November 17, 2019

[ENG DIET VLOG]#38.자연식물식 37주차/1kg의 차이/정체기 극복/자연식물식/간헐적 단식

Height: 165cm, starting weight: 68.1kg Today I’ll have nectarines, watermelon and grapes Hello, it’s Oh Gong Sam 🙂 Did you guys have a nice week? To return to my original body shape, I tried my best to stick to the diet this week To lose weight, controlling your diet is important but to maintain a good body shape, exercising is really crucial For those who have run out of motivation, or looking to improve your body, I recommend exercising more! You don’t have to workout every single day, but exercising 3-4 times a week will really improve your body Try exercises you enjoy! You’ll be able to continuously do it, unlike hard workouts that you’d try once and give up on. The perfect combination is a healthy diet and fun workouts isn’t it? It’s 1:10pm right now, and I will be having 2 cobs of corn Hello everyone (the day after eating late night food) It’s 2pm right now and while editing, I’m snacking on sweet potatoes and potatoes This week’s goal is the same as last week’s…to lose weight Thanks to having a little celebration with my brother last night, I had pigs feet and dessert as well last night So in conclusion, I gained a little weight, but I’m going to lose it by sticking to the diet this week I steam the sweet potatoes and potatoes in the morning and eat it throughout the day 🙂 Today’s last meal is my favorite trio of sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn To balance out the ratio of fruits and starch vegetables, I’m going to eat a frozen banana I’m saying that I’m balance out the ratio, but I just want to eat more food hehe Hello guys, the time is.. 12 o’ the morning, not afternoon I got really hungry while editing so I’m going to snack on some green grapes But the green grapes I ordered this time are really big, they’re not shine muscats but they’re quite large I order my grapes online but it’s always different, this time they’re really delicious It’s really good…just a second Sharing is caring “Do you want some grapes?” Why would you want to miss out on this delicious experience..? I went crazy at the convenience store last night, but I didn’t film it I had a mochi roll and it was just amazing I was going to eat it all, but I left some for my brother to try And he asked me where I got it from (very different reaction from when I offered him grapes lol) I think I’ll be able to edit well since I’m eating these grapes The reason editing takes so long is because I’m quite slow and I also procrastinate a lot.. I usually procrastinate by eating I think whatever you eat at night tastes good Do you like green grapes? I really like them (sudden confession) Green grapes cleared-! Casually moving on to sweet potatoes..lets not forget it’s 12am everyone It’s really big, so I bet it’s going to be really delicious (..??) Excited sweet potato eating at 12am I’m not sure whether I’m breaking out because I’m on my period, or if it’s because I haven’t been eating that clean I’ve been starting to get some small pimples on my face recently (my face has cleared up since I’ve been eating clean again!) Some people have told me to eat sweet potatoes with the skin, since it has a lot of nutrients I personally like eating it with the skin on, you’ll see in my earlier videos that I always kept the skin on But there were also some of you that were worried that I was eating it with the skin on, since I just wash it with water So recently, I’ve been eating it with the skin peeled off I like eating potatoes and sweet potatoes with the skin on usually, I’ll eat it with the skin on sometimes, and I’ll peel it other times. But thank you for telling me! Sweet potatoes makes Oh Gong Sam dance After eating, I edited well! 52.3kg Today’s first meal is going to be fruit, I have kiwi, persimmon and green grapes I was really craving this last night, so I’m going to make tomato and mushroom rice There are tomatoes in here, but I put in heaps of mushrooms so you can’t see them that well hehe Tomato and mushroom rice complete! I think it’s going to taste so good because I put in heaps of mushrooms (2 tomatoes, 3 shiitake mushrooms) I have my tomato and mushroom rice with seaweed and chilli, And the time is currently 1:12pm, and I’m waiting for my laptop to finish encoding *Feeling betrayed* It’s 3:31pm right now and the encoding is taking forever… Don’t know what to do I’m going to try to get rid of my frustration with a frozen banana It’s not just because my laptop sucks…it’s also because of me heh My laptop is originally made for editing, and the fact that it’s holding up like this… is amazing Good laptop (bad owner lol) When it’s encoding, the percentage bar comes up And whenever I watch the bar increase by a millimeter every five minutes..I feel like my heart is going to burst from frustration I want things to load faster..but it fails to do so I’m going to try to calm myself down by eating the rest of this frozen banana While checking the video, I’m going to eat 2 cobs of corn Finally, after sending the video off to Hannah, I’m going to eat sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn This week’s body check–wait no no, (supposed to say RunDay) I wanted to just take a nice walk instead of run today, so I ran for a very short time and walked more So I’m not sweating that much today, I basically came out here to take a walk.. So basically it’s not a RunDay End of today’s walk~ 52.6kg Feeling good to go exercise My face is puffy again today heh At pilates I got sent these mandarins because they said it was really delicious These are from Jeju island, and they emphasised how good they tasted I haven’t tasted them yet, but they look really yummy, usually small mandarins taste the best These look quite small and I bet they’re going to taste really nice Also with the mandarins, they sent me these sweet potatoes and potatoes as well! They said they wanted to send me red potatoes, but said they’re not in season yet Look how big these potatoes are though! I feel so happy right now I’ll make sure to enjoy all these, thank you so much

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