November 14, 2019

Diabetes | Prediabetes | How To Prevent Diabetes

What can I cook today this might be very
straightforward but I wanted to know if you’re married or have family? What can I
cook today I like your style I like your logic and it’s got my attention so I’m
going to be straightforward with you are you married no I’m not married
do I have family yes I do have family and I’m very close to them I also got
one brother who’s also a pharmacist which I’m very very close with and also
I’m very close to my extended family Who am I you tube family who have always
supported me and sending out lots of love to you guys thank you welcome to
another episode of responding to your comments I’m excited to see what
questions you have for me this week and as always we’re gonna be tackling health
questions and fun questions so let’s dive advisor and on or
hello Abraham how can you reduce your chance of getting diabetes when it
actually runs in the family the thing is I can’t really stay away from sugary
stuff because I’m a baker vizor thank you for your comment I
appreciate the comment I appreciate your honesty I imagine you’re on about type 2
diabetes with regard to type 2 diabetes the majority of type-2 diabetes is
preventable and it is due to lifestyle factors in fact I study from the NHS
what evidence from the NHS suggests if you reduce your weight by just 5% and do
regular exercise your chances of developing type 2 diabetes reduces by a
massive 50% so that’s the first thing you need to do but a few questions come
to mind with this question so what’s your lifestyle like are you exercising
if you’re not exercising why you know exercising you need to be doing about 30
minutes a day for at least five days a week with different levels of intensity
do you smoke do you drink alcohol if you do you need to try and quit both of them
because they can increase your risk of diabetes are you having a healthy
balanced diet are you eating lots of fruit are you
eating lots of vegetable are you mixing this with exercise to help you reduce
your belly fat also I did make a video about belly fat how to lose belly fat I
will leave a link up here and in the description below that’s a little poem
here also are you eating lots of sugary foods you need to cut down on the sugary
foods I know he says difficult because you’re a baker but especially if it runs
in the family this is something that you really need to cut down so that’s my
tips I hope they help you I will also leave more information in the
description below I’ve got some really good links in that for you as well but
always remember that you’re awesome and you can do it a RSD wellis how many
cameras does he have lying around his office a RHD thank you for your comment
at the moment but three cameras when I first started I had one camera and we
just do a lot of different positionings but now we do three makes life a lot
easier we can blast through filming a lot easier but to begin with I just have
the one now I’ve got three and they’re all 80 DS Canon is the best camera and I
highly recommend James J Lee oh five to one why is it unethical to promote a
product you like James thank for your comment this is from the my best
sunscreens video on how to pick the best sunscreens well James I personally think
there’s a lack of honest unbiased evidence-based information online out
there and what I always try and do is spread a meaningful message of public
health out there and as a health care professional as a trusted health care
professional we are forgetting to give you the information based on research by
looking at research looking at evidence they give you the correct information so
what I will always do is give you what I think is right the correct information
when you mix money into this and people are paying you to endorse their product
it opens up an ethical dilemma because you’re getting paid to endorse a product
so how are you using those facts are you not giving all the facts you’re not
giving all the information so I will always give you the correct information
so you can make that decision and look after yourself properly and stay healthy
and safe in the stuff 0 2 & 2 ml I’ve come here from your sore throat advice I
need to stop snacking because my muffin top belly is turning into a Victoria
sponge Mel thank you big comment I love the way you’ve described belly fat this
is Rhonda how to lose belly fat video muffin top belly never heard that but
then comparing it to a Victoria sponge I mean it’s just genius for those of you
don’t know what Victoria sponge is then you definitely need to visit the UK and
try Victoria sponge they are the best cakes
apparently I think they were named after Queen Victoria he used to like to have
them with her afternoon tea yeah delicious also my photographer Nadia she
makes the best Victoria sponge cake you will ever have Mel I’ll keep your slice
proud Amy when you’ve been doing it for so long and you realize that you’re
doing it wrong I like you I like your comment this is
from the how to use an inhaler video and you know your user name says proud
Danish so you’re a very proud person and a proud person doesn’t usually admit
defeat well this isn’t defeat but admit that
you’re doing something wrong so thank you for your comment and it’s also
important to remember you know I see so many patients I do so many consultations
and patients and I’m asking them okay use your inhaler you know show me how to
do it and some of them get so moody about it as well because I know how to
use my inhaler I’ve been using it for twenty years I’ve been using this
inhaler before you were born and I’m well that’s fine just just use it in
front of me I just wanna watch you use it and I guarantee you nine times out of
ten those people are doing what are two things wrong so this little improvement
can make a massive improvement in the way that inhaler works in getting the
medicine to the right area of the lungs and in the overall healthcare looks like
we’ve run out of time again that’s the end of this week’s episode if I haven’t
got back to your question or comment please leave another one and I try my
best to get back to you in a future episode I’ve responded to your comments
always remember that you’re awesome and I’ll see you next week
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