February 28, 2020
Diabetes and Male Sexual Health

Diabetes and Male Sexual Health

We mentioned we know it’s kind of
balanced men and women but I wanted to go back to the men because apparently
there’s a lot of impacts from diabetes that I understand where there could be
fatigue for an individual specifically a male and even situations other side
effects like sexual health it can be impacted is that correct doctor? Absolutely there are several ways in which diabetes can affect men in that
sense number one there is an increased incidence of something called
obstructive sleep apnea in a diabetic man which can lead to fatigue
there is and increased incidence of low testosterone levels in
men with diabetes and there is an increased incidence of erectile
dysfunction which doesn’t necessarily have to relate to testosterone levels it
can be also related to just the complication of neuropathy and
decreasing blood flow which can come be combined to to lead to erectile
dysfunction. And can you explain that neuropathy for our viewers who
maybe not know? Sure so so one of the complications of microangiopathy that
can happen in patients with diabetes long term with complicated with out of
control diabetes is that the nerve endings can be somehow damaged or
malfunctioning and there are multiple ways of manifesting this neuropathy
there is somatic neuropathy that can be manifested by the tingling and numbness
incision and some sort of a lack of feeling sensation in the extremities but
it’s also there is also a autonomic neuropathy which can be manifested in
many ways like tachycardia orthostatic hypotension which means lack of balance
in terms of the blood pressure but then also erectile dysfunction.

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