February 28, 2020
Diabetes Eye Exam

Diabetes Eye Exam

diabetes is the leading cause of
preventable blindness in working age adults it is important to realize that there
are no symptoms until very advanced stages of the disease with care and appropriate treatment you can
greatly decreased the risk of blindness and increase the chances of preserving
your sight the Joslin Diabetes Center has been at
the leading edge of diabetes related eye disease prevention it has set standards across the world
for the treatment and care of diabetic retinopathy At the Joslin, this involves a three-pronged
approach First, maintain excellent hemoglobin A1c levels second be vigilant about controlling
associated medical conditions such as hypertension and kidney disease and third, be sure to have at least
annual dilated examinations so that retinopathy can be appropriately
diagnosed and treated Eye examinations are thorough and can last up
to two and a half hours your vision will be checked and you will
be assessed for cataracts and glaucoma in addition drops will be applied to
dilate your pupils so that you can be checked for diabetic retinopathy no portion of the exam is painful;
however the dilating drops will make you sensitive to light so you should plan to
wear sunglasses for several hours after the exam diabetic retinopathy is the most serious
eye complication of diabetes it occurs when elevated blood glucose or
blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the retina While there are laser and other surgeries
that can treat these complications the sooner it is diagnosed the lower the
risk of blindness and visual loss remember you can have advanced stages of
diabetic retinopathy and not know it take charge of your eye care health and
be sure to have dilated examinations at least once a year

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