February 28, 2020
Cinnamon Rolls/Raisin Rolls/Cinnamon RaisinRolls/ Danish Pastry/ Danish swirls/Pain Aux Raisins

Cinnamon Rolls/Raisin Rolls/Cinnamon RaisinRolls/ Danish Pastry/ Danish swirls/Pain Aux Raisins

This cinnamon raisin Danish pastry is
one of my all-time favorite.They are tender, they are flaky with a little
crispiness and with an amazing buttery smell Danish pastries are simple to make
if you can make a milk bread then it will be so simple for you to make a
Danish pastry. Danish pastries are basically made with flour,yeast, milk
eggs and copious amounts of butter so let’s see how to make these and
wonderful Danish pastries in your kitchen. The first step is to prepare the
dough so let’s start by activating the dried yeast. Yeast always need a sweet and
warm environment to bloom up; so here in 175 milliliters of warm milk I’m adding
40 grams of sugar and half a teaspoon of yeast. Stir them well and keep it aside
for 5 to 6 minutes for the yeast to get activated. In the meantime let’s measure
the dry ingredients .Flour 350 grams or 2 and 1/2 cups salt 5 grams of 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 of a teaspoon now
our yeast got activated. let’s add one egg into this and whisk them together now
let’s combine the dry and wet ingredients together and I’m adding 30 grams of softened
butter into this so now our dough is ready. Cover it with
a plastic wrap and keep it aside for one to two hours in a warm environment for
the first proofing .So now after two hours our dough has risen and let’s
deflate the gas and flatten it and wrap it with the plastic film and keep it in
refrigerator for one hour the third step is to laminate the butter
and roll and fold it four times for that we need a cold block of butter then bash
it with a rolling pin to form a rectangular sheet of butter then keep it
refrigerated so that we’ll get a solid sheet of butter which makes us more
easy to work with now after one hour of cooling,roll
out the chilled dough on a lightly floured work surface into a rectangle
and place the butter on the half of the dough and fold the remaining dough over
and then seal the edges then turn it and then roll it into a
long rectangle and fold the two edges so that they meet in the middle and then
fold the two again and now we got the first folding and repeat the same until
you fold it four times so after folding it four times in the
same way chill it in refrigerated overnight or at
least for four hours and then the Danish pastry sheets are ready to use roll the dough into a rectangle then
brush the top with some egg wash which is prepared by beating one egg and a
teaspoon of milk then sprinkle some granulated sugar on top of it and then
with some cinnamon powder I prepared the cinnamon powder by finely grinding some
cinnamon sticks and granulated sugar together these cinnamon sticks are grown
organically in our own home garden and then spread over some raisins on the top
of it and then roll the dough into a log then in order to prevent the dough from
sticking to the bottom make sure to test the surface with adequate amount of flour and now with the help of a thread it is
so easy to slice them into equal portions then place each of them on a
baking tray then tuck the ends towards the bottom so
that they won’t unwind while baking then let’s flatten the top of each one by one and then they need to rest for 30 minutes until they puff up a
little and they gain their shape before baking and now let’s give a good egg
wash to make it more appealing to our eyes when they come out of the oven and
preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 10 minutes and
then reduce it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then bake for and then at 8 to 10
minutes or until they are golden brown in color then brush the top with a thin
layer of some apricot jam and now they are ready to serve I hope you enjoyed
this video and I hope you will try this recipe and I’m sure you will love it and
thank you so much for your love and support and thanks for watching this
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  1. Bincy ….. Is there a resting time in the fridge between each fold or is it just folds after folds without any time gap?*

  2. I never knew it takes so much time to prepare these rolls.
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  6. Dearest Bincy,thanks a lot for ur recipes. I prepared Danish rolls and chocolate chips short bread cookies. They were superb.my family member enjoyed them and appropriate .

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