December 14, 2019
Fastest Back Pain Relief If Bending Forward Hurts!

Fastest Back Pain Relief If Bending Forward Hurts!

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob Fastest back pain relief if bending forward hurts So you’re saying if someone has pain when they bend forward, right if you do this And this clearly makes it worse or you know that hurts or sitting tying your shoes if that Consistently, kind of all in that same thing, bending the back bending forward or bending the back this way If that makes your pain worse That’s what this video is gonna help you understand and be successful and becoming pain-free So I would just want to mention Bob. I just had this happened last week. I was so excited I wanted to share that with everyone in the world here. I had a patient come in He had all the symptoms. He couldn’t do his lawn work He couldn’t sit down very long. Even brushing his teeth bending forward back pain. I showed him Two or three little exercises and one other treatment very simple the next week he came in He says I don’t need to see you anymore Things were fixed. And that’s what you want to see right You know, we live on gratitude, right But before we go any further, yeah, if you are new to our Channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday also go over to the Facebook and like us Bob and Brad because all this week once again, we’re giving our positive vibes to those of you who like us. Yeah You feeling this? Alright, so other things I mean sometimes bending for making the bed, vacuuming Sweeping, all these things, I wanted to add to that. Yeah. No, that’s good. That’s good. So we call that flexed forward posture In the physical therapy world, that just means this posture if that hurts it again sitting Yeah, especially with bad posture But also and remember sitting includes the vehicle When you’re slouched in that vehicle for a long period of time. Oftentimes I have people sitting in the recliner a soft cushy Soft couch or recliner. All those things increase your back pain hard to get up It’s oh it really hurts to get up. But once you get moving around it starts to feel a little bit better That’s another key that this treatment’s going to help. It feels better walking, right oftentimes better walking sometimes oftentimes I should say going back like this is Painful or you feel like you’re locked up doing that. Yeah, then this is more than likely gonna help you out So what do you say Bob? Shall we show them the exercise? I would say, you know By the way, because this is based a lot on the work of McKenzie He said when that’s the case when they fit all those criteria 80% of the people respond very well to this, so that’s very good, high percentage, and we’ve been treating You know 50 years between the two of us and we’ve seen this, we agree There you go. So should we talk about sitting posture first? Because oftentimes this is a key, I’ve had people just changing their posture like this taking care of You know well over 50 percent of their pain sure, so we’re gonna use lumbar support first of all, stop sitting in those soft sofas and you know those furnitures and the car seat that promotes poor posture, rounds your back out Rounded out posture what we’re trying to do is get you back to a straight posture which is you know An s-curve basically, you have a Curve going in in the low back kind of have an arch Going in then you have the arch going in arch going out kind of an s. So we’re going to use lumbar support I’ll keep this here Bob and you can see where you have a lumbar support it pushes on that low lumbar spine to help maintain that Curve that we’re just talking about So if you’re on the couch, by the way And you feel like you have to you can take a throw pillow, or in the recliner That’ll I mean that’s what I do yeah, I just put it in there and it just fills in that gap if you don’t have a Lumbar support purchase sometimes you don’t really need to you can use a throw pillow You could take a towel roll like this and you’re gonna put that Here and you’ll notice it as soon as you lean in to say, oh that feels like good support This is a key a lot of times We recommend starting with the towel because then you can figure out how thick it needs to be because for some people they like less Thickness and some people who are on the throws of back pain really like quite a larger roll so like this one is quite large actually, right and they make 10, 20 different Sizes and styles of a lumbar support we have people always ask us we were just talking about someone that wants to show us Have us show there’s a lumbar support but a towel will give you an indication You need a small one or a bigger one. And if you want to stick with a towel works good. That’s great You gotta show your favorite one, right. It’s a memory foam This one is a real broad one made out of memory foam and We were discussing this one I’d used these they kind of help but this one for me makes a big difference And it works great I got spondylolisthesis with a little bit of stenosis and I have a feeling if you have that you’re gonna use this However, if you’ve got either one of those bending forward usually feels better, right so they’re out of that category You’re probably not going to use this one if you fit what we were just talking about But we like it. Yeah. So here are just a few different styles of lumbar supports. That one’s an air-filled one Yeah, air-filled one. You can vary how thick it is Fits in there nicely. There’s round ones. This one’s I think about a medium. They make bigger ones denser ones Less dense, it all depends on your body size. If you’re a large person or a skinny person the chair you’re sitting on It’s too bad they don’t have a store. Remember they used to have those relax the back stores I bet you could try them there, they’d have a variety of them That you can sit down and then you know the one you want. I wonder if they still have those stores. Maybe we should open one Someone comment below. Yeah Alright, so take care of your sitting posture. You’ll know if you’re doing the right thing, before we do that Brad When we go to the exercise one thing I want to show is that Because we’re going to talk about the exercise now? Yeah, the exercise So basically you’re in a flex position Like this what we have found, not what we have found what’s been discovered is that by taking your body in the opposite direction into extension You actually decrease the pain and treat the issue, right. So we won’t go into what we think is going on But so we want to get your back going the other way, right. So we can do that a number of ways There’s been a lot of studies done on this system and they’ve been showing good results with it. So You want me to show? Yep, go ahead Bob. You’re good at this one Start off, you know again, my back was in the flex position So now I’m trying to go into the extended position and you can start off just by Going up onto your elbows here like this and even, you know, start a few press ups this like Brad mentioned earlier It could hurt a little bit to start off with But as you do repetitions, it should start to feel better Now if you’re like this and you’re unable to stand up straight, it’s very uncomfortable You may have to start by putting a pillow underneath your stomach yeah, if you’re really flexed and maybe even two and work your way out of the pillows to the point where you get to This starting point and this may take a few days possibly depending on how severe it is Yeah, I’ve had it both ways in the clinic. So your gentleman probably did day one I suppose, came back a couple days later And it was already better, right, yeah, his responded very well so and then you want to work to the point where you get your hands underneath your shoulders and you’re gonna start pressing up like this you want to make sure you’re not lifting your pelvis up like this you’re working the back not the pelvis here so you’re trying to get extension and You want to keep working at it and you’ll find out over time that eventually you hopefully get all the way up to the arms extended and the pelvis still stays down, right, So that’s usually where the magic happens Mckenzie used to say that’s where the pain relief usually occurs But now as far as repetitions you’ll do maybe ten of these at a time You may take a break and do another set of ten and then give it a break come back to it You know an hour or two later and continue to work with it. You can do it frequently. Sure You can do it every hour. You can do it five to eight times a day, right. So yeah Again, as long as it feels good, right, you’re not going to increase pain. You’re not getting pain going down the leg either, right precisely now when that starts to get better laying down then most always this range of motion starts to come back and you’re not feeling like you have to be flexed you can feel more comfortable in the upright position and then you start bending backwards this way standing and you may Want to take a belt a towel roll here I’ve got the stretch out strap which works good because you don’t have to have such a grip strength and you can get more specific So you said you sent a belt with the gentleman? Yeah, I did. I gave him a gait belt actually To use laying down or standing? Standing Yeah, okay, he could start standing already and he said boy he could get it right where it felt good and he would stretch it like This and like this and that’s what he’s gonna do for maintenance/ Yeah from now Anytime he does work or throughout the day. And that’s what we recommend like if you do a heavy lift or something Make sure that you know right after you get done with the lift go ahead and go back the opposite way You see pregnant women doing this, you know, they’re giving themselves a stretch naturally Because they got the weight pulling them forward and you can actually if you’re gonna do some lifting or some sitting you may want to extend backwards prior to that If you’re gonna go on a car ride for a couple hours You know use your lumbar support but stretch out before you get in the car and you know getting out, you got a beer belly? You probably want to go ahead and do some of these cuz the beer belly’s pulling you forward, Bob in Wisconsin that’s like the, We’re experts over there on the beer belly So all right. Well, very good. So those three, that’s gonna really help a lot of people with these symptoms so once again Bob, give it a go, but Bob, what about this is a step towards We can fix just about anything except a broken heart. There you go, but we’re working on it

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  1. I bought a portable PT table to use to do these types of exercises. At my age, it's too hard to get down on the floor with back pain! Highly recommend it!

  2. It's advise like this that i like so much. Ive had this issue, just as people i know also. I'm forwarding this to someone who can use this now. Great job! Keep up the good work amd i know this channel will keep growing.

  3. I'm so tired of hearing that this work is based on " the Mckenzie method". Mckenzie in fact tried exercises and yoga poses that already existed then called them his own.

  4. People with any pain need to work hard to move and maintain muscle toning.. people whom don't exercise will always need a physiotherapy.. chiropractor oestotherapy etc

  5. Could you please do a video about solutions for back pain from bending and stooping? I relieve the pain by sitting down, but I would like to learn exercises to help.

    Love your videos. They are so helpful and upbeat!

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  8. You say we can do the mckenzie method 8-10 times a day. im a fitness trainer so im always available to stretch a lot. can i do it more than 10 times? like even 20?

  9. Wow thank you! I always have terrible posture where it feels like my back is locked up making me hunch over. Doing the press up and belt stretches I like instantly feel a lot better and it's easier to stand up straight. Thanks dudes. Lol, I like how Brad says Bobbbb.

  10. Hi I have l4-l5/s1 pain(herniation) and I cant bend forward w.o feeling sharp pain. What can i do? Really depressing, pls advise.

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  12. A huge thank you for your advice, the extended position push-ups did the trick. I was on day three of building my wall when my back went, and couldn't allow any time to get the wall finished. Luckily after two days, I'm back on the build. A very relieved viewer, if I'm ever passing, I will straighten that cabinet door for you ok 🙂 Thanks again.

  13. Thanks Bob and Brad . I'm suffering exactly this right now . Will try soon . My problem is due to recliner as you rightly pointed out

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    Whats wrong with us other 20 %

  15. These two are my absolute favorites. Any time I get out of whack, I type in my issue to find them and then find relief. Their cute, funny, knowledgeable personalities cannot be beat. Thanks for the healing! Getting ready to do the exercise right now!

  16. hello sir , i do yoga a lot and specifically back bends a lot, last week i did bow pose and bridge pose but contracted my muscles a lot to get the perfect '"O" shape from the back, when i came back home my lower(basically lowest portion of the thoracic vertebrae and little bit below it) started feeling some tightness and very minute pain. it has been a week i don't do back bends a lot . what rehab can i do

  17. dude I am only 25 and suddenly I got this pain because of sitting all day on my computer with my butt slightly forward like am sitting on my spine or something …one thing to note while I was sleeping I felt the pain and unconsciously grabbed a pillow and slept on it like that 7:50 woke up much better

  18. Hey so it feels like I can’t stand up straight but I am it doesn’t feel right. And all those symptoms with it. Do I do the same thing

  19. Hello I was hit by a drunk driver in 2016 I have a disc herniation at the top of my neck and my L5 was ruptured. I never noticed any extreme pain but I recently had a baby Jan/2019 and had a one time spinal numbing shot due to scheduled C-section. This is also BBY number four (last one) I'm 32. I noticed when I began to do crunches about 2 months pp I felt bruised in-between the spine and hip above the buttock basically on my waistline only on my right side and only lying on my back. Tht feeling is still there but now my back hurts leaning forward to tears! It has gotten so bad over the last two months I can barely lift the baby. Sometimes when I lift him my legs and arms feel numb and I'm so scared bc I'm home alone with him most of the day. I drink alot of water I've started on tumeric and ginger tea twice a day. The exercise did give me alot of relief but you mentioned if you had shooting pain.. I didn't have the shooting or numbing pain after I did ten exercises, but my back did hurt about 5 mins after. Is this okay since I've never done this before or should I stop?. I just hate going BK to chiro. Drs scare me. He told me after the accident the specialist my lawyer was sending me to after my MRI would recommend shots and surgery but he said don't do it. He said If I kept my core strong I wouldn't have any serious issues til I was much older. It just hurts so bad I fear the worst like sciatica or DDD. I really wanna try this exercise at least a few weeks before I turn in. Or should I stop because of the shooting pains I have during lifting you didn't really say much about it. I do get tht often with lifting but not when I performed the exercise. And I've been avoiding a chiro adjustment because I researched a little about nerve damage after surgery and I'm scared if it is damaged and stretched further the pain would be worse. Permanent possibly. Well thank you so much if you get this I appreciate any advice you give me. And also happy Holidays ‼️

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