December 8, 2019
Friday, September 27

Friday, September 27

Live from New York City. It’s the Wendy Williams Show.
(audience cheering) (upbeat music) ♪ Feel feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ’til it’s real and let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ How you doing? Now, here’s Wendy. (audience cheering) ♪ How you doing ♪ Happy weekend.
(crowd cheering) Thanks for watching. Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. How you doing? How you doing? I forgot to moisturize my hands, oh boy. Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. Come on.
(audience cheering) (upbeat music) Thank you. Thank you.
You’re welcome. Don’t you hate that? So much hand sanitizer dries you out, right? And then you gotta, it’s just a mess. Look, so I have something special for you. (audience oohing) Happy early holiday. The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back. (audience applauding) And, and, I’ve got a sneak peek of the trailer, but before I show it, I want to tell you that I actually spoke to two of them at once. So it was the three of us on the phone, and I’ll let you know after the trailer. And also what I think about this trailer. Take a look. You got six new businesses, and you ain’t did nothing with them. (suspenseful music) You creep around Atlanta. I creep around Atlanta? How you feel about open marriages? I made a mistake. I’m like, I’m gonna work it out. But some stuff is not forgivable. Are you happy in this marriage? We’re in a really low place right now. You have a prenup with your husband? Everything, I’ll build it again. You had sexual affairs, and this person is in my face all the time. Drama. You don’t want a problem with me. Trust me.
Vice versa. Cynthia has a side to her that you guys do not know about. Everything in the dark comes to the light. Somebody recorded you dogging her out. Somebody in this room is the (beeping) snake. We need to end this. We’re back! (audience applauding) So. So they’re alluding that Kandi and Todd might have a problem in their marriage, because he makes businesses, but I guess doesn’t follow through. They become financially relevant to the family. And Kandi does do a lot of work. They’re alluding to that, but you know, there’s always a plot line. They’re probably happy as clams. You know what I mean? But drumming stuff up for TV. But you got to watch when you play with that, ’cause sometimes that really does happen. And then okay, so Cynthia is engaged. Good for her. (audience clapping) Kenya is still delivering what she needs to to hold that peach. And NeNe and Marlo are friends. Again.
(audience awing) No ’cause at one point we were under the impression that Marlo and Kenya were friends. And then what I was told by somebody that I know behind the scene scene scenes, not one of the stars, is that they edit it that way to make it look like Kenya and Marlo are friends, and then NeNe and Kenya fought. But then what you just saw is Kenya, or NeNe and Marlo talking confidentially. So I’m minding my own business at the house the other night. Minding my own dog gone business. Ring. Bitch.
(audience laughing) So it’s NeNe, and she’s in Greece. Yeah, this season you’ll see all the girls go to Greece. And have a real good time. And NeNe at first wasn’t going to go, and she actually called me a few weeks ago and said, look, I have to talk to you about something. I said, what? She said, I don’t want to go. I don’t like the way they portray me, and so on and so forth. I said, but you do a lot of that on your own, Neens. If you don’t give them that, then they won’t be able to put it out there. And now that you and I know each other, NeNe is as soft and pink as the rest of us. She’s not that hard as nails girl, regardless of what you see. I guess she’ll win in a fist fight, I’m sure, but you know what I mean?
(some laughing) She’s come to a place in her life. She’s a grandmother, her kids are older, she and Greg survived his cancer. Now they’re back together. So NeNe’s on the phone. You know she talks hella loud. You got to put the phone way over here. (some laughing) So she talks loud. The cats even scatter.
(audience laughing) Mom, who’s that? Go ahead girls, go go go. And then next thing you know, Marlo walks in the room. And Marlo’s, you know, so we’re all talking on the phone. They’re packing up their stuff, leaving Greece. I was like, well. She goes, Wendy, thank you for convincing me to go on the trip. I was like, look. This is your cash cow. You need to take that bag, go on that trip, participate when they ask you to participate, and that’s that. You know you’re a businesswoman and your businesses are driven through being on this show. You know she’s got her clothing store and other things. And Marlo, I don’t know Marlo, but I was like, alright, so where are you guys going now? You’re leaving Greece. They said, we’re flying into Atlanta. And Marlo was like, and we’ve got to get up. I was like, oh no we don’t. Summer is over.
(some laughing) I got a show to do, I got my Lifetime script is finally ready, I have to read over that this weekend. My parents are in town. Karen from Potomac is having her housewarming. She invited me.
(audience oohing) Like I’m not gonna, no. No, I’m not going.
(audience applauding) I mean, thank you for the invite. I got it through the email from the chief the other day, but I like you girls and I love my new life, but my priorities have always been about me and my family. And anything else
(audience applauding) falls way back there. Anyway, so they’re in New York. I still can’t get together with them, but they have each other, Marlo and NeNe, to go to Neiman Marcus and whatever they do. You know, shop and be loud. (some laughing) The season 12 premiere of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” premieres November third on Bravo. Eight o’clock I will be there.
(audience applauding) I will be there. I don’t know who I’ve become. No, I love it so much. But priorities first. Right. Okay. (all clapping) So Jennifer Lopez, who’s a fan favorite here at Wendy, she did an interview 21 years ago that is coming back to haunt her. (audience gasping) Now look, this is back in 1998 when this interview was done. She spoke to a magazine called Movieline and didn’t hold anything back. So wait, hold on. Glasses are cool and everything, even when they bend.
(audience clapping) But no no no no no no no no. No no no. But even more civilized than readers, monocles. Oh, I’ve got a collection now. I got a collection. And you know, you hang the chain around your neck, and then you pull them up and you look like this. (some laughing) And I have them at home just because you know, when you leave your glasses all around and the readers and stuff. And monocles, they’re just so good. Anyway. Here’s what J. Lo said about Gwyneth Paltrow. (audience oohing) Tell me what she’s been in. I swear to God I don’t remember anything she was in. Some people get hot by association. I heard more about her and Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work. (audience gasping) Okay, now mind you, Jenn’s talking like this right after she did “Selena,” which we all love. I don’t know about you.
(audience clapping) It’s one of those movies I stop on, all the time. It was after “Selena,” and she did that movie with George Clooney. “Out of Sight.” And got off “Living Color,” and you know she’s being courted by Hollywood. And Jenn at that time was only like 27 years old herself. So you know she’s young, she’s brassy, successful. And so she’s just talking. This is what she said about Cameron Diaz in this magazine article, same one. She says, “she’s a lucky model “who’s been given a lot of opportunities “that I wish she would’ve done more with. “When directed, she can be good.” (audience oohing) And then she’s talking about Madonna. (audience gasping) Same article, here she goes. “Do I think she’s a great performer? “Yeah, do I think she’s a great actress? “No.” (audience clapping) A few people in our morning meeting agreed with all of the things that Jenn said, but there’s certain things that are kitchen table talk, or you keep ’em in your head. You don’t say them. Especially when you’re on the climb. I mean, “Selena” was widely successful. “Out of Sight,” I don’t recall how that did. But she was acting with George Clooney. And remember, she was a fly girl from “In Living Color,” and she’s from the six train in the Bronx. So this is huge for her to be celebrated in Hollywood, and she’s just talking. I don’t picture Jenn saying anything like this today. I do believe that, you know, there are parts of us that are the same that we were when we were 27. But the smarter parts are, we don’t acknowledge things like that. I don’t picture her saying that in any interview today. And by the way, at the time that she talked about Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwyneth Paltrow had just won a Golden Globe. An Oscar, an Oscar.
Uh huh. “Shakespeare in Love.” For “Shakespeare in Love.” And it was Cameron Diaz who was nominated for a Golden Globe at that time. When are the Golden Globes? Are you all voting?
(some laughing) I mean, you know, that’s the one awards show that is like a fan favorite. So you all vote. I was nominated for talk show host, whatever. People’s Choice Award. Oh that was People’s Choice? Okay. Well I don’t need a Golden Globe. I told you, I’ve got them. (all laughing) Yeah! (audience applauding) Anyway, so here’s the deal. This article was dug up right now. And so Jennifer is saying that she was misquoted. She said that she cried after reading that article back in the day, she cried. I’ll bet she did. I bet you her publicist, her team, her mother, people who care about her are like, are you serious Jenn? You’re on a ride right now. You did “Selena,” you were in “Out of Sight.” You’re acting with Clooney. Can you please not be so real? So I’d be crying, too. Too. But I do think that the timing of this article being resurrected is rather suspicious.
(audience humming) After all, Jennifer is nominated for an Oscar for “Hustler.” (audience applauding) She’s going to be. Well, no, she will be.
She will be. She will be nominated. Norman and I are gonna go there eventually to see it. Yes, I need this movie tonight. I haven’t even seen it. I want her to win an Oscar for it. Just the idea.
(audience applauding) She’s got career goals, seriously. Now she’s got Alex, she’s got all the kids, she can still drop it like it’s hot, she’s still beautiful. And everyone in Hollywood loves her. And those who don’t love her, that’s the thing you don’t say. Or you might get tomatoes thrown at you. You know what I mean? Like she is a Hollywood darling, and I think that this article coming out at this time is trying to stop her shine. But you know what? We all say stupid things at particular points in our careers or our lives, and then you grow up and you realize. But for her to say, I was misquoted. Jenn, you know what, here’s what you do. When you do the red carpets, when you’re out, when paparazzi, just don’t talk, don’t talk about the article. Just say, you know, that was a long time ago. You know I’m a different woman. Or say nothing. Now if she were to come on Wendy, I would ask her about it, but I would,
(audience clapping) hold on now, hold on now. I would ask her, ’cause she knows that’s what I do. But I’m also grown and respect it when people say, Wendy, no comment. And I’ll be like, okay. And then I’ll look to you at the camera like this. (audience laughing) You know how we play. The eye contact, me and you. Okay so Piers Morgan is slamming Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence posted her wedding registry on a really popular website that I don’t care to mention. But Jennifer is engaged to an art dealer, and she shared the items. A marble cheese slicer for 15 dollars and 99 cents. A wood salad bowl for 70 dollars and 50 cents. I don’t like anything in wood. You can’t clean it, you know what I mean? Not a wood cutting board. Not a wood salad bowl. Wood things are to put fake fruit in, or something like that. I just, anyway, a food processor for 29.99. Do you remember when they used to be like 100 bucks? Wow. Well, Piers slammed her, saying, you know what Jennifer, it’s all a bit tacky, love. (audience laughing) Well I agree. I agree.
(audience applauding) Oh yes. Here’s the thing. Because whether you’re the nurse, or whether you’re a movie actress who makes 20 million dollars a picture, those are the things that you share inside of your wedding invitation, or if you’re having a shower. Those aren’t the kind of things that you put online for people to see. So what are you supposed to do if you’re Jennifer Lawrence’s fan? Are you supposed to order the marble cheese thing?
(some laughing) I know it’s a new trend with celebrities, but you know what, in my mind, it’s also another way to get money. Now, you can’t tell me in my mind that this girl right here is not being paid by the big site that she posted this stuff on, you see, you see. And that’ll make you guys run to the site, and she listed regular common things. A 29.99 food processor, you’ll buy it. Jenn gets money for it. You’ll feel close to her. Like oh my gosh, I have something that a Hollywood actress has.
(audience laughing) And then the site gets more exposure, which is why I’m not saying. I’m not falling into that hole. I just think it’s tacky. If I were to get married again, and I will. (audience applauding) And I also think not for nothing. Wedding gifts are for people under 30. In real life, in this day and time. It’s not like the old fashioned days. If you’re 33 years old and you’re getting married and I don’t care whether you’ve been dating a guy for six years, it’s your first time marriage. If you’re 33 years old, then you can certainly afford your own salad bowl. My presence at your wedding and my happiness for you should be all that we need, especially in this crumbling world that we live in. (audience applauding) I’m not getting you a gift, no. Anyway, that’s what that is. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. You’re gonna love this. Okay okay okay. (some laughing) It’s alright, it’s Friday. Look. The ladies of “Married to Medicine,” They’re either doctors, or married to doctors. Either way, it’s all a squinty embarrassment. ‘Cause I don’t want to see my doctors like that. You know what I mean? Or that whole, you know how much I love doctors. But this week, the show is getting a new cast member. You love her. I love her. But she’s taken this show to an all time. (audience oohing) She doesn’t belong. Joseline Hernandez.
(audience cheering) Exactly, what? And then, you know, Joseline has got nothing to lose. But these doctors do, with their reputations and their fancy dinner parties. Why would you have her on this show? I love you, Joseline. And you get that money. If they’re gonna be dumb enough to have you on the show, then you be smart enough to make a good story line and stay. And embarrass ’em all.
(audience applauding) Embarrass ’em all. So she wasted no time getting in fights with one of the ladies. Take a look. Being a mother is a full time job. I don’t think so. But you know, we’re gonna keep letting you live it up, not paying your taxes. (suspenseful music)
(audience oohing) At the end of the day, what me and my husband went through was an amazing blessing. It put us in a great place. That’s right. Maybe one day you’ll get there too. What are you, ’cause you’re looking real thrifty tonight. I am supposed to. Come on, let’s go to the bathroom, baby. You wanna go pee, I got to pee. Yeah, let’s go to the bathroom. Go ahead and take her thrifty ass to the bathroom so she can change that outfit. (audience gasping and clapping) Honey. I’m not spending 14 or 15 years in medical school to be read by Joseline Hernandez. This is like, and I know that was interesting to all of us. This is not our show to be a part of the cast. But I love it for the drama. Now they say that she’s only there for one episode, but that right there, she deserves to stir the pot for a full season. (audience applauding) I hope you understand what I meant. Cohost, do you understand what I meant? Clap if you think that this is not the show for Joseline Hernandez.
(audience clapping) I know my people. Anyway, meanwhile another former “Love and Hip Hop” star is coming back to TV. Cardi B.
(audience cheering) This is gonna be a really good show. I want to watch this one, too. Cardi, TI, and Chance the Rapper, John Legend is producing. It’s a new show about judging for the new hip hop reality, or hip hop star. Alright, it’s called “Rhyme and Flow.” or “Rhythm and Flow.” Here’s your sneak peek. We’re looking for that edge. We’re hooking you up with some of the hottest in the game. Another one.
They cannot rap. You did a couple things tactic-wise that I like. You know it is a competition. You gotta be ready to nail what you’re doing. You know they paying for our organs like snacks at a concession. Got on my knees and pray to God for a blessing. She was in jail.
(laughing) She did at least six months. I need this.
(heart beating) (audience cheering) Let the games begin.
(laughing) (audience applauding) Everyone in hip hop seems was in there. Like we knew those people. Anyway, the show is called “Rhythm and Flow.” Watch along with me. It’s going to begin on Netflix October ninth. Yeah.
(audience clapping) Oh, okay. That’s it for Hot Topics. More great show for you, everybody. Up next, TV Guide’s Matt Roush is here. He’s gonna break down Fall’s hottest shows. So grab a snack and, come on back.
Come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) You’ve got to come to our show to know what goes on behind the scenes. Alright happy Fall. That means new shows on TV. And here to tell us the ones that are worth watching is our old friend, TV Guide’s senior critic Matt Roush. (audience cheering) We trust you so much. Oh thank you.
Alright. Walk us through, and I want to see this first one. Oh this first one is a big big show. It’s called “The Morning Show.” it is gonna be on Apple TV Plus. It isn’t just about the new shows this year. It’s about the new streaming services. In November we’re gonna have a new one from Disney, and now we have one from Apple TV. And their big show is this, and it’s bringing Jennifer Aniston back to TV. Good.
(audience applauding) For the first time in 15 years. Ever since, her first series since “Friends” went off the air. So who is she playing? ‘Cause I like the plot. Well the plot’s gonna be amazing. She’s playing the anchor of a morning show. Much like the “Today Show” or what have you. She actually apparently as part of her research, she shadowed the crew of “Good Morning America” for a while to figure out how it goes on. Her co-anchor is Steve Carell from “The Office.” But as the show begins, he is fired over a sexual misconduct. Perfect. Are Matt Lauer’s ears burning? I don’t know, but still.
(some laughing) And so they bring in Reese Witherspoon, who is also producer of the show with Jennifer Aniston. She’s a field reporter, much younger than, a bit younger anyway than Jennifer Aniston. So it becomes like a rivalry on set between these two female anchors.
This is gonna be fabulous. It’s gonna be really good.
“The Morning Show.” (audience cheering) Apple TV Plus, November first. What’s next, Matt? What’s next is you know how “Blackish” spun of “Grown-ish” for free form? They’re doing it again. “Blackish” now gives us “Mixed-ish.” “Mixed-ish” is airing.
(audience cheering) It just began on ABC. I’m confused.
So mixed, it’s “Mixed-ish.” I know what that is. So the idea, it’s a prequel. It takes the character of Bo, who’s the mother of the family, Tracee Ellis Ross. Right right right. She’s a producer of the show, but this takes us back to the mid 1980s when she was like 12 years old. She was raised by hippies, if you know the show. She was raised by–
Oh yeah yeah yeah. But they were kicked off a commune in 1985, and they had to move to the suburbs. So it’s sort of like a fish out of water story, or as I like to say, an -ish out of water story. Yeah yeah.
In this regards. So it’s all about basically Bo as a 12 year old trying to acclimate to a school, to the suburbs, and also the fact that in the mid 80s, mixed race children were not that common. And so they have to also deal with the fact that there’s nobody like them. Not even their parents are like them. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tika Sumpter play the mom and dad. Are they gonna be, like is it gonna be “Blackish” then “Mixed-ish” back to back?
Yes. “Mixed-ish” actually leads into “Blackish.” So they’re both on Tuesday nights. Perfect.
And so that’s a good deal. Also, Mariah Carey did the theme song for this. She wanted to be a part of the show. Perfect.
(audience cheering) She wanted to be a part of it. ‘Cause she’s mixed-ish. Because she is mixed-ish herself, and there are some talks that she might actually do a guest spot during the show. We’ll find out.
Well check it out. “Mixed-ish” airs Tuesdays
(audience cheering) at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. What’s next, Matt? What’s next is the show I love. It is called “Modern Love.” It is on Amazon Prime Video, or it’s gonna be. It is eight half hour short stories, but they’re based on a New York Times column that is called “Modern Love,” where people share their relationship stories. Some of them are funny, some of them are sad. But the episodes are so good, and it’s like an all-star cast. Anne Hathaway is in one of them. She plays a bipolar woman who has trouble letting somebody in. Tina Fey is in the show. She’s married to John Slattery from “Mad Men.” But their marriage has kind of gone stale.
Is she producing also? No.
Oh wow. It’s basically just all based on these real essays that were written for the New York Times. Sounds like a good one.
And I’ll tell you what, if you’re the kind of person that watches “This is Us” with some tissues nearby.
Yes yes. Because you cry when you watch TV, believe me, some of these episodes will just tear your heart out. They are so good.
(audience applauding) I love “Modern Love.” “Modern Love” hits Amazon Prime Video on October 18th. I kinda miss just regular TV though. You get the Apple and the Prime. Well, let me show you this next one coming up is right up your alley ’cause it is “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.” Oh I love that.
It’s a reboot. Now I love that.
It is a reboot. With my girl, Tiffany Haddish. Yeah exactly, ’cause you know who else says the darnedest things is Tiffany Haddish. Yes.
I mean, you never know what she’s gonna say. And here she is mixing it up with kids. There’s like a carpool segment. There’s stuff where they give her relationship advice. And you know that just the idea of her mixing it up with these little kids. It’s gonna be so good.
I love those types of shows.
(audience applauding) Yes, and you know what, unlike many of the shows we talk about, this is a show that the entire family can watch together. So it’s really nice to have like a family show once in a while. And the fact that the kids are unfiltered, as you know, Tiffany’s unfiltered. I can’t wait to see what she says to these kids. Congratulations, Tiff.
(audience applauding) “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” premieres October sixth at 8:00 p.m. A good time, on ABC, regular TV. Regular TV, how about that.
Okay what’s next? Well something a bit more irregular, I suppose. And definitely for adults only. It’s a new HBO comedy called “Mrs. Fletcher.” And it stars Katherine Hahn, who you might remember from the “Bad Moms” movie or “Step Brothers,” but she’s a really great actress. And here it’s a storyline that you might be able to relate to. Some people might be able to relate to. The idea here is that she is a divorced mom whose son is going off to college, and she is left in the empty nest. And so she has to figure out what am I gonna do with my life. She has a sexual, this being HBO, she has a sexual awakening, of course. Oh.
(audience oohing) So she starts having some inappropriate relationships. Oh.
Gets addicted, gets addicted to porn, you know. So hey.
Oh. (audience cheering) It’s like, put down that computer, Mrs. Flether. Mrs. Fletcher. So it’s gonna be interesting. And it also follows her son going off to college, because he was all that at high school. I know. But he’s not all that at college. Oh.
So it’s his coming of age. It’s her coming of age. But it’s really gonna be all about this Katherine Hahn. This could make her a star.
Where’s her husband? He’s divorced, I mean they’re divorced. So he’s around, but he’s not around. Oh perfect. Look I’m watching, are you?
You know how that is. “Mrs. Fletcher” premieres
(audience cheering) October 27th at 10:30 on HBO. We have time for one more. One more, well we can’t leave out Netflix, right? Right. So here’s a new Netflix show. It is called “Raising Dion.”
Okay. And it comes to us from Michael B. Jordan, whose one of our favorites.
Yes. And he executive produces. He also appears in the show, but mainly in flashbacks. What this is, you know we have “Black Panther” at the movies, we have “Black Lightning” on CW, and here was have basically superhero junior. This little seven year old kid, all of a sudden he has super powers. I know.
(audience gasping) He can teleport, he can move things with his mind. But it’s also about his mom, the one who is raising Dion. She is a widowed young single mom, and she’s got this seven year old kid who has super powers, but he’s a kid, he’s a brat. If you turn your back on him, what kind of messes is he gonna get into? Right right right. And how do you keep it a secret? But the dad, played by Michael B. Jordan, he died recently. He was a storm chaser, but they never found his body. You know what that means on TV. If they don’t find the body, they may not be dead.
Yeah yeah. So maybe you’ll see more of Michael B. Jordan in the show. Yeah, yeah.
Some great picks today. It’s gonna be good.
(audience cheering) “Raising Dion” hits Netflix on October fourth. Thank you so much Matt Roush.
Oh you bet. For more information on these shows pick up the latest copy of TV Guide. It’s on news stands now. (audience cheering)
(upbeat music) It didn’t work.
Okay I got you. It didn’t work, okay hi. Here with the hottest beauty trends, with the products that all the celebrities are using, you might love them too, is our beauty expert friend Milly Almodovar. Hi my love.
(audience applauding) So let’s go through it. What’s first, Mill?
We’re gonna start with J Lo. Did you see how she broke the internet last week? Yes, with the Versace. Oh my god, yes. So her makeup artist Scott Barnes, he used these two lip glosses. Pat McGrath lust glosses.
Ooh. Yeah he mixed these two together. Do you see that?
Yes. That’s Earth Angel. It’s like champagne.
No wait. Hold on, hold on, go ahead.
And then you’ve got the Blitz Gold which is 24 karat gold. Wendy, did I ever tell you that I met J Lo too? I saw the picture.
Yes! Did I ever tell you that I–
(audience applauding) Did I ever tell you that I think that because you’re single and so is Marco G that you should at least go out for dinner. (laughing) I called you the other day. Marco, do not deny it. I told you Milly was coming, and that you need to, you know. (audience cheering) Alright. Just saying. So this is 30 bucks? Yes.
For one gloss? Yes, for one gloss. But it’s Pat McGrath. That’s a legend in makeup.
Yeah yeah yeah. Lasts a long time, too.
Oh yes, obsessed. Okay, so this Ariana Grande. Okay what’s she doing?
Yeah so she was… (audience applauding) So this is a glow recipe. It’s the watermelon, yes. It’s a watermelon plus AHA.
Mm, smells good. Glow sleep mask. First of all, this contains watermelon, which is like the hot ingredient because it’s a natural exfoliant. Yeah yeah yeah.
It’s loaded with vitamins. But then it has acids in it. It has lactic acid, it has glycolic acid. These are gonna just brighten your skin. And then it has hyaluronic acid. And it’s gonna plump up your skin. It’s clear too, so you don’t have to sleep with a mask mask.
Yeah so you sleep, but then you wake up and your skin is so radiant, and it just looks beautiful. I’m in.
Yes. 45 dollars you can get it at Sephora. Okay.
(audience clapping) Okay, I’m in. Selma Hayek. Okay, what does she do? ‘Cause we love everything about her. Oh we love everything about her. So this is…
Oh the glow. Yes, look. This is the ALLEVEN. This is the best body makeup I’ve ever seen. ALLEVEN Colorshield Glow.
Smells good, too. Yeah you put it on, and it is going to conceal everything. Now I have a lot of scarring on my legs. I was a tomboy.
Okay. It conceals your scarring, bruising that you may have, sun spots. It’s waterproof, so you put this on, and in like five minutes, you can put a white dress on, and it is not gonna leave any brown stains or anything.
(audience applauding) Yes, yes.
Selma Hayek? Yes, Selma Hayek. Wait, did you see Selma Hayek last week? She broke the internet, too. Hello.
Okay okay. Look at her, 53 years old, on her birthday. Alright.
Yes. Happy birthday, Selma. How much is this though? 42 dollars.
42 dollars. You can get it at Okay, alright.
(audience applauding) Sometimes you have to treat yourself. Yeah.
Uh huh. KeKe Palmer. I use this all the time. Yes, yes, friend to the show, KeKe Palmer. So KeKe Palmer, this is the Olay moisture shea, it’s the Olay ultra-moisturizer shea butter wash. And the great thing about this product is it has lock in moisture. And what does that do? That is going to just infuse hydration to your skin, but it’s not gonna leave your skin greasy. It’s just gonna leave your skin hydrated. KeKe likes it because she said, she gave and interview and she said that she doesn’t have to use lotion when she’s using this. So it’s a two in one product.
I still use lotion, though. Yeah me too.
Yeah yeah. But she says–
But if you’re in a rush. Then you don’t have to.
Then you don’t have to. Wendy, this is under six bucks. You can get it at the drug store. There you go, there you go.
(audience applauding) Alright, what’s this? Lady Gaga. So Lady Gaga was just, she’s on the cover of October’s Allure. Wait, but that’s a lot, though. We don’t want to do that. Yeah, so this is the Marc Jacobs velvet noir mascara. She says that this mascara is the mascara to end all mascaras. Yeah.
(audience gasping) She says it’s luxe and it’s beautiful. I like it, first of all, it’s not waterproof. It’s smudge proof.
Yeah. Yeah, I know you don’t like a waterproof. No.
No no no. Neither do I. But this, it has flash volume complex, and what that does is they say in three strokes or less you’re gonna see insane length and insane volume.
Alright. So far you are winning,
(audience applauding) but this right here, I’m very very curious about. 26 dollars. Because I had the knee the other day. And could barely walk, but I did. Whoopi Goldberg, friend to your show. So I was at the drug store,
(audience applauding) buying whatever, and I saw something like this at the counter. And I used the stuff that I bought, and it was expensive for a little tube. But it didn’t work. Okay so this is CBD For Life. This is actually the brand.
CBD oil is what I’m talking about, everybody. Put it immediately on your aches and it goes right in there. So my first time using it I didn’t feel it, but if Whoopi’s using this, ’cause you know she’s a little older than us. She’s a little older, but I’m using this too, Wendy. Wait a minute, but mine was only 500 milligrams or whatever. I don’t have my monocles. Well let me tell you about this brand. This is CBD For Life. So Whoopi said this is a top nine products that she, she said this was one of her top nine products she can’t live without. I use this, too. CBD is great for pain. It’s great for inflammation that you may have. This is a brand that actually got me into CBD. (audience applauding) Let me tell you why I like this, Wendy. I’m not a girl who’s graceful in heels. I’m awful in heels. And a tomboy. The best, Milly.
Yeah. I’m not good with heels. What I do with this right before I wear my heels, I put this on my feet.
Okay. I put my socks on, and lave it for about an hour. Alright.
Okay I did it right before your show. Okay then what happens? And then the heels stay on without pain. I don’t have pain. Look I want all this stuff.
(audience applauding) This is a good look.
This is 25 dollars. Milly, thank you so much.
Thank you. For more information on these beauty products, go to There’s Marco, exchange numbers, Ask Wendy is next.
(laughing) I love you.
(upbeat music) (audience applauding) (upbeat music)
(audience applauding) Welcome back. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat except for you. Come on over, come on over. How you doing? How you doing, Wendy? My name’s Rebecca.
Pretty nail color. Thank you. So where are you from, what do you do? I’m from Queens, and I’m a branch supervisor at TD Bank. Okay perfect, how can I help? So about a year ago, I got married, and my best friend at the time was my maid of honor. However, a month before the wedding, she decided to drop out. And at the time, I let it slide. But lately I’ve been thinking about rolling up on her, trying to get some closure. Rolling up.
(all laughing) ‘Cause it’s not sitting well with me. So I just needed help. What’s your husband say? He said just leave it alone. Do you still see her? Or do you still act like besties? No, but my family sees her. Why? They live in the same area, so they run into each other sometimes. So why’d she back out? I don’t really know. She never really gave me any type of… Well she owed you one, maid of honor, one month before, she didn’t give you a reason. Nope, nothing. Well what did she do? She text you, or emailed you? She text me a long paragraph. What?
(audience gasping) Yeah, while I was at work. Okay and so you were too busy, good girl, focusing on your wedding.
Yes. But you know what, you’re a better woman than me, ’cause I would’ve done rolled up on her. Right after, no no no.
(audience applauding) No no, I would’ve rolled up on her right after the honeymoon. Like when I get back and we get settled, I would’ve asked her. But you want to know what? She’s not your friend. And tell your family to shade her. (audience laughing) And I agree with your husband. And congratulations on your happiness. Thank you.
(audience applauding) Come on over. How you doing? Oh my gosh, I have this dress. Yay!
Yeah. How you doing, who are you? Hi Wendy, I’m Valerie, 55 from Dallas. How are you doing?
Okay, what do you do? Do you work? I do own a med spa.
Okay. How can I help you? Okay Wendy.
Uh oh. I have a daughter. She’s beautiful, single.
How old? 37.
Okay, oh god. She’s beautiful, successful in her career, but she’s single. I want to set her up.
Meddling mom, here we go. No you won’t.
I want to set her up on a credible website.
No you won’t. And pretend to be her, on like No.
Wendy I can’t? Do you have a boyfriend? Who me?
Yeah. I’m married.
Perfect. Focus on yourself. No Wendy no.
Yes yes yes. And I mean that in a good way.
(audience applauding) Leave your daughter alone. Leave her alone.
I love you, daughter. That’s a very very touchy thing. Don’t do that, okay?
Okay. What does your husband say? He said no. (audience laughing) Well that’s only ’cause she’s daddy’s baby girl. But I know what you mean. Woman to woman, you want to see your daughter happy and in a relationship. She’s got a good career.
Yes, very good. So she’s missing that final piece of the puzzle. Yes.
Well if she doesn’t find it, that’s not your fault. You led by a good example, you and your husband. So if she wants to be by herself, then leave her alone.
Okay Wendy, dang it. Alright, alright meddling mom. Alright.
(audience applauding) We’ve got time for, oh gosh. Come on over. How you doing?
How you doing? Who are you? Happy birthday.
I’m Dante. Jack of all trades, currently in school. Okay. Jack of all trades.
Alright so I’ve had this friend for about five years. Unemployed. We’ve been friends for about five years, and we’ve had some type of sexual relationship. So I guess you would call it a friend with benefits. Okay. But I value the friendship more. Currently, we went through a little verbal disagreement on text, and now he’s been ghosting me. I reached out once, no reply. Reached out again, no reply. I’m thinking, do I step back, or do I try again? Do you love him? No. Then why are… I value the friendship, I value the friendship. It’s not a love thing, but I value the friendship.
But you sleep together. We have.
Okay. Would you like to sleep with him again? No, I value the friendship. How old are you?
I’m 33 today. Today, okay happy birthday again. Thank you.
Look. You’re too old to be texting back and forth. Grown people talk face to face about such serious matters.
That’s what I want. So send him a muffin basket. And look, look.
(audience laughing) And invite him to meet you at the corner deli or whatever for a sandwich. And let’s talk it out.
Alright thank you. Like growns do, like you do.
(audience applauding) Alright, more Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience applauding) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Alright we’re back with even more Ask Wendy. Happy Friday. Come on over. Oh, how you doing? How you doing? Good, what’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Karan, I’m from Williamstown New Jersey, and I’m retired. I love your hair.
Thank you. Alright so how can I help you, Karan? Wendy, I’m getting married again. Okay how many times have you been married? Once.
Okay. How long did that last? 16 years.
Good for you. Do you have children form that marriage? Two.
How old are they? 35 and 32.
Okay. I live with my 32 year old daughter. My fiance recently moved in. Is he age appropriate to you? Oh yeah. But she’s giving us a lot of beef. I don’t blame her. (some laughing) I mean, my dad is my dad, and you guys aren’t together anymore, but I don’t want to hear my mom getting dug out. (audience laughing and clapping) I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to hear it. I’m just happy that you’re happy. Like if you were my mom, I’d be happy that you’re happy. I don’t want to see your new husband, soon to be, at the orange juice, with boxers on. I don’t want to see him. But it’s not like that, Wendy. Okay, well how big is the house? Well, 2,037 square feet. I’m talking about the rooms. Oh, well she moved her bedroom. We moved her bedroom on the other side. So she doesn’t hear us at all. But there’s only one kitchen. Yeah, one kitchen.
There’s one kitchen, and he’s still there. Yeah.
So what’s your question? When are you getting married, by the way, Karan? January 2020. Okay, so what’s your question? Well my question is that she’s 32, and this is not my first rodeo. Alright, a question. And I wanted to know like, well she’s giving us a lot of grief and I wanted to know like…
Question? How do I get her to back off? I’m not backing off. If you want to marry Mr. Johnson, that’s fine. Then you and Mr. Johnson, I will always love you, and I will learn to love him because he loves you. But you cannot live with me, no. Now, look, you know we’re a loose crowd here at Wendy. You can tell by what show you like the best. You dress the part. We’re gonna take a survey with our other cohost. Clap if you think that she and Mr. Johnson need to get out.
(audience applauding) All I’m saying. We’ll be right back. Girl.
(upbeat music) (audience cheering) Again? Ew. You got a piercing inside of your mouth. Well, oh, you’re only 22, so have fun. Yeah.
Uh huh. So this is Nataisha, everybody, and she’s from Florida, and she’s a student. And you’re my eye candy.
(audience applauding) Look, when the double doors opened, and I saw this jumpsuit, I was like, uh huh, she’s it. Quickly tell us about your look. How you doing, Wendy?
How you doing? I’m good. So one dollar earrings. Yeah, and then I love coupon codes, so this was just 15 dollars.
What? It’s like really cute. Yeah, dusty blue.
And the shoes? They’re like the illusion glass slippers. Love ’em, love ’em.
Just 25 dollars. Have fun, have fun.
(audience applauding) Here’s your diva fan, and we’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(audience applauding) The tickets are free. Go to Monday, a full hour of Hot Topics, plus we got the Trendy Wendy too. I love you for watching today,
(upbeat music) and I’ll see you next time on Wendy. (audience cheering) How you doing. Nice.
(chains clinking) (electronic crescendo)

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