December 13, 2019
DR-HO’S Reflexology Foot Relief Massage pads

DR-HO’S Reflexology Foot Relief Massage pads

The foot relief massage pads are great for
anyone with foot pain or just tired, sore feet from standing or wearing bad-fitting
shoes all day. It’s also great for promoting circulation
in your feet and your legs.

2 thoughts on “DR-HO’S Reflexology Foot Relief Massage pads

  1. I have experience a enduring relax muscles support during my month in training I highly support this exercise to anyone who needs to improve their posture and desire to elevate their tummy and lower back pain please try it. Where it during your sleep you will feel refresh and restore proper sleep alignment in your posture. Take care and wish u the best. 4 health spiritual renew and faith .God bless.

  2. I want to know which setting on the lcd version would you recommend using with these foot pads. I can choose from A to F or ALL. If there isn't a recommended setting, what do you use and get the best results from. I know Dr Ho uses B for the rest of his body but he doesn't say for the feet in his videos, same goes with the manual.

    I lost some feeling in my legs below the knee from being on a huge amount of prednizone and my legs puffed up with water and my feet looked like it had a balloon on the top of them. Also my hair stopped growing on my legs too, they were smooth. After 6 years like this, I finally got off of them but now serious damage has been done from using them for so long, which other specialist said I should never have been on them from a family doctor. Osteoporosis is very severe at age 40, so please can you give some suggestions on these pads and my back too with the issues mentioned above.


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