December 8, 2019
Community Based Rehabilitation – Hypertension and health

Community Based Rehabilitation – Hypertension and health

Momol=Filipino slang term meaning “to kiss passionately
i.e. making out real hard 💏 😀 It’s a funny joke.
*laughter* ..And you; you go with Doc. Me!? We’ll say “Level 1 or Stage 1 Hypertension bla bla bla.” Has anyone seen the extension cord? …about uhm, health awareness. So, they’ll be taking your vital signs and giving you information about hypertension. So, hopefully you will find this event enlightening. Thank you all for your time. Thank you! 😊 So, remember that in our lives, remember that.. Hey. What’s up? This condition should never be underestimated. Underestimating it can cause.. It’s uhmm, it’s a good enough reason to get a check up. Treat it with great importance. This doesn’t apply to high blood pressure alone, but to all other so-called minor ailments.

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