November 20, 2019
Elbow Pain with Pullups (QUICK FIX!)

Elbow Pain with Pullups (QUICK FIX!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Does your elbow hurt right on the inside here
every single time you step up to a bar to do a Pull Up? I think I might know what’s going on, and
as a matter of fact, I can help you determine not only how to get through a session so you
can get back to doing Pull Ups the right way without pain, but also to maybe have a little bit more awareness
of what might be causing it in the first place. And we can actually try to fix that now, once
and for all. Elbow pain is one of the most common sources
of discomfort when we lift. The problem is that the elbow, and I’ve talked about it before,
is what we call a consequential joint. So, it’s sort of at the mercy of what happens
above and below. So what happens at our shoulder, what happens here at our wrist, the elbow
just kind of goes along for the ride. Unfortunately, not having much of a say in
what we do, we’ve got to be aware of what’s going on at the wrist and what’s going on
at the shoulder if we want to try to protect the elbow. When we do Pull Ups, it’s sort of the same
thing that happens with any exercise we do, we want to get the damned thing done. So what we do is, we cheat our way through
reps even if we have to, and you’ve seen guys do it all the time. They start getting up,
the first they’ll do is what? They’ll try to pull a little bit more this
way, and they’ll try to reach their chin up, anything they can to get themselves to appear
as if they’re getting their body up closer to the bar. And yes, doing this, will help us to get a
little bit higher because we’re going to use the strength of our forearm flexors to add
to the contribution of the lats so we can get there. And even more than that, we’ll even use our
finger flexors and our pronators. Do you ever see guys kind of look like they’re screwing
themselves up into the bar this way? So, they’re kind of like this, and they’re
trying to pull their hands down even though they’re on a fixed bar. They’re twisting and
pulling to see if they can get themselves up a little bit more. The problem with all three of those moves,
the flexion of the fingers, the pronation of the wrist into the bar, the flexion of
the wrist itself for the forearm flexors is all these muscles attach right here to this
little tiny bump on the inside of your elbow, this little bony bump on the inside of your
elbow. That’s a lot of tension and force that gets
generated and passed onto this little tiny bump that has to absorb all that and guess
what? It can’t, and it starts to break down. So, when you’re starting to do your Pull Ups,
if you first get an awareness of ‘I can’t cheat. I have to let myself use my shoulders
first.’ Let the shoulders initiate the move. Pack
those shoulder blades down and in. Remember, I talked about the shoulder contributing. Once those are down and in, now you’re going
to let yourself pull the rest of the way, but don’t continue to try to cheat your reps
forward by allowing all these muscles to contribute because over time it’s just not something
those muscles are built for. The lats, sure. They can handle the job. Your little tiny
forearms? They can’t,. And it doesn’t matter if you have huge forearms,
they still can’t maintain and withstand all that tension. Now, if you already have this
problem, what you need to do is try this little fix that I’m going to show you right here.
Let’s head up to the bar. Ok, so if you’re already suffering from this
elbow pain, what you do is, you come up to a bar. This is one of our ATHLEAN XTREME Bands,
and you wrap it around the bar. You put one end through itself, this way so
now the bar, it’s wrapped around the bar. Now, you take the two parts of the band and
you overlap them. So we’re creating a thickness. We’re creating a little bit of thickness on
top of the bar. That’s important because one of those muscles I talked about that had a
role in actually flexing the fingers, and all the way from the very end and then
crossing the wrist and doing this too, which is going to be one of the primary offenders
when we’re trying to cheat our way through a rep and primary causes of aggravation to that
medial elbow is something called the FDP and flexor digitorum profundus, it’s just one
of the flexors of the fingers that goes all the way deep, attaches to that inside of that elbow right
there, and can cause some problems. If we put this band, and then rest our last 3 fingers
here, so our little finger, ring finger and middle
finger, on top of here, and just sort of rest them and get them out of the way, then we grip the bar with the last 2 fingers
here, our forefinger and thumb. The forefinger also is controlled by that same muscle, but
it has a separate muscle belly. So, it tends to sort of avoid some of the
aggravation that happens from the last 3. So, you get those last 3 out of the equation,
you put just those other 2 fingers on the bar, and then you do your Pull Up. And what happens
is, these other ones are now going for the ride. They’re not necessarily contributing
to all that force that gets directed into the inside of your elbow. So now, when I come up, if I have elbow pain
I find that I have far less because I’m not really at all contributing with those 3 fingers. They’re just going along for the ride resting
on top of that little lip that we created. These 2 fingers are doing most of the work
almost as a hook. So, give this one a try if you’re already
dealing with some of that inside elbow pain, and I’m telling you, you’re going to feel
a difference. And guys, the thing about joint pain is, you
don’t have to train with it. You see, if you train smart, you can get around some of the
issues that might be causing you to feel as if it’s something you’re going to have
to deal with all the time. Joint pain is something that debilitates every recreational lifter
at some point in their lives whether it be their shoulder, whether it be
their knees, whether it be their elbows, And as a matter of fact, it’s very, very common
obviously in my realm with professional athletes. We’ve created ATHLEAN-RX MECHAN-X, which is
our Joint Recovery Formula for that one very reason. Right now it’s being used by some
of the best teams in Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, the Saint Louis Cardinals,
both first place teams, guys, it’s used to help these guys make sure they can stay on
the field and do the things they need to to cause a winning
season. Well, you guys may not be trying shoot for a winning season, but you’re trying to be healthy so you can
set new records in the gym, feel healthy, get bigger, be stronger, you can’t do that
if pain getting in the way. No pain equals more gains, guys. If you can
keep yourself pain-free, you’re way ahead of the game. ATHLEAN-RX MECHAN-X, we have that ATHLEANX,COM,
and in the meantime, if you like these joint mechanic videos and ways around common joint
injuries, just let me know. As a Physical Therapist, guys, this is my
job. I’m happy to put these videos up here and help you to work around some of the things
you might be dealing with. Let me know in the comments below, and in
the meantime, I’ll be back here again in just a couple days with another new video. See ya.

100 thoughts on “Elbow Pain with Pullups (QUICK FIX!)

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  37. Ok. I'm already dealing w/ this. Right arm is jacked up; labrum tear (no surgery yet) limits vertical and lateral mobility, then ganglion cysts in wrist limiting wrist flex and load bearing for push ups and finally that inner elbow pain from over training pull ups resulting in 6 month lay off from pulls. I can't just do nothing. Nothing crazy, mostly calisthenics & yoga keep / improve the mobility, flexibility, & strength that I have left in that order.

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