December 8, 2019
Essential Oils for Headache Relief – Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi Cohen

Essential Oils for Headache Relief – Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi Cohen

not a day goes by that someone in my
life either a friend a client a Vibrant Blue Oils customer or one of my kids friends
asks me about healing headaches with essential oils I don’t know about you
but I really think headaches are kind of the worst enough to make you want to
crawl into bed and pull up the covers and just cry and while traveling this
past weekend I got such a doozy of a headache I’d hardly call it a fun
experience but it gave me personal insight into how to heal headaches with
essential oils and how well oils actually work for pain relief so as you
may know oils have many attributes that make them particularly well-suited to
offer headache relief in part because of their anti-inflammatory properties and
their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier so headaches can result from a
bunch of different triggers but a key cause is inflammation and what happens
is that the blood flow gets dialed constricted within the brain and so this
repeated dilation and constriction causes the nerve walls which are pretty
sensitive to pain to stretch resulting in the discomfort of a headache so I
personally like to test everything on myself before recommending it to others
I laid out all of the oils that I believe are helpful for headaches and I
cooked one so let me tell you what I looked at and when I picked the Migraine Relief blend basil marjoram lavender peppermint Roman chamomile and
helichrysum which are all known to provide relief from inflammation and
pain and to use it you would just rub a little bit on your temples and it can
really help with the throbbing pain you can also put it on the forehead with a
cold compress Gall Bladder so in Eastern medicine the gallbladder
Meridian traverses the part of the head where you would feel a headache so if
you follow that logic anything that causes the gallbladder to be congested
or not function well can cause a disruption in that meridian pathway and
lead to a headache so if you’re going to reverse engineer the solution supporting
the gallbladder often to ease the stress on the gallbladder
Meridian and with it the experience of a headache
the Gall Bladder blend also contains chamomile which is known to cross the
blood-brain barrier and help to reduce inflammation and kind of calm headaches
so pretty much everyone I know the Gall Bladder blend seems to really help
with headaches another great choice is our Anti-Inflammatory oil which includes
several oils with powerful anti-inflammatory properties like
frankincense dill and ginger and if you reduce inflammation it can kind of
reduce the headache plain Nerve Repair is my favorite for any kind of pain or
inflammation it works really well on the body and the brain it contains
helichrysum which is a super powerful anti-inflammatory oil and really
expensive so that’s why you put it in this blend Parasympathetic is kind of
awesome and it’s clothing lime and if you just put it right on your temples it
helps to relieve headache pain you can also put it behind the ear lobe and it
helps with any kind of pain so limbs congestion can cause kind of that back
up of pressure the brain is like a hydraulic system if it doesn’t flow the
pressure builds up so opening up the lymph channels on the side of the neck
it can help to relieve allow the fluid to drain and relieve pressure
the adrenal blend people don’t know this but blood sugar dysregulation
and the resulting high cortisol levels can result in chronic inflammation which
contributes to headaches so if you balance the adrenals and help to kind of
reduce cortisol levels it can reduce headache pain lavender is the all-around
player which is great for anti-inflammatory in sedative properties
and it’s a really good oil to use if you’re trying to alleviate the headache
like at night when you need to relax Peppermint is also one that people often
mention because it contains significant amounts of menthol which is known for
helping to relax and ease the tension of headaches and muscular aches and pains
although peppermint is really stimulating and so it can interfere with
sleep so I smelled all of the potential oils
and then applied a few drops of the Migraine Relief because that was what
smelled best to me and I put it on my forehead and literally within a few
minutes the headache was totally gone it was a really powerful experience to
learn how well oils work so if you or anyone you love runs and headaches I
completely encourage you to look at essential oils as a cure! I’m Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils thank you so much for
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