September 19, 2019
Florida’s Venomous Snakes 06/10 – Rattlesnake Venom Extraction

Florida’s Venomous Snakes 06/10 – Rattlesnake Venom Extraction

Let me know when you want me to start saying something. Okay, you go ahead now. Out here in this avocado
field I found myself an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Diamondbacks are fairly common here in Florida. Here in the
avocado grove we have a four foot long snake. Diamondback rattlesnakes have a distinctive diamond pattern running down their
backs and outlined in a light shad of color. These snakes can be very defensive and subsequently become very
dangerous due to the amount of venom they carry. This snake is quite nervous, rattling his tail and if I get too close it will strike.
Now this rattlesnake here carries the most venom of any venomous snake found in North America. One bite from a snake like this is capable to killing 4 to
6 people. So, I’m going to extract some venom from this snake. Here I have an easter diamondback rattlesnake. The snake is opening its mouth
and you can see the membrane tissue around its fangs itself. The two larger objects in front of the mouth cavity are the fangs. I’ll grab a
flask and try to extract some venom from the the fangs of the snake. All the venom running down the flask and you can see the
fangs. Actually, can you see that replacement fang right there? The fang broke off, replaced by a new fang and we’’l
save the broken off fang fro educational purposes. Okay, we’re going to put the snake back
into the environment and let him go. Go little snake. The venom that I have here is a hemotoxic venom. Hemotoxic venom brakes
down the blood and causing massive hemorrhaging throughout the internal organ system. Most people will die from shot down due to
blood clogging when bitten by hemotoxic snakes. And this is the venom of a Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, which has a yellow coloration and one drop of this venom is capable of killing an
average person but I have enough here to kill at least six to ten people.

43 thoughts on “Florida’s Venomous Snakes 06/10 – Rattlesnake Venom Extraction

  1. You're supposed to be scared to get too close. That's the purpose of the snake, to make you scared! He's scared of you, too.
    And there aren't any pre-antivenom injections for these snakes, antivenom is only used after…

  2. Thats what he said in a preivious video on here. He said in this video that it COULD kill people. Not WILL kill people. There is always a chance that something may happen. And if you watched his previous video where he said that a snake controlls the amount of venom that it gives when it bites, you would have heard him say also that it may not kill a person. Personally, I find his presentation very interesting and informative.

  3. What the hell are you talking about? Your saying If I allow a full grown Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake to bit you on the face, you will not die? Your are a disgrace. You have no idea what you are talking about. This guy has been on tv before.

  4. Yeah now I can definatly tell your wrong and imature. If you do not get antivenom, you have a real good possibility you can die. Why dont you learn more about what your talking about before you go acting like a know it all.

  5. Thats true, people dont usually die from a hemotoxic snake bite, but hemotoxic venom can, in fact, kill someone. and if you dont think people get bit on the face, watch the video Milking Deadly Snakes in DeLand, this guy got bite on the face by an EDB not too long ago actually

  6. 5*s and favs, I am giving all your vids 5*s. I find it absolutely amazing that you can handle these dangerous snakes. How ever did you learn to do this and have you ever been bitten by a venomous snake? Your videos are going to save my life, i hope. I have nothing but snakes on my property. There is a creek/canal in back, close to the house, nothing but a jungle for a yard. I want to move but can't sell without giving it all away. Thanx

  7. so let me ask you,is it absolutly necicary to extract venom from this snake? are you involved in venom production for medical research?why put yourself at risk and stress the snake when you dont need to?All the venomous snakes we are breeding never get handled for any reason other than vet care,done by me,a trained vet tech with 18 years of venomous handling.not mention,putting the "wild animal" at risk for infection.Also Adamanteus stress very easy,it might not eat after that

  8. I whole heartadly agree,I also posted on the wisdom of milking that snake for no real purpose.This is another example of reptile showmanship that is both iresponsible and dangerous to both the handler,and the snake,especialy a "wild caught" snake if that in fact is,either way,it should have never been done,this guy is obviously not a pro.

  9. you collected the venom in a wine glass??? now what the hell are you going to do with it? stressed the poor thing out…….snakes are venomous…not poisonous…

  10. How dangerous is the snake after you have milked it? I would assume that that what it releases is not all that it has produced at that time so there would be some danger. On a related note, if you surgically remove the venom production, I guess it would be impossible to know what they know, but do you think the snake would realize it was not venomous?

  11. I could maybe pick up a snake but always have a fear putting them down, like i think as soon as i release it, the snake would shoot back and bite.

  12. Just before one minute, he said POISONOUS snake. This is just a pet peeve of mine, but these snakes are completely edible. Poisonous, they are not. 😉

  13. Im planning on finding one of these next spring. I've only found Timbers, this species would be an amazing snake to see.

  14. Yeah, this species really needs our help. I really wanna film one to show people how beautiful they are and how if you dont mess with them, they want mess with you.

  15. there needs to be alot more people like you, maybe the future of snakes would look a bit brighter

  16. Yeah, I'm sure he was doing it to "show off" or hurt the snake. Did you not take your meds today?? BTW, learn how to spell, and punctuate correctly.

  17. Is this snake more dangerous because of the amount of venom in a bite, or the toxicity of the snake??

  18. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes can grow over 8 feet in length and carry a large amount of hemotoxic venom, enough to kill a few people. Nevertheless, coral snakes are small in comparison but their fast acting neurotoxic venom can kill in less time…

  19. I found this really scary but it is also  good to watch a really competent person at work. May I ask if you have ever been bitten by a venomous snake and do you keep antitoxin close by 'just in case'?

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