November 19, 2019
Getting a Lumbar Puncture to check for Intracranial Hypertension

Getting a Lumbar Puncture to check for Intracranial Hypertension

Oh Lisa says, please don’t, I don’t want to be on camera, don’t show me doing anything stupid. Oh Chris says, if I get the chance, you know I will [Laughs] Good morning so we’re on our way to something not very fun something I’m definitely not looking forward to so we’re on our way to hospital I’m going to get a lumbar puncture I’m so looking forward to that we need to say they’re testing me for inter-cranial hypertension now looking forward to this fall so what happens man it’s early Aaron traffic we got to be at the hospital at 8:00 we’ve got about 40 minutes to get there we’ll make it left left early enough it’s not been a fun week I’ve not been feeling the greatest physically emotionally I had a friend pass away this week so it’s been a tough week anyway violent in the hospital Lisa’s gonna have the game rock hopefully she’ll video some keep y’all keep you guys updated I know I’ve got to be and I’ve told her that I’ve got to be laid out flat for two plus hours after the procedure that’s going to be nerve-racking for me I always like to be doing something they’re telling me that I’m gonna be playing out flat for that so I may be just trying to sleep I don’t know don’t know what are we doing this is not going place has been giving me a hard time because she’s been she’s had in the last in the last and then last year she’s had a total of 26 to much math at least too much math this morning okay at least 50 plus individual injections into her back because of a car or at least 50 injections into her back but cause of a car wreck over a year ago but you gotta think they did like six injections and there’s like four things per injection site per time and I’ve had two sets of injections plus some testing where they have like play in there with needles I will say it’s not fun I’m sure you’re not going to enjoy this needles going into the back are not fun anyway she’s giving me a hard time because I’m having one needle they actually did I know I’m still just nervous not not looking forward to it God’s got it doc saying yeah everything happens things happen for a reason we’ll just keep on keepin on alright here we go you’re the only interesting thing to American kids growing up in Scotland Chris said I’m gonna be a YouTube star stop spreading awareness please don’t see so funny oh you make you realize this is going in the video right there let people know what like keeping Chris upright yeah lumbar punctures today everyone at this hospital is really really nice and he had the they had to answer a lot of questions for me and I’m sure there’s will be lots more questions but yeah hopefully everything will go good hopefully all the results will come back good hopefully he won’t be in pain hopefully he won’t have the bad headaches and the bad side effects that could possibly come with this so yeah just hopefully everything will go smoothly and no issues or anything so yeah so anyway hoping and praying for the best I’m okay yeah I just had the lumbar puncture just got him back into the recovery room that was will st. experience had one point guess it’s normal thing but there was a one point that I was pretty much hollering saying out that it was hurting shooting pain down my legs the doctor was telling me not to move I wasn’t moving but it was her go ahead but now when I delay here in the bed for the next two hours completely steel yes so my spinal fluid whenever they tested the air on early got the pressure it was a 17 and normal is like a 20 on the hot side of the 22 so it is not inter-cranial well from what it looks like is not their cranial hypertension so that’s a very good thing we do go back in for a follow up with the neurologist soon we’re gonna have to make a follow-up on North her to get the results of the testing of the blood work and the spinal fluid because they did take it took the bare minimum but they they took quite a bit so yeah so now it’s a matter of I get to try to chill out for the rest of the day and try not to move as much as I possibly can and just now at Lisa’s yeah this kind of worries me close your eyes we’re gonna turn off the camera so he doesn’t move some people right now worse for the wear other than a hole in the back on the way home we know what to look for you got to look for a fever we’ve got to look for spinal fluid we got to watch out for a bad headache and they showed me a vial of my spinal fluid it was a crystal it was really weird it was really still clear that was kind of it’s a good Hospital but man I don’t recommend it if you don’t have to have it is that people don’t like to get brought in especially their spine so yeah doctor’s orders is me not that lift or do anything for the next day or so [Music] day or so you heard it here folks I don’t have to do a dang thing so we may be with movies and TV shows I’m gonna go home lunch and rest for the rest of the day may catch up on some email all things here and there yeah they said that first three days if you’re gonna have a headache it’ll happen within three days so during that time he’s got to cut that take it easy yeah no rearranging furniture yeah wouldn’t be doing that anyway I don’t know you know one of the things too the thing that were most concerned I’m assuming that Lisa is most concerned about is this have be happy to go back in for a what’s called a blood patch so just to describe what they had to do is they put a need a hollow needle in my spine if you haven’t had one floor drain some little liquid out of my spine and it has to now build back up what the possibility is is because now I’m low on fluid in that shaft is I could have a really really really bad headache and you can also like against there’s other things going on yeah it’s just ice like the warning signs they take my blood and they inject it into my spine and use that as a what’s called a blood patch and they said something about possibly happen to like stitch you up yeah it’s just not pleasant I don’t want to do this so I just want him to be I just don’t want this to happen yeah that’s why we’re just trying to not let that happen so he’s not gonna be too happy with me cuz I’m gonna make him lay down a lot he wants to just sit up into the bed or on the couch but um he’s gonna be laying it down he propped up or at least throughout the day today so anyway visions of Stephen King’s misery come to my mind sledgehammer I’m great she turns an Elmira hey guys alright so about a week after I had the lumbar puncture I had a follow-up visit with my neurologist they did all the tests or move to the tests all of them came back normal the one that she was mainly concerned about was the pressure and dealing with the pressure the fluid pressure in my in my spinal column and for the inter-cranial hypertension it was normal so that that’s not an issue so she finally he said army yeah you definitely do have it’s it’s migraines associated with vestibular system so yeah she’s finally on board with that which I had been trying to tell her this for months but she needed to do her due diligence I understand that now cool we’re good so we’re now to the point of making a management bomb she put me on a an injectable migraine medicine that I can’t think of the name of it Amma veer or something like that um I got my first dose there in her office this was just the other day so far I haven’t really felt a difference yet I’m still really dizzy still dizzy as crap it’s still my head still bothering me pretty bad it’s not really I can’t tell the difference but it’s only been a few days so I’m bearing it through we went to try to get my prescription so far the insurance has denied it at this point a cause of the price it’s a $700 per month prescription so I think there’s gonna be a little bit of fight ahead for me for that if that’s the case I don’t know what I’m gonna do there’s no way I can afford a $700 a month medication that’s just you know even to make life livable I’ll just have to bear it I mean it’s it’s gonna suck but I’ll have to do it you know so yeah anyway so that’s the that’s the latest update on the Hat yeah at this point you know we’re we’re still moving living life moving on I’m gonna jump off here have a good evening thank you for subscribing being around thank you for watching the videos we really appreciate it I don’t know that we’ve said that in any of our other videos be sure to LIKE subscribe click the notification bell and also check out our other social media stuff we’re on facebook we’re on Twitter thank you for everything and we’ll see you later see ya

2 thoughts on “Getting a Lumbar Puncture to check for Intracranial Hypertension

  1. For anyone else who has had this procedure done, did you have pain during? That was REALLY scary and painful!!!! Tell us your story!

  2. Spinal Tap really was an awesome movie. I was hoping that procedure would find something for you. Sorry to hear it didn't. The journey continues. In the meantime, here are a couple of "dizzy" jokes to help cheer you up:

    — A man was feeling really dizzy on January 1st, but he soon realized why. He was making too many New Year revolutions.

    — What do you call a dizzy Asian? Disoriented.

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