January 23, 2020
Chronic Pain Series #5

Chronic Pain Series #5

Hi, everyone, this is Dr. Steve Goldrick
with Kitsap Physical Therapy, one of the pain specialists. This month again we’ve
been doing many videos that are patient first a nature to try to help explain a
little bit more about how pain works and what we and our team have to offer to
help you or maybe someone that you know and love that might be struggling with
persistent pain. Today I would like to talk about how pain sometimes could
spread and for many its it’s really concerning you know pain might start to
spread from one region to another and we start getting all these anxious thoughts
about all what’s this mean it must be getting worse or maybe I have a blood
clot or something really bad I better go get it checked out. Well let’s go back to
something that we’ve already covered in a previous video and that is that our
nervous system inside of us functions like our body’s house alarm system
here’s my question for you let’s imagine for example that you have a house alarm
on your physical residence then let’s just say for example you have pretty
close neighbors let’s say in like a cul-de-sac sort of situation if your
house alarm were to go off tonight and it’s real annoying you know an ehh ehh ehh and it stays going off for two months or six months. What do you think
your neighbors think of you? You might laugh behind the screen, thinking they will
hate me, they’d be really mad. Exactly. Our bodies covered with nerves, 45
miles of nerves and if the alarm system goes off in one area and it stays going
off for long enough, the neighbors start to wake up and pain can start to spread
over a broader surface area. It usually isn’t related to anything significant or
sinister it’s just that our body’s alarm systems waking up and the neighbors are
awakened the pain is spreading out of her a broader surface area. But this
isn’t all doom and gloom there’s good news there’s 22 things based on
science that we can do to calm down a sensitive alarm system and help you get
back to things that give you joy and meaning so come and see one of our seven
clinic specialists and let us help you get back to you life again it is much of
a pain-free way as possible!

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