January 23, 2020


(screaming in pain) Oh bitch (more screaming in pain) Could you just get off of me Aaah! Oh hey guys. How are you? Great? That’s awesome. I feel so naked right now Don’t look at my face but at the same time do because I’m so cute. Now I know what you’re probably thinking “Woah Mac, you look like you lost a couple ages to your face. Something’s different about you I can’t pin what?” If you weren’t thinking that how dare you. You know what? No one asked for your opinion, You can leave, like wow be civilized for a second like how dare you disrespect me like that? I make my own, like I am me you be you I’ll be me. I’ve been watching way too much reality TV But yes, something is different about me. I shaved my moustache. It’s GOOONE! I’ve never felt more bare in my life. I look so weird. But then at the same time it kind of works like I look so clean and so sharp But then at the same time… am I 13? Do I go to high school? Am I a freshman? Oh my gosh 13-year old me was a mess Why did I wear aeropostal? Last time I checked I am not a gay server from 2001 I got the gay part down though. But the reason I shaved my face is because today I’m going to be doing something I’m probably going to really regret during this video. But then again I feel like that’s my entire channel. I’m still unbranded. so a few days ago I was watching a Buzzfeed video That’s when you know that’s when you know when this is about to get weird.
Of them trying what people call the world’s most painful face mask. They were ripping it off their face Screaming, complaining, shedding a few tears and the first thing that comes into my mind was that’s cool So I bought it. Yep, here it is. The help or cleanup mask, Elisa, Becca. Milky Piggie. Milky Piggy? It has a pig on it I guess it’s pretty milky, and there’s cute little black raindrops. They all look like they’re kind of making some type of sound Hooh! Oooohh! Oooooo! Eeeeeee! And then there’s a butt. So this was made for me. These are all literally multiple stages of me when I’m constipated, just sayin’. ohhhh Also all in Korean that’s when you know that is when you know hey. Let’s go. I’m really terrified. Great. There’s no instruction. Literally the instructions are in Korean. This is amazing guys. We are going to hurt ourselves today, Mac. This is happening for the views, for the views. This part is highlighted in blue, i guess it must be important. But I can’t read it. May spontaneously combust if in contact with a black man, but I wouldn’t know. First of all, maybe I should look up these instructions Before I have to take myself to the hospital. Literally all this says is just apply the mask on a dry face, okay, haha That was a good 10 minutes wait for that screen to load. Just to tell me to put the shit on your face It’s too late to turn back? Here we go oh my god, ahhhhhh By the way, I’ve never tried a face mask before. Why not start with the most painful one, and then go downwards? To make it through Los angeles you have to be beautiful, right? Pretty hurts. Beyonce Okay, weeee Oh this is very thick. Boom boom boom help pore clean up mask thingy wow, oh my gosh Quality Content I feel like I’m gray facing right now, like is this offensive to seals? Okay. It’s fully on my face and now we wait a total of 20 minutes. Oh my god! 20 minutes! Who has time, who has time 20 minutes on a timer and now we wait. God damn it *lip syncing with the song* That’s my waiting song ha ha ha I feel like I’m supposed to be in some weird emo band like some type of off emo, ha ha Is that a thing? I can’t make facial expressions, guys this video is going to be lackluster without them My facial expressions carry my comedy What am I going to do How can I finish a video with no facial expressions Oh, no You cannot be funny without making facial expressions People don’t know if you’re being serious or not I can say something right now you wouldn’t even know if I’m being real or if I’m being fake about it Bush did 9/11 Was I joking or was I being serious? Is this a normal youtube video or am I turning it into some political shit We don’t know the face is covered I am a straight, white, Christian female that lives in Alabama am I being real, or am I not You don’t know, what if I do identify that way you can’t tell me I can’t and you don’t know if I’m being serious or not because facial expressions are important I love Nickelback This is the longest twenty minutes of my entire life oh my god oh my nose, it itches oh my nose, it itches Oh that nose itch so bad right now Ohhh that itch Okay ah, my face literally feels like it’s being suffocated right now How can people do this to themselves Let’s talk real quick then in these last three minutes. I hit 100k a few days ago so thank you for that still trying to think of things to do to celebrate it So if you guys have any ideas comment down below This is such a weird video look at me glowing though, look at this glow Oh look at this highlight, honey oh look at this highlight yas bitch Look look look look watch look Oh did you just get chills honey Did you just get chlls I did, I did I felt it through my entire body this highlight who beat your face Oh my God, is that from Sephora what honey Mac cosmetics who yes god I have gotten progressively gay over these past few days alone. A 100k has changed me I’ve changed. But this highlight is forever bitch. Honey darling oh gag me with a fork, run me over with a train, Gaga Oh, it’s ready Whoo! Thank you guys so much for watching I’m joking now it’s time to give you what you all came here for. To see me peel my face. now it’s time to give you what you all came here for to see me peel my face Oh I’m so scared okay, here we go are you ready bitch, cus I ain’t oh no jesus, please don’t, jesus no You cannot peel this honey, bullshit! This is not a peel away mask, excuse me, who did this Oh my God My eyes are watering. Ohh bitch that was painful Jesus you probably think I’m overreacting but you gotta remember I’ve never felt this before so I don’t know how it’s supposed to feel, but oh bitch oh bitch oh bitch ohhhh bitch oh bitch? bitch. okay, oh ho ho why are you watching me its around my – oh bitch Hello, hi, Why is this so painful Who does this to themselves for beauty? Beyonce wasn’t playing games, pretty hurts this is proof Give me a second. I’m tearing up a little bit. I am a wham. Oh Wow, that’s gross. God save me please give me a second, let me just process this real quick, ow Now it’s just these petty pieces. Is this satisfying to watch You guys like people peeling their faces off oh yeah daddy You know what these pieces can stay, okay they can party on longer ah, get off is my face clearer I mean obviously it isn’t right now, but still. What have you learned today kids? Nothing sane. I didn’t cry I didn’t scream that much okay, shut up there you go, ladies and gentlemen, the hell pore clean up mask cause it was hella petty who gave you the right was this supposed to be milk cause I thought that was something else ladies and gentlemen, my face haha, gross Moral of the story, Beyonce is right Beyonce is always right go buy ‘Pretty Hurts’ on itunes is there any other beauty product you want me to try in the near future, or any other way you want me to hurt myself for views I am desperate nowadays You know, these streets are tough comment down below anyways, I am Mac, This is a milky piggy, and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe


  1. The most painful thing I have done yesterday, was walk into the light of the sun from the safety of my home.

  2. “I am a straight white christian female who lives in Alabama “
    Me : subs right away

  3. How many times do I have to tell you this; PLEASE👏DON’T👏HURT👏YOURSELF👏FOR👏VIEWS👏MAC

  4. 2017:his nose was big as hell

    2018:the nose was alittle smaller but no one gave a shit

    2019:just a gay mess like my pan soul.

  5. Mac: I feel like in gray facing right now …is this offensive to seals?

    Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-chokes on water

  6. My stepmom asked me if I were watching porn because I was in the living room as I started this video.. I showed her this and she told me I should be watching porn instead so I could explain it to my principal easier

  7. Actually, I think that Mac was pretty good, he just screamed and took it off quickly, I've seen some "makeup experts" that didn't do it so well, some of them even started crying.

  8. How… How does it look like you lost weight aswell? dUde the mustache was holding you back from your dream of being a whatwver the fuck you wanna be! Jk lol but you look g o o d !

  9. Someone: at least its not me
    Someone: oh no…
    Mac: 🙂
    Someone: please…I have family..
    Mac: uno reverse card

  10. peel off masks hurt but regular face masks don't hurt, they fell wet and slimy… I just realized how you would reed that

  11. I saw the exact same BuzzFeed video and bought it for the exact same reason 😂 it didn't hurt that bad but I only do peel off mask

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