November 20, 2019
Facing The Consequences Of YouTube Pain Challenges

Facing The Consequences Of YouTube Pain Challenges

The main thing people come to my
channel to see is pain challenges. I want to stand out from the crowd. It’s funny to watch your friends
fall on the floor or throw up. If people want to see it,
I don’t mind doing it. I’m going to delete my video
as soon as I get home. The thing that influences me
is other YouTubers, actually. I see them doing crazy stuff
and I want to step up the bar and do the next crazy thing. When I make a certain challenge,
some people will try and recreate it. I’ve got a scar here from
the 1,000-degree knife challenge, where they cut pears and stuff
and fruit. I decided to cut my arm. And I’ve still got the scar now. The challenge on the screen
is the pass-out challenge. Where you run round a field,
hold your nose, and then breathe as hard as you possibly can
to make yourself pass out. I’m putting Tabasco sauce on my arm and I’m going to snort it
up my nose. That is one of the most painful
things I’ve done. The pain lasted for about
half an hour as well. One of my biggest regrets is
drinking a whole bottle of vinegar. What you don’t see is
the aftermath of this, when my body was telling me,
“Get rid of this.” I didn’t research it properly
to find out the dangers of it and it can be really dangerous. I would say it was pretty difficult
to breathe right there. I tried to leave my nostrils
out of it, but it didn’t quite work. Yeah, I think there’s definitely
a pressure for people to get on board with certain trends
just to try and stay relevant. There’s a few channels, actually,
with the same name as mine. They try and imitate me
and do similar challenge videos. I kind of find it quite endearing,
quite cool that someone would watch my stuff and think,
“Oh, I want to recreate that.” Hi, Peter. Hello. How are you? Nice
to meet you. I’m good, thank you. How are you?
Nice to meet you. Yeah, OK. So, I’m Selina Booth
and this is my son, Jack. My son died three years ago
by playing the passing out game. It is basically a challenge
where you cut off your airways to get a natural high. And unfortunately for some, they can
take it too far like Jack did and can cause your death. When I walked in his room on
that Monday morning, I thought it was a mannequin in the bed,
you know, I didn’t think it was him. I were laughing. I was like, you know, “Why have you
got a mannequin here for?” you know? Just something he would do. When I realised that
it wasn’t this mannequin and I realised that it actually
was my son, you know, it hit hard, because I knew… This kid’s not going to leave me.
He’s my best friend, you know, we were everything together. Oh, he was always so happy. He just
smiled all the time. He was… God, I miss him so much. It’s quite a difficult day. I wasn’t
expecting this. I kind of, before… Before coming out I thought it would
be quite a light-hearted interview, but obviously this is taking it
a step further. Don’t worry. So… I want to keep it light-hearted,
because it’s like, you know, I’ve been watching you and
you are funny and you are silly, but sometimes, you know,
you go too far. I can’t, like, be sorry enough
for how it can progress, like, that quickly. Because, like you said,
at 14 we’re not developed, so we think it’s just harmless fun. But, you know,
watching your vinegar one, how many silly kids went out
and drank that? You know? And like you said earlier, nobody saw you for the last two
hours being sick in the sink. Why not? What you say does make sense and maybe I should have shown
the repercussions and shown what happened and
maybe if someone had posted online the actual dangers
of the pass-out game – “Listen, this is incredibly
dangerous and incredibly stupid, “do not do it,” maybe
things would have been different. My mum would always be worried. She was like, one day she might
come home to me, you know… Dead. Maybe dead,
done something really stupid, because I did do stupid things. As you’re an uploader and
everything, how would you, like, live with yourself if that was
one of your mates there? I don’t think I could do it to
myself, and I understand that it must be really hard
for you to come here today and talk to me about this
and I’m so grateful, because now I’m more aware of what
I’m posting on the internet. Before this, before meeting you,
I may not have thought about it in that respect. I may have thought it was just
a silly video I’m putting online. It’s quite a unique experience to
meet someone on the receiving end of the negativity that can come
out of what people post online. You were saying earlier you’ve
still got your YouTube account. Is this still on there,
and the rest of them? This YouTube account is still
active and this is still on there. However, this will be deleted
after hearing your story, because I find myself, I am disgusted at myself from what
this can happen to young children. Every YouTuber should definitely
nail down on trying to promote in their videos, preface
their videos by saying, “Kids, please do not try this.” If you do do another video… Yeah. ..would you be doing that? I would definitely put
a warning at the start now, knowing how much of an effect
it can have on a kid like Jack. Meeting you today has definitely
had an impact on me personally, and made me think I have a bigger
responsibility than I maybe realise, that I do have young,
impressionable people watching me. That’s what creators and people
on YouTube need to understand and take responsibility for. Would you take them off YouTube? Meeting you now, yeah. Oh… HE LAUGHS

100 thoughts on “Facing The Consequences Of YouTube Pain Challenges

  1. No one posts information and warnings about the dangers of these "challenges" like the "pass out game" because no one who watches those dumb ass videos is smart enough to even think of looking up the risks and harm. It's stupid watching stupid. A person who has half a brain doesn't even know about those "challenges" because they aren't entertained by content that idiotic.
    You shouldn't have to tell someone: "oh by the way don't try to cause yourself to stop breathing and cut off all oxygen to your brain for fun."
    These kids should not be allowed to have a YouTube channel. YouTube is so damn worried on showing an accidental nipple and they allow that kind of moronic and dangerous behavior.
    The only person I feel bad for here is the mom. She didn't ask for this, and she probably assumed that she didn't need to verbalize to a 14 year old "don't try to suffocate yourself." It's not her fault but it is her kid's. Sorry but it's the truth.

  2. Put a warning? How about don't do that shit?
    If you do not have the common sense or talent to do something else with a YouTube channel so you can get whatever attention you want, you shouldn't have a YouTube channel. Do that by yourself and help natural selection do its thing.

  3. I've officially hit my dumbass limit for the day, but I'd be curious to know if any of these "YouTubers" actually did remove their videos. In a perfect world none of them would have channels anymore, but that is probably not the case. If you know what's up with them let me know please! 🙂

  4. when you have the wrong mindset of happiness this is happen
    you feel happy to sufffer your self as long people like you

  5. I never knew this existed. What fucking insane idiots. That pass out game was popular in the 90's when I was in middle school. As my son approached that age I started warning him of stupid challenges he may hear about at his age and told him about this one in particular. I warned him, I told him kids went into comas, and even died. What happens not weeks later he went to a sleepover and came home and a couple of days later he knew he was going to end up having to tell me from the pain and the mark on his shoulder blade so he came to me and told me at that sleepover he had tried it and hurt himself and not just that he filmed it. I watched and almost vomited he lost consciousness and fell with collapsing knees and fell backwards as dead weight and hit the wall going down. There was barely any space so he fell hard crumpled like a doll hit his head neck and shoulder blade sliding hard down the wall where a metal grate air intake filter cover was on the wall. He looked dead and the kids in the room were laughing then started yelling his name and shaking him. He came to in the video a few moments later disoriented and dizzy and with a huge bruise and scraped, cut shoulder blade. I could not believe after warning him about all this shit he still went and did it after ironically this challenge came up soon after again and became a thing again. Watch your kids, that boys parents were home and didn't even care to know what these kids were doing and after the bang of my sons body hitting their wall and crumbling to the floor they didn't even come out to see what happened in their living room. Ducking middle school age kids should just stay at home, I just think it's the scariest age and can't believe older people like in this video are stupid enough to be doing this stuff too. Just don't even my son surviving passing out could've broken his neck because no-one caught him despite 3 people standing there. When my kids have sleepovers I don't sleep. I want to know they are safe, and make it back to their parents. Just ridiculous

  6. Sadly we don't live in an age where people this stupid easily die out 😧 in the past they'd be dinner for a sabretooth tiger

  7. The question I wanted to ask them is what if a kid watched their videos and ends up dying because they specifically watched their video and chose to go do it only because they saw they did!!! Like no warning is necessary just don’t post stuff like that period!! it’s other things to post and do besides harm yourself and show other kids you doin those types of things!! Children are easily influenced especially by youtubers now days!! As a parent of a 9,8,&5 year old that watch youtubers and come and ask me can they do certain challenges (nothing bad) and diys I would feel so pissed and crappy if my kids followed someone like these ppl or did something like what they post and harm themselves!! This also as a parent is why I monitor my kids and their activity on social networks I have parental blocks and more but they still can get access to certain things that will still influence them!! But it’s my job also to teach them what is wrong and not going to happen or be watched!! Sorry to this lady that lost her son too I feel bad for her I couldn’t imagine!

  8. Natural selection, if you’re involved with dumb acts like these, you handle the consequences no matter how severe they are.

  9. Good work, but should have used your BBC powers to get the real you tubers that influence people. That Paul kid that looks like this blonde guy in the video. Also pew did pie and maybe even bigger influencers like All the Instagram famous celebs that make millions of prank videos everyday like it’s a target

  10. This makes me angry .. Doing silly things for attention, do a course, become a online mentor, motivatonal speaker, be someone others can look up to. I have a rare disease I can never get rid of, don't do things like this to harm yourself just for entertainment

  11. OK hold on why is tgfbro not here. Jay literally cemented his head in a microwave.

  12. When i was 14, i was allowed to go friends houses and roam around my estate. I was allowed to go into the city centre and other places so long as i told my parents where i was going. Heck, when i was 5, i wasn't allowed off my street.

    The internet is essentially the world; at your fingertips. It is not the fault of the internet for this womans loss. It is very saddening.

    Letting a child roam the internet freely is essentially letting your child roam the country freely. And depending what kind of sites you end up on, they could be roaming the world.

    These videos should be allowed to be posted. However they should include the health risks. At least say why they shouldn't try it at home; to most of us its obvious but some people are a little slower than others.

  13. theres nothing I hate more than people that do painful shit on their channels it makes me cringe it's not entertaining in the slightest it makes me feel sick

  14. As one of the biggest mom friends TM I can’t handle seeing my friends throw up, or get hurt in general. People who find pain funny need help in my opinion.. :/

  15. I mean no disrespect or offence when I say this, but how can one willingly participate in a passing out challenge where you cut off your own air?!

  16. Who cares…..let the people be :))
    It is called natural selection….Or may i say unnatural selection ( love you muse)

  17. The "passout game" was popular in junior high back in the early 80s. Before that for all I know. 13-15 year olds are going to try stupid things no matter what. They don't need additional ideas from adults earning a non-productive income from a psychopathic tech giant that's busy harvesting humanity. Just sayin'

  18. If these idots hurt themselves through these stupid challenges then if they need medical treatment they should be charged for any treatment.
    I was never a follower of these stupid challenges.

  19. If they want to pass out then they should get themselves to a jui jitsu class or 2 and theyll get to pass out.

  20. I was at an away game against Burnley when they held a minutes silence and I’m pretty confident it was him. God rest his souls.

  21. A friend or mine did the axe parfume and fire challenge where you put some inflammable substance on you and light it up he got burnt 3rd degree and now he has a scar on his chest for life..

  22. They look like they don’t give a damn because their body language is fake as they know they are on camera.
    Little by little i discover that i can hate more people than I thought I could.

  23. The brown haired guy found it cool how he was being such a bad role model for his YouTube audience…

  24. If you play any game to cause you to die they that’s what you get you deserve that consequences plain an simple for BEING STUPID.

  25. I think these are just sad people looking for attention. I feel that people probably suffer from depression and they want attention so that they can feel good about themselves.

  26. I don’t feel sorry for people who injure from these videos. If they are stupid, they will face consequences. That’s it

  27. I remember in 5th grade, a group of my classmates were in the back of the class doing the pass out challenge, and the teacher did nothing. One kid was on the ground for 5 minutes and everyone thought he was joking, including the teacher. He ended up being taken to the ER, not responding. Lucky for him and his family, he lived..unlike some.

  28. I honestly think her son dying to that video is pretty far fetched like it’s a video, yeah it’s a challenge doesn’t mean there weren’t any other factors involved it’s pretty pathetic honestly but still sad

  29. My friends always used to do things like this due to my anxiety and ocd I didn’t take part and I am very thankful right now for my decisions

  30. Yeah this is natural selection. If you think it's funny to eat tide pods, snort hot sauce, light yourself on fire then you do you boo. And considering these are full grown adults it actually shocks me that they're that stupid. Understandable if a 14 year old tried to replicate a dumb challenge because they probably don't really understand that this shit has some serious consequences.

  31. What this YouTubers don't understand is that their followers turn to imitate or practice what the post online and there is a limit to everything. Varse majority of their followers are teens and preteens who love them and want to stay loyal to them as they are a "fan"of this people. Some are going through depression, mental instability etc so people should stop posting harmful videos of them doing dengerous staff that could lead to death. And the sad part of it is that they won't know their actions caused the death of someone and will not possibly attend their funeral in honor of their victims to show respect , because after the post their videos whatever happens out there is non of their business.

  32. Me and my friends used to do this when we were young teens before youtube was big such a stupid game if you can even call it that, i dont know why we started doing it. It's just more accessible now that people make online challenges doing it and people do it alone now and thats soo dangerous as evidence from this poor boys death.

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