December 13, 2019
Diabetes: Marco’s Story

Diabetes: Marco’s Story

My name is Marco. I’m 18 years old, and I’ve
had diabetes for two years. I love playing
soccer, basketball, love being with my
friends, anything outdoors. I love being active. I’m just a normal teenager. The symptoms leading
up to my diagnosis were nausea, stomach pains,
going to the bathroom, always thirsty. I would drink a glass of water
and two minutes later, I’m still thirsty. And I could really tell from
there that something was wrong. Since my diagnosis, the
support with my family has been incredible. Everybody’s been there
for me, especially my mom and my sister. They’ve really been
watching over me and making sure I’m doing
what I’m supposed to be doing. The first couple times
I was pricking my finger and taking the shots,
it was kind of scary, because I wasn’t used to it. But to this day, it’s nothing. It’s just one thing I have
to do before I go to school, check my blood sugar,
take my insulin and then at
lunchtime and dinner. It’s just a routine
getting into. It’s not too hard. I test my blood sugar around
eight to nine times a day. If there’s a problem
with my blood sugar, I always have my
insulin with me. When it’s too high,
I’ll take insulin. And when my sugar’s
too low, I’ll have either sugar tablets,
or a soda, or juice, or anything that can jump start
my sugar and bring it back up. Exercise is important
for diabetics because it really
controls your blood sugar. It’s been a transition
with diabetes because with soccer
and basketball, I always have to
check my blood sugar. For my diet, after my
diagnosis, the only thing that really changed,
my consumption of treats and snacks. If you have diabetes,
you can eat mostly what everybody else eats. You just have to be
careful in how much it is. And you have to make sure
you cover that with insulin. I get worried going off to
college, leaving my parents. I won’t have them
watching over me as much. But I’m not going to
take it as a bumpy road. I’ll take it as a
challenge that I can overcome and can live
like anybody else my age, just like a normal kid. [music playing]

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