February 21, 2020
Dental Implants AND TEETH in 1 Hour WITHOUT Pain or swelling??? Wow

Dental Implants AND TEETH in 1 Hour WITHOUT Pain or swelling??? Wow

If you are missing teeth
or if you have broken teeth and you think you might
be candidate for implants, what’s holding you back is the time, the expense and
the length of time that it takes between the start of the treatment
and the end of treatment. Uh, traditionally could have lasted
between, uh, six months to 18 months. Today we could do it all in one hour. this technology is something new, something that we developed in the last 10
years together with some other great minds here and in Europe and in Israel that utilizes the latest technology and
implantology and laser uh technologies to be able to have somebody who broke a
front tooth in the morning for instance, they cannot go to work, bring them to the office
on an emergency basis, and within an hour, sometimes even less, extract that tooth, laser the area, put in an implant and send
them home with a nice temporary that he can smile and be proud
of and he could eat right away. Uh, in addition to the
speed that this can be done, there is no cutting, no
stitching, no downtime or swelling and almost no pain whatsoever. In order to make this accessible
to the general public, we have systems to make this affordable through certain third party financing
and in-office monthly payment plans. Uh, anybody who has been on the
fence that knows that needs implants that has been thinking about
it, but being held back by the fear of pain, swelling, downtime,
uh, cost, et cetera, et cetera, uh, or went to some other
dentists or surgeons that told them they need, uh, implants
with a bone grafting or sinus lifts, et cetera. Oh, please come in for a second opinion. We have some very modern methods that can obviate most of these
complications and invasive procedures. Uh, we are available and we
are very easily to talk to we have a fantastic staff, and I think you will enjoy
the, the consultation. Thank you. Dr. Kappel: So tell me
how you like the teeth, Patient: my teeth are worth, there is no
amount of money that I would take from anybody to get this back. I ate, I haven’t eaten
a bagel in five years. I haven’t bitten an Apple
in maybe five years. How I hate an Apple is I
cut it in small pieces. I couldn’t go out with
friends to eat a sandwich because I couldn’t bite the whole thing. I had to separate the sandwich,
take out the tuna, take out this. It was horrible. This is worth anything in the
world, there’s nothing that’s worth. And Doctor Kappel is the
perfect person for it. Wherever you live, come to him. I would travel, 5 Hours to go to him. He’s dynamite guy. My name is Debbie I am a patient of dr K
and um the staff and, and the office is wonderful. He did great, great work on my teeth. And yes, he is a painless dentist. And I appreciate it. I am so very happy. I hope he will be able to show
you my before and after photos and you’ll see for yourself
that, that it’s the truth. All be well, and thank you dr
K, Shirley, the staff, everyone. Thank you. Our goal is to give everyone
a five star experience, and it’s great to know that
our efforts are so appreciated. Everyone we serve was new at one time. So we are always excited
to speak with anyone, whether they are new or returning. So why wait? Call us at the number on your screen today and find out for yourself
what everyone’s raving about.

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