December 14, 2019
Diabetes Foot Exam

Diabetes Foot Exam

we know that one in four people with
diabetes will develop foot complications. These complications can be serious and can limit you and what you want to do with your life the Joslin clinical guidelines
recommend that you have a thorough foot exam by your physician at
least once a year one of the things that can cause foot
problems: in people with diabetes they result from two
major problems. The first is neuropathy. diabetes can affect the nerves over time and as the nerves are affected you may lose the sensation in your feet this may not cause you any discomfort,
your feet may feel fine, but not being able to sense problems in your feet puts them at risk. A second problem is circulation diabetes can affect circulation in the
head in the heart but also affects circulation in your feet. With the circulation decreased, any problem that occurs in your feet will resolve more slowly; infections heal
more slowly and you are prone to more complications. this combination of neuropathy and circulation problems are why your physician needs to carefully examine you feet at least once a year when he or she examines your foot
they’re going to look at three different things they’ll visually inspect your foot to
see if there’s any deformities, they’ll look carefully the skin to see if there’s any cuts, any sore spots, any lesions that
should need attention between your toes as well
as the top of the bottom of your feet the physician will also take a look at
your circulation by feeling for pulses at certain spots in your feet where we know the the pulses
should be strong and last, they’ll check for signs of neuropathy by using either tuning fork or something called a ten gram fiber
small wis you should be able to sense and if you
can’t it means you’re especially high risk for problems with your
diabetes smoking is obviously a problem for anyone’s health if you have diabetes smoking is
especially damaging so he can affect the circulation in
particular the circulation to your feet we know that the majority of our
patients with diabetes who have foot problems have had smoking in
their past so what can you do to keep your feet
healthy? we just talked about stopping smoking if
you’re doing that if you have neuropathy or have had foot problems, examining your feet by yourself everyday looking at the skin is very important keeping your A1c, your blood pressure,
your cholesterol in control will also decrease your chance of complications. And remember, every year be sure that your doctor
looks at your feet very carefully

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