December 14, 2019
Dates Good For Diabetes – Dates Benefits of Diabetes.

Dates Good For Diabetes – Dates Benefits of Diabetes.

Are Dates Good For Diabetes. Most diabetic view sugar as a no, no But,
does this mean that you should completely avoid sugars? In our modern world society diabetes is the
fastest growing disease. The truth is as a diabetic you should not
entirely refrain from sugar instead ensure that you limit your intake of sugar. So, what should you eat when you have a craving
for sweet things. In this video we are talking about best 5
tips. So please like share and subscribe our channel
for more videos. Study 1. Dates Combined with Insulin Reduce Glucose
Level. Dates seed extract combined with insulin,
decreases the blood glucose level to normal, compared to administering insulin alone. Dates is best natural foods. Study 2. Effect of Glycemic Index of Dates on Diabetics. The study exposed that the consumption of
dates resulted in a significant saving in postprandial glucose excursions. So, dates benefit diabetic sufferers when
consumed as a part of a healthy and balanced diet. Study 3. Improves digestion. Fiber helps you have a smooth-operational
digestive system. Dates contain a soluble fiber called beta-D-glucan. This soluble fiber reduces the absorption
of cholesterol by cells in the body. Study 4. Dates Can Prevent Neuropathy. Those with diabetes suffer from nerve damage,
which causes tingling or numbness in the feet. A 2011 study conducted at the Neuroscience
Research Center found that a compound found in dates can be used to prevent diabetic neuropathy. Study 5. Boosts metabolism. High blood sugar levels trigger neuropathy. Dates contain vitamin B3, which is highly
recommended for people with diabetes. The vitamin B6 content helps boost metabolism.

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