December 8, 2019
Do Dogs Get Headaches?

Do Dogs Get Headaches?

Do Dogs get headaches? it’s a question that fascinates scientists, vets and so many animal lovers around the world. But we don’t have a definite answer But here’s what we know we all have experienced headaches in our lives and wondered why do you headaches occur? Well amazingly headaches don’t occur inside our brain. In fact our brain does not have pain receptors to feel its own pain, meaning our brain never hurts! What actually cause headaches are the signals from sensitive areas around our head – like our eyes, nose, sinuses, neck, ears etc. So can dogs get headaches? YES! Dogs have a developed brain and they have extremely powerful senses and so the possibility of them getting a headache is VERY, VERY HIGH! It’s baffling that there are approximately 150 different types of headaches in humans. Most common types are tension headaches and vascular headaches. How do we know if a dog is suffering from a headache? Well, the best way would be to talk to them but that’s not possible at least for now. But there’s one way to know! Dogs and humans have been together for more than 50,000 years. Due to this, we very well understand their body language and dogs also shows some signs which are very similar to human being having a headache. When dogs are ill, they usually seek out a dark and quiet place to hide. They also tend to sleep more than the usually would. Dogs avoid activities, even their favorite ones. They may also try and rub their heads against a wall or a furniture as if to soothe the pain. Dogs tend to keep their heads lowered when they feel ill and also squint there eyes a lot like it hurts keep them open. Just as if they are experiencing a headache! You can try dog safe medicines like paracetamol but if that doesn’t work, the reason could be something serious! In such a case visit a vet as dogs show similar signs in medical problems like Allergies, High blood pressure, Eye condition or even a Neurological Disorder. We think dogs do get headaches but they don’t get headaches just like we do. They have symptomatic headaches as a warning to something even more serious that might need scrutiny. So if your dog shows signs similar to having a headache, it’s better to visit a vet. Thanks for watching!

9 thoughts on “Do Dogs Get Headaches?

  1. My dear Fergus died from Myasthenia Gravis… and headache is a primary symptom. My beautiful boy – I miss him so much.

  2. I am surprised that you recommended acetaminophen. This medication does not work very well for migraines in humans, and it is inherently toxic for dogs. A baby asipirin would be a much better choice because it reduces inflammation- a known trigger for migraines- and it's not as harmful as acetaminophen. Personally, my veterinarian recommended giving my corgi a baby aspirin every morning after she tore her left ACL, then as needed, and she was okay.

  3. Some interesting perspectives in here – thanks for creating the video and sharing it. The video notes also had some great links out to good articles to help explain further, and I found those interesting and helpful as well.

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