January 23, 2020
Chronic Pain Series #8

Chronic Pain Series #8

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Steve Goldrick
at Kitsap Physical Therapy, one of the pain specialists. This month-long
we’ve been building patient first videos to explain some things about pain
and helped you understand a little bit more about us and what we can offer to
you or maybe a loved one that might be struggling with persistent pain. Today
what I like to talk about is the lion in the room. In pain neuroscience
education, what we do with patients when we’re educating them, we discuss
this concept of the lion in the room. What the lion metaphorically speaks of is all the stress in life. Imagine if you’re sitting in your living room right
now watching this video and all of a sudden an African lion steps into the
room ah right you’re throwing your husband or maybe your firstborn child in
front of the lion and you’re hightailing it out the door. So your body’s gonna
shift and get into what’s called fight-or-flight mode to get away from
this big proverbial threat of the lion. Well right now I’m standing in our gym
and for you at home, if you struggled persistent pain this might be your
proverbial lion, getting active again, getting moving again, it might seem
daunting I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how much to do, the last time
I tried to, I really hurt and I was in bed for three days. Well we had Kitsap
Physical Therapy we are all about trying to turn your big proverbial African lion
into a baby cub because imagine if you’re sitting in your living room right
now and a baby cub comes into the room you’re not running to get away from the
lion you’re probably running to get your selfie stick so you can take a selfie
with the lion, right, because it’s a cub it’s not as much of a threat so
allow us to come alongside you to help explain what’s going on to the best of
our ability after a sound clinical exam and gets you going with getting
back to activities that give you joy and meaning once again until next time this
is Steve with Kitsap Physical Therapy

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