once it warms up, or whatever
happens, and it goes away. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t, like it hurt in the morning and then during the day I
didn’t feel anything at all by the time I went to sleep. – For this here’s, what does this prevent
you from doing right now? Like, you said bending
forward really like- (patient talking drowns out speaker) – And then I push myself so, it doesn’t prevent me from doing anything it’s just harder to like put
on my shoes, put on socks. Sunday was the worst
like I couldn’t actually put on my pants because I
couldn’t reach down and do it. – Do you feel like you had
to sit when you did that? – Oh definitely, oh yeah. (mumbles) – Let’s go down. So we’re definitely going to make sure we take care of that lower back today, but we’re also, we need to make sure that we’re maintaining the rest, just because the bottom
takes a lot of the brunt of the weight of your body, so we’re going to make sure
it’s aligned properly too. (mumbles) So this is all fine (mumbles) and then as soon as I get.
– Yeah, yeah. – Okay. So what I’m not going to do is, I’m not gonna twist you
all the way out here. I’m going to push down this way (mumbles). You can feel that popping and shaking? (mumbling) (soft pop) Not too bad? Good. (mumbling) Push forward. (loud pop) Stay right there. I’m trying to go a
little bit more on that. (loud pop) Come on up. Let that stomach drop. (loud pop) (grunting) Gotcha. (deeply exhaling) There you go That’s it, but I don’t want you to. Come on up. You okay? – Yeah. – If you’re gonna scratch my eyes out, (mumbles) – Hey man, get up. So, what I want you to do right now, we’re done with the adjustment, but I need you to walk
around a little bit, kind of let this settle in place. – All right. – Walk around. (rhythmic upbeat music)

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