November 19, 2019
*EXTREMELY LOUD* Chiropractic CRACKING relieves MIGRAINE Headache

*EXTREMELY LOUD* Chiropractic CRACKING relieves MIGRAINE Headache

So you guys came from Columbia so a little bit of a drive. Hour and half I’d say. Yeah, it was an hour and 20. It really wasn’t bad Yeah, sometimes it can be bad that drive. That construction in Greenville is the worst thing but even the traffic wasn’t bad it was the construction. Gotcha, good. All right, so full-time student. Yeah. What do are you feeling? Okay, so it’s kind of alright so when I first made the appointment I’ve had lower back pain like really bad for probably four or five years Okay, and I went to chiropractic care when I was a junior in high school We went into like rheumatoid doctors because like my parents have rheumatoid arthritis or like even lupus or something because the pain was that bad like that chronic and I was only 16 So then I did chiropractic care for like a little bit but I didn’t feel any like long-term effects It was just like that temporary relief, but then like a day or two later I’d be hurting again and it didn’t provide relief But so I put on my chief complaint lower back when I scheduled the appointment online. Yeah, but then for the past month, I’ve been having these horrible migraines and I’ve never struggle with migraines my entire life. Okay And then for like so I guess my chief complaint changed because I’ve been having it the worst stiffness in the neck and I had this viral illness like a month ago and We didn’t what it was as soon as I got this viral illness I started having really bad neck stiffness and then like horrible migraines every day. Okay, um What did you do with that? Because I know obviously if it’s something viral it’s not like you can take antibiotics Right, so it’s usually just. So we went to the doctor. Yeah, that’s pretty much what it was I went to the doctor and I got tested for like mono for the flu and everything came back negative. But my blood test showed positive for a viral illness, but they couldn’t identify what it was. They were like it’s an unidentifiable viral illness. And my dad thought I might have like bacterial meningitis because the stiffness in my neck was so bad Um, but they said I didn’t have that either. I know viruses are the worst thing ever because there’s nothing you can do and you go to the hospital And you go to the ER thinking the worst bacterial meningitis and then it’s like drink some hot tea Yeah, and take tylenol Yeah, so it’s gone down. The viral illness is gone. The neck stiffness never went away. It’s horrible It’s like my shoulders my arms my wrists migraines every day. So daily migraines now. Yeah, and I’ve never had a migraine in my life. It’s brand-new, and I don’t know if I injured my neck. I don’t know if I pulled a muscle. I really don’t. Are you having one currently? Okay, so now it’s been about a month you’ve been having these? Yeah and I’ve had headaches Of course and you know this here and there but never this. What is the difference? Because trust me I’m not gonna lie I personally I’ve never had a migraine. I’ve studied about it and hear about it and you learn the symptoms and whatnot, but what do you notice now difference between a headache and a migraine? Yeah, it’s like I don’t know. It feels like it’s like 10 times elevated almost. It kind of feels like cuz she gets migraines too and like my stepmom gets them. So they’re kind of in our family a little bit but like It’s like my face hurts like it’s not just my head I don’t know if everybody experiences this but for me it’s like pressure. Yeah pressure on my whole entire head on my face on my neck and like I think they’re coming from my neck. If I’m being honest. Like even when I’ll take excedrin migraine and my head pain will go away But my neck pain does not so like I genuinely think they’re coming from my neck. Okay. I think it’s like a muscle tightness migraine. I think I mean, I don’t know Yeah, but that’s what it feels. Like it just feels really tight. Okay. So I want to go through some range of motion especially in the neck so I want you to look all the way to ceiling for me. Look down on the ground. That hurts What do you feel? Oh, it’s so in my shoulder blades It starts in my upper neck and it goes down to my shoulder blades and I can feel the tightness in my lower back too. Okay, so just the whole entire back. Pain like serious pain right here. It’s that this side isn’t as bad, it’s just tight. And then if you rotate? No that doesn’t hurt. So I can imagine this probably isn’t good for school while trying to study. Thankfully I got it during summer. But like I’m going back in like two weeks Luckily you didn’t take any summer classes. I didn’t I didn’t have to. Lay me have you lay face down on the table. And I’ve been so eager to see my leg length when I saw you check it like some people are skeptics like that’s not a real thing. Like one legs not shorter than the other and I saw your videos and I was like, oh my god, that’s crazy. See so many people think that when I have people lay down that I like pull one leg. I used to see a chiropractor because I have scoliosis and they were like your left leg is longer than your right leg. It was your hips not being aligned that causes this. Correctly, but people don’t even believe it. To start off we’re gonna scan the body we’re gonna go from the cervical spine all the way down checking the leg length and we’ll check the symmetry from the right side to the left side. So I’m going to start off with palpation. Let me know if anything is painful or tender. That’s really painful. Oh yeah Do you feel any pressure when I push in? Definitely a lot more on the left than the right. There’s more pressure in the left Everywhere is like a little tender but like not everywhere is painful. Okay. All right that hurts. Yeah that right there. Yeah And now we’re gonna move to those SI joints Okay, because I know this is more of the chronic issue. Yes, and this is more recent. And now come down here. Let’s check the leg length. So, yep. Well, it’s not the worst but we’ll even make sure. It’s pulling on my toes. Relax Good just like that Okay so when you bring the legs together, so left side does pull a little short. I’ll have your friend come over here. So it’s not the craziest difference. But yeah, but you do notice it. Ankles seem a little bit inward. So when I go to adjust the feet and ankle, we’ll make sure and get that going as well, too. But yeah, it’s not the biggest but it is definitely noticeable. Now when we look up so the left hip is actually raised up a little bit through here. And then I’m seeing a little bit of rotation in through here. So I’m gonna start off we’re going to use that massage gun just relax everything. And then we’ll get going. Things that are sore right now. How does this feel out here? It hurts. Yeah I can tell. Now when I go through the adjustment and then after I use this again, let me know how it feels the second time. Okay? I didn’t realize until just now that the left side hurts a lot worse So we’re going to start off up top here. Oh fuck, sorry, excuse my language. You are good. Didn’t realize how out of alignment that was so. Geez I know. And exhale out One more time we’re going to drop down and exhale out. Okay, let me have you sit up on the table and then straddle the table. How’s that feel? Um, it’s just shocking yeah, wasn’t like super bad Bring one arm up bring your other arm up for me. I wanna start rotate you to the right. Good. Ironic that the first video you saw of mine was crack like a glass. I crack my back every day. So I was like it’s not that bad. Oh, um, let me have you lay facedown for me, please. So we’re gonna stabilize on the sacrum here. Raise your right leg up for me. Any pain with that? It’s just tight. Raise the left side up for me. How does the left feel compared to the right? The left side is tight and it hurts. So feel a little bit of pain on that side? Yeah, and I can feel it shooting up like the left side of my body as well. Okay, like coming up this way? Yeah. Gotcha. So, let me get you to cross your left foot over your right foot and come down. Yes right there. Perfect Bend that knee. All right raise that left side for me please How’d that feel? Um, it’s not as painful. Okay, that’s a good thing. That’s what we’re looking for. Let’s check the leg length here. So the left is still a little bit short compared to the right. Let me have you lay on your side facing me this way first. Okay, so bottom leg is going to be straight. Yeah, top we’re going to bend. This arm here. And relax, yeah just like that. Good and I’ll have you flip. Perfect There it was and lay flat on your back. Okay. I’m going to bring this down, there we go. Okay. Yep Relax your legs for me. Feel that little crunching in there? Yep. What is that? It’s just kind of like joint play a bit of what’s called the edema that’s in there. So a little bit of swelling. But yeah, you felt how when I just moved that joint. Like every little bit of that kind crunch. My knees do that too. A lot of people have that. Um, let me have you stand up. Okay, and then I’ll have you face that way. Right. Bring your arms up. Up and over mine. Lean back. Okay take a seat right here for me. Deep breath in and out. And relax. I’m terrified. I thought I wouldn’t like watching and I was like, okay, that seems fine. But now I’m here. You will be fine I promise. Does it hurt? Like is it? You know, you’ve watched a lot of the video. Yeah, I can hear it crack But I don’t know if like it’s painful or if people are just like shocked by it or not Well, I guess everyone’s different. Correct. You’ll be able to tell everybody in just a moment. My legs are fine? That’s perfect. And breathe deep breath in and out. That was weird Catch your breath See, it’s definitely shocking. Yeah. But what did you feel? Okay, so like it hurt, but I think it’s just because like well one, I’ve never had that happen. I’ve never had like any decompression and I think like coming in with a headache and just always having a headache like it’s just pressure right here. But afterwards I could feel it. I don’t know it definitely felt like a slinky. Sort of like that so I can feel it it like after the initial pain it I don’t I don’t know it. It like dissipates. Yeah, exactly. Yes kind of Kind of get used to it, you know Yeah, I mean it didn’t hurt like I don’t know. It hurt which I didn’t expect it to but yeah, yeah, trust me. How I describe it when I get it done, that initial pull even though you know if I have it done monthly so I got that initial pull no matter I know it’s coming that like that split second. That’s exactly how it was. Yeah, and then as you’re laying there it kind of like everything’s relaxed everything’s releasing. it’s just everything it’s just relaxed. That’s why I let everyone just relax and breath Was that a little bit different than chiropractic care? Definitely completely different. Yeah Cuz I used to go for like weekly since I had chronic pain and they have laid out a treatment plan for me that was just like it ended up being too expensive. I felt like it was too expensive for what I was getting Correct. Cuz it wasn’t giving me like long-term relief even like on a weekly basis. And so I feel like it was too expensive for. So I’ll have her come on down. Take a look at the inner sides of the heels. And the next one so I’ll have you your friend. Also, she saw how your leg length was originally. Do you see the difference? It’s not noticeable. Whereas originally at the left side was. It wasn’t like crazy before it was definitely noticeable before. Yeah, so that’s a good thing. I’m gonna push that back in. So come forward just a little bit relax right there. So now like I was telling you how does this feel the second time? Better. Not as painful right? It’s definitely not as painful now. Not at all, I feel a lot a lot looser. Yeah You feel how you should be. Normal person. Yeah, definitely more so than I have in the past month or so for sure. Um, how’s the migraine. I can’t tell. It’s just I think my neck is just sore from that but otherwise, I don’t feel it the way I did before. I don’t feel nearly as tight as I did when I first came. Yeah, we’ll go through with this and I’m gonna have you stand up. And move around. See the difference some time. So now if I push in here. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a huge difference. It’s still it feels slightly different on the left side but it’s not like the pain is not there anymore. Like it was it’s definitely not nearly as much pressure as it was Okay, but there ‘s still if I push in like the right side? There’s definitely a little bit of a difference but it’s like not nearly as dramatic. Still more pressure on the left? Slightly. Yeah, so what I want you to do what that tells me is we’re going to be doing an atlas adjustment. So I want you to lay on your side. I want your left side up. So you’ll be facing that way. Okay, so your shoulder will come right here. Like that, okay Come forward a little bit forward towards. Oh, sorry, towards that way. Okay. Good good Okay I’m just gonna pull that hair out of the way. Okay, so what we’re gonna do we’re going to be doing a little bit more specific of an adjustment. So we’re going to roll off onto the top of that atlas. So we’re going to be right on the transverse process of the atlas and the table just comes up like this. So the adjustment is just gonna be dropping down just like that. And relax right there. That felt really good good. Yeah, because I know right in the beginning that atlas was definitely out of alignment here but at times it’ll go back in with using the Y-Strap but as you can tell it didn’t this time. Because sometimes you only like massage yourself like where it hurts or whatever but to have it like I mean obviously look, you know like When you massage yourself, it’s so different from like having someone actually put where the pain actually it is like pinpoint and do that adjustment So this top bone here is your atlas. So what happens in your case that atlas was sliding over to the left so all we did when we had you lay on the side and left side up contact point was directly over what’s called the transverse process. Okay, and it was just this straight drop. Alright, so How did that feel? It felt really good probably because you were pushing it back to where it supposed to be. Yeah, correct. Let me have you stand up. Okay, I don’t feel any pain when I look down. So look down again. I feel literally no pain at all Now this last time when you originally did it you looked out and you felt pain going all the way down like extreme tightness I don’t feel anything. That’s crazy Okay, this feels tight. I think it’s just cause of the Y-Strap. I don’t know it’ll it’s not like excruciating or anything It’s just tight or sore. Any pain? It’s slightly tight just right here, but it’s not anything compared to what it was. It’s my head my head doesn’t hurt for the first time in 8 days in a row. I’ll have like a migraine for three four or five days at a time or whatever. That’s crazy. Nothing right now? Not in my head. Yeah How’s the lower back? Cuz I know for you that was more of the complaint. That was the original complaint or whatever. Except the only thing that is like slight tightness. is like bending back and it’s just like down here a little bit, but my back itself. Yeah, this is great. I”ll be doing this all day. I can look down like that. I’m like when I first did it I it hurt so bad. I mean I was like cringing. Yeah This is how you need to be feeling. Oh, yes. How often do you do this like monthly? My goal is about every three months. Okay. Now granted in your case because I get it both I get so I get some patients in actually come with actual issues and then I get some that they watch a video and they just you know, want that adjustment done. For the most part everyone I like to really put on like a three month basis just getting in and getting realigned now in your case I might say maybe about a month and a half, two months just to make sure that the migraines are under control help you know with the chronic more chronic issues. Actually, the good thing is you’re not too far away. Oh, yeah, totally that’s totally doable to come. I was thinking like every month or two months. Yeah, so we’ll shoot for about a month and a half two months from now. All right Is it supposed to be so like the relief is it generally speaking like weeks to come you can still feel the relief. I mean everyone’s different. Correct. Well, I get a lot of patients that tomorrow morning you’ll wake up and you’ll even know notice more of a difference tomorrow I’m just letting the body relax and the muscles relaxed and then I would have some patients it might take two or three days for your body to get used to it and then it relaxes even more But yeah I mean you see the videos a lot of people even initially right off from getting up off the table even in your case. Noticeable. Yeah, a lot of my patients they hold their adjustments and that’s why I don’t require patients coming like weekly I remember I went weekly it was just frustrating because I would feel relief like I would stand up straighter after I walked out but then for days and weeks to come I didn’t feel that like relief so it’s kind of. You know, and getting into a huge care plan. And that’s a huge financial commitment I like it better here where you pay for the appointment itself instead of like paying thousands of dollars for something that you don’t even know was gonna help. I’ve been in both types of practices. I prefer like I mean now that I have my own clinic yeah, I run it how I want to run it. Granted I’ve worked for other people you know it works. That’s how they you know do things everyone’s a little bit different But yeah, you know, I’m happy with how I do things. Yeah, definitely, you know, it’s more it’s non-traditional Yeah, which is cool. Which I mean even my adjusting style isn’t your traditional. And my dad was like why are you going to Greenville? He was like you can go to Columbia and I was like well I’ve done that before I have tried it like I’ve been to local or whatever and I was like just wait and I’ll let you know how I feel afterwards. Like it’ll be good. It’ll be worth it. Yeah Was it worth it? Yeah, definitely this is crazy. I can’t get over like this looking up and down because I remember how bad it hurt and I didn’t realize it was hurting that bad when I looked down until we checked like that range of motions. Well, thank you so much. Your welcome.

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