December 8, 2019

10 thoughts on “Cluster headache , my story

  1. Расскажи как давно в США ,что тебя сюда привело и чем занимаешься в данный момент .Ты интересный ,удачи тебе !

  2. You should read from the book of Solomon on cluster headache, how it's a demon that causes the pain

  3. Lord's prayer of Matthew and Surah Al-Naas should also be helpful, in any complex situation. Talking as someone who went through anxiety disorder, which basically paralyzes your life, makes your life castrated. Now retrospectively it is a valuable experience in life nonetheless, it teaches you that you are not a simple blood and bones bag of flesh or a cliche based personality (if you take a look you can read word PRISON right there covered in this term), but you are a far compex being.

    Great talk and subscribed! God bless.

  4. Медицина и наука не стоят на месте, стремительно развиваются. Известны ли случаи с благоприятным прогнозом или полным излечением от этой болезни? Может стоит обратиться к нетрадиционным методам лечения?

  5. hi there.. can we talk in private pls? I got cluster headache.. I heard ur story.. and i wanna talk to you about my feelings about that, because I finally found someone that maybe understand what it is for real.. I also draw a little comic about what I saw in a "dream" before waking up in pain.. where I saw my demon..

  6. I have cluster headaches as we speak and mine are every 2hrs and last for an hour 1/2 everyday..and the only thing that will stop it is first of all the most high..but while I'm praying 100% high flow oxygen and sumatriptan injections and works in 6 min after you take it ..start your oxygen as soon as you feel it coming if you have them you know what I mean..I ll pray for all of you ..stay strong

  7. Hi Pavel the demon pulling the eye out on the head is the best,. Thank you for bringing information to all of us who suffer .
    Again THANK YOU after being attacked last night by my demon I learned how to talked and Jesus Carried me Thanks Pavel

  8. I'm a 23 yr old woman. I suffer from these. they've lately been getting worse.. just started a cycle. Started with the worst attack I've ever had.. I'm of the very rare women who have it.. yay me. Some people have more cycles a year actually. I do.. and it's horrible. Some people even more rarely have had it everyday for decades without stop. My cycles are usually 3-5 times a day everyday for 3-4 months without stop with 2-3 months break in between. And "just met the devil" is the perfect description.. like.. these are horrific and yes they mostly happen at night for me.theyre pure torture. At least twice a night and once in the morning or afternoon is what I have during my cycles. My eye feels like it's about to explode or it's being stabbed over and over.. I hate it. It's beyond unbearable. I have had some schizophrenic symptoms before and they're very demonic themed.. that struck out to me.. wow.. that's something I've never shared.

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