November 17, 2019

Diabetes and your emotions | You’re not alone | Diabetes UK

This is the reality. This is what you
have to do. 4.7 million people are living with
diabetes. I am one of them I am one of them. My son is one of them.
Diabetes is hard to get to grips with. My experience of living with diabetes is
different to yours. Managing the regular appointments. It never goes away. It’s
relentless. Every choice I make; the food I eat; the pace I walk; even the weather
are going to affect me. It’s constant adjustments. Frustration. Restrictive.
Resentment. Inconvenient. Worry. Exhausting. No time off. Every single day. Diabetes is
not just a medical issue. The emotional tank runs out very easily when you’re
giving care constantly. What I would like to see would be psychological well-being
support and actually recognition that looking after mental health is equally
as important the physical health needs. My doctor’s
practice is wonderful but I don’t think they had the time to be able to sit down
with me and say ‘how do you feel about it?’. Emotional support could be very useful
because we all break at some point. I’m disappointed, I’m angry. It’s about you as a
human being, your whole person. Talk about it earlier and you’re more able to
manage it, you’re more able to face up and own it.

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