February 27, 2020
Chronic Lower Back Pain : It’s Problems and What You Can Do | James Steele II | Full Length HD

Chronic Lower Back Pain : It’s Problems and What You Can Do | James Steele II | Full Length HD

stage again here uh… is a man that just got his
bachelor’s degree last year from seventh in solely university and is also working
on is p_h_d_’s gonna talk about high-intensity exercise the lower back
give them a round of applause and james feel sick it say purple uh… nelson uh… rick here finance and okay guys right uh… i’m hoping that
this focusing aborted its image as a bit of apprehensive about talking about this
topic she does is big interests of my
obviously and in my p_h_d_ and i’ve been a lot of intensive research on it so to me is very interesting and so i
think quite quite a lot about how to relate to you
guys ab i’m radio i kind of full of al have more to talk
about how happen apartments you how unpretentious the nature of clinic by back pain is i mean like that
do his had back pain got back i know some of
that time that’s only about eight thirty which or sponsor research biggest quite interesting but they had just risk i give you an
introduction of how our cargo in circuses allotted boss that i would say
you know has again to back pains that we’ve like these that i i just finished my basses uh… degree in applies for
science and before start that i was very interested
in complex eisenhower relates that uh… health and fitness despite a shady and definitions and and the fact that excise can have on on
the body so i i wanted in the floods both sides agree with uh… with my main
focus being on excise physiology and at that time i was getting introduced a
kind of concepts of high intensity training and show you guys are aware of
what today doug mcgrath uh… off the jones and i i was reading the bear works as
read my menses works at the time uh… hands kunkel incidently wedding bill two seven
two so it’s not my degrade uh… one of my lectures that was
involved with them some research using that uh… medics
equipment we specifically had at medics lumbar
extension machine there and that is quite interesting that i was
just reading boulevard today’s but some time and i kind of a ride to the
university and was like max max that would i know that name from out aliya opportunism in the back and i got involved in the research in a
kind of stem from their redevelopment houston high intensity training went
back with all the research um… as for the convinced by the evidence
supporting and then move free kind of the same way off the progress from high
intensity training grover norquist’s and i’m leaving for it’s a sent testing and
then rehabilitation fill up back in the other possibility as well looking for the researchers orlow big
holes in understanding of um… that probably what might be the main
causative factor back pain and potentially how we can try and tree
that i’m trying to be either prevent it or rehabilitated for people who do safra so today’s talk
i’m gonna try and zach kind of a personal decision of what will
be why karva that will what was it you guys and you go part
time yet exactly genesis says said united is really
really annoying let’s just have this chronic pain s around you at the whole time we’re
currently in a minute popping up up and down it’s really annoying and you hirings are
things in the conference is well if you go about backing that poster don’t look
so tracked it doesn’t really convey kind message you want states to maybe women or other other people you
china at the relationships of three to talk about it was important to care about it living in a discuss maybe maybe what you
know why is it separate prevalent unit so if you’ve got a semi people of color the figures are really high if it’s a hard as they’ll be something
that’s that’s causing as something that’s having a real impact on and
something that’s meaning that it’s going to you know that it’s kind of time in
society cynicism light my guide is uh… and
based on my reading around the lectures of what remains of like associations of low about paying off and what i think has the most
influencing factor a wide the majority of people suffer from it but any other kind of cupboard ni what you can actually do about it
because it is so well in the pain this is causing it all of this might be causing is me the
main factor now with a day it’s good to have some information of
the how can you talk about how can you do with that how can you do something
about how can you bring the situation because this is the main reason while
you guys again getting information and learning how to apply and improve unite your life
basically i’m gonna spend the time just just kind
of going over what what i’m doing in and uh… the impact i kind of envisage of my research is going to have until
june bit about what specific areas on looking at one
looking at them and how that kind of like is involved with with and about
henry and then we’ll connect they must be tough questions uh… just in case any of you on the web
alone racial messed it up mats the love that the bond five rumbled up and that’s when
my main area of intro testers so anyone’s go questions above that well
below that i want to step outside my area of
expertise sat ideally i can give you an opinion barefoot and i’ll tell you i
don’t know uh… and style of the above the question benefiting inbetween those five that a bright i’ve probably got to know is i can give
you did you get on some site jain sadie questions to something
relevant i guess the why care about love at will first thing that there is to get
back on the definition yet what is back pain if we don’t have to ask tackle something
and you know why isn’t it important to care about it we need to kind of defined and i know what it means i
campaigned saying yesterday uh… some words in some definitions lost many of the answer to tackle probably need to be up to
define it and no what the problem that she is by planes used to describe as a kind of tension or so and insults
stiffness their lease kind of words that used to describe what is a sense it over arching kind of
condition in the lower back mike say any of these are the things
then she sort of stiffness sharp pains anything about it can be
annoying them and they have an impact on our lives we’ll say five categorize our back payments a in
surveys difference of what’s up categories acute pain what we will be considered social time
paints a lasting erupts ovr twelve weeks accutane would usually be involved with
united an injury maybe sports injury may be tripped and says well you know
anything that this should back out so to speak anne’s and causing pain
usually in the majority of cases acute pain kind of resolves itself almost kind
of naturally even the research suggests that it
doesn’t really matter what you doing the actual pain will tend to go away after
bouts of at most near upset so salt lamps are supposed to
meet out that’s of light line is a two week
period the problem is is when the paint doesn’t go away profits periods is tenzin said what we’ve encountered
rises sub-acute pain and eventually develops into chronicling aykroyd has anything that any pain has
lasted for a for a long period in twelve weeks and usually in those cases it’s way develops in thirty years under
some people who are involved in my research allied i’d been testing and and uh… rehab with to uh… some of them
in our time for thirty years billy had spent the
whole life in pain basically and i think there’s no way to lead your
life unit happy them suffering one of the other kind of problems that
and i was speaking to and gentleman editor about it is a very differences come on uh… is very difficult to m give back pain in aloft cases a diagnosis i mean that we will go on
for a second but there are a lot of different things associated with
backpacking that maybe or may not be causing pain then maybe you’ll may not be affecting
the joints by mechanics and then having something impact on how the structures
which may illicit a pain response or unit in may or may not be expecting
um… functions are out how the joined by metaxas function so it all the time is very difficult to
say right you you have back pain anne’s this is causing your back pain or all of
this is causing the pain that you’re experiencing unanimity uh… nerve impingement and maybe uh… baghdad’s degenerate correction this
instance since causation and what you know it could be ligaments
execute the must it could be actual unanimously saying elan’s right uh… then the majority of cases diagnosis
comes up so people labeled is nonspecific can go
part time method and ideals most cases is very difficult then say oh
if we don’t know i fear what’s causing it happened how harry’s personnel to do
about it and this is where the majority of my
kind of like researchers involved with his dealing with is poorly causing that non-specific aspirate because it is and
eighty five percent of people with chronic low back pain how this non-specific kasri given to
them israel so by fifteen percent uh… you can say you know you know you’ve got
this problem you’ve got the specific policy the specific conditions of our buttons
that nichols in time so i’m focusing on conflict how can we
figure out what’s causing apple what may be the predominant because of that is
non specific cases and how can we address so when i talk about uh… old
previously lbp and in uh… the rest of the u_n_ but the slides unfocused specifically about nonspecific chronic low back pain says back pain without specific
diagnosis that’s lasting in a long and twelve weeks in and maybe the car rental unit people’s pain perceptions change that said just a quick diagram for you and
this is just a complex at the same for my research unwilling back to the kind
of lay-up these guys im leave leaning lian lian
lian uh… they’ve actually done a lot of research
a lot of at reviews on the time i think really act and dysfunction and i put together this kind of uh…
integrated model to say like well in in non specific cases uh… with
unusual school function as as a as an outcome measure which is very difficult to say all i can
try to um… for specific something specifically
wrong with this structure altadena something is causing
painewebber’s nervous eleven and sony’s function like the function of
the joint joined by mechanics as an outcome measure blood as a taken this kind of kind of
approach that they’ve use in the categories are used and adapted it said be applied to lie back so we’ve got got as cargo at that time
as a kind of like entity as a kind concept and function as the outcome measure all
functions as the perhaps rehabilitation go so one looking at is whether or not we can
improve function we can definitely improved all these other areas uh… associating with may not necessarily because it is but
certainly associated with caught up at night one thing i a m day is focusing on the physical
characteristics involvement that’s love dot section then psychological and so i can
say show instances my resistance and the folks in alexander
come from the excise physiology backgrounds and sold out there is a psychological impact acts
like a social impact to stress impacts on pain perception which i’ll discussed
briefly and mind as well main focus of my recession might efforts are looking at what the actual physical symptoms are is the school said he said to tell
whether or not dislike us at the psychological stress
is causing the plane or whether or not it’s causing psychological distress united services hall association doesn’t necessarily imply
causation unthinking his motherland on fixing the
physical characteristics the more specifically in my research i’m thinking
of fixing on things like range of motion you know if this generation the act actual atrophy if they uh…
lumbar extensor musculature as the looking a bit sort of ad uh… skilled specific bomb attacks when
we come up on the tax uh… if you guys are where pala build us a man’s world most of you who are about seems videos threat fuzz it up yet ok ever anyone read my
mail access yeah ok kitty co but left bill talks a lot of our time by mechanics that has as a an
overarching sold like uh… subject uh… by metaxas display and so there
are certain things that we we wet when bill talks about bond cactus
talking specifically about uh… rolled from what governments works is
um… joint structure anatomy function in a what i had some people michael
functional kese ology uh… the bomb attacks also incorporates
skills specific movements as well so free my plus full size three that we
one-week were looking at buying tax we look at basically so what the physics of
how particular movements uh… whether that
elaborate so much support skills work on up and one of the senate things is looking
and was cool gate which is basically you unit look for mostly commission’s web
describing an you like to mention and report back pains and have
discovered variable datetime which doesn’t fee the normal time which we see people
hey that got back pain so that’s just tell us that the saying
an of what i’m looking at and why i think is
an important to look at and we’re going back to the family aside
more determined to research and doing and why do you get so much important
things that you know the results on huntington okay what’s the as a senator quite low back pain really prevalent really unpretentious than a foot is in
his word recently i think i might use their the kind of thing with the about me up
on the time you want to mention dot com if this is unpretentious condition there
that is everywhere everyone has their normal talks about it you know it is not laptop kind of scary
you know as necessary killeen blaze interestingly
in some cases that i’ve read uh… case there is an examples of people who’ve
been slice of the stress by that i know that yet i felt suicidal hands and may be that goes back to the
whole used business-like is a psychological stress causing pain or is
the pain caused the psychological sts distress some interesting points but yet because this is kind of
unpretentious unknown really kind of like thinks as a massive impact on society uh… it doesn’t really get a lots of press shall we say on my
things like cancer heart disease analysts at the city is definitely one of the most prevalent
medically soul is in fact the world health organization did a big survey at as a love like uh… and in the nineteen
nineties and zag actually ranked low back pain is
the second most prevalent disorder uh… in uh… in that survey be
anything that was interesting and called me and i have it was m unforeseen amiably
and low back pain right-wing prevalence higher than almost everything out to
clean your heart please cancel these are things and so i uh… it’s a real problem and
dan here’s some of the estimates are that
sixty to eighty percent of of adult we’ll will suffer from back link so you
need a new guys who have miss everybody paying now will have an expense in pain in the past it may come point you lots where it was
very likely that you can suffer from back pain is gonna really cause you some
problems anos a one interesting things is is the cost of
back pain it may not have a massive impacts in the
interest of like uh… severe impact that on all of our lives of some
illnesses and conditions date but intends it costs it costs shit load
of money every year some of the estimates are it
costs about ten thousand a won the most recent estimates for the
u_k_ musicals they call me and direct and indirect costs about ten point six that ten point six thousand million sanders a billion about about ten million pounds a year lessen the direct and indirect costs
last reunited cost of healthcare posterity and i i i’m one of these
problems is the treatments that that utilized by people with back pain and assistant director of student if
people go back on the part of the work than that both of those weapons they
missed limits now i’m getting money for it working and provide value for that
company in that companies or say missing out on the web at providing for them so there’s all these complex lost
involve all venice is big spiral that just keeps continuing costing more and
more money and the way the kind of economy is going on the mine with rates
inflation buzzing scott b skyrocketing even more big problem if i’m pain is so prevalent like if that
is going to some reasons why it’s prevalent in what’s causing what is
having an impact on it to make its such prevalent conditional society when we
look epidemiologically sex which is a study
of sort of like m epidemics of disease oval the political
political we look at the school respect as we look
at things are socially within that we can generate hypotheses about word and
maybe is a is act was in it wasn’t such a very uh… what link
doesn’t have to the actual conditions so we look at things cool risk factors and in fact i mean they’re kind of
mainly cell-free trains a full and kind of categories
what types of respect this all responsible the conditions that that we say so one of these ab prospectuses these
environmental and work-related expenses ansel played out latest pictures i see
that i was just following and i don’t really realize that soft or click on
that site but but that they’re supposed to have
backpacks andrea you can’t find him something which i remember this morning
which i a m needs to remove told you about was that rice farmers
interestingly uh… undergo close the while back has
been a kind of interest of mind looking answer at back pain in but traditional indigenous of coaches also what alienated bike there and and evolutionary
reasoning new unit is m between paul and i think in anytime lab
spective of uh… the human sciences or any kind of like uh… biological
sciences in exercises so he did just as a kind of like a
example of people and have decided that working conditions and therefore carbide
pollsters and that sort of thing that we experience during a work with libya extended seating fighting month five
office jobs accenture will come by lifting that we experienced
and doesn’t really like a man who worked the last five a bustles sorts of things maybe lengths to high prevalence of backpacking unloaded tonight so with that you know you can ingi back lifting
something hedley or lifting anything for that matter of
fact if you lifting and stupid way if you’ve seen in a way that excessively loads perhaps the passage
structures robin the muscles taken the like so you know i’m not denying that you can hurt your back doing stupid
stuff at work or or in whatever environment you’re in but interestingly i was looking at it and some research in
thailand slickers and see whether or not they prevalence of back pain was as high
in thailand as it is in other cultures in the world and the kind of that prevalence of
pieces it is it’s very difficult skylight link things the government draw
direct comparisons ’cause methodologies are always different indifference studies which is was a
problem when you try and uh… in separate them but one interesting thing was an
analytical the acid oakley who teaches law about pollster and thinks it’s very
important highlighted to me that uh… innovative
i watched uh… fingerboard chests not uh… gava resident americans were back in a
fast uh… their posters on the bending
lifting is these brilliant to keep neutral spine intended the hips an extended hours and
hours a day spent and that poster bend down picking up or checked checked sounds and
she says his picture and which outcome regret nothing on it now
but i am of these what these women with his wonderful pasta spending hours a day and that posture
and yet seem to have no at that time and she kind of used as a burst of like
uh… eye-catching tool to cut my heart like
uh… i like this so full of claims they saw that on the
ground is a symptom of a resurgence in pictures and an offense interesting
picture when i was looking to try and prevalence of uh… so much promise and rice
farmers in in thailand in an abrasion country you can expect too much of the
same job is spent than the day’s bent down but here i sit in that mocha you know
whatever is the kind of war he feels that way ands and interestingly that that you
found showed the unit well half of the people in the picture
you have this perfect posture newt respon bending of the hips and you know i reloading the spine in
the mouth of the that these conflict and schools of thought would want you to
bullies and the idea of a half of them had
relief ship upstate new york hunched revolt bending down and using a standing hours
a day in that position so much so therefore you know that’s
quite interesting considering that she’s also saying that the rates of back pain
in thailand quite loves wealth along the lines my foot much of the full
of why i think is the time could only the causative factor although
maybe the majority of almost irresponsible is that i was on for a second is one of
the physical characteristics of the lumps popping and was that bless those odds you study done with
ross thomas he found that rice farmers with lower strength levels in that lumber expenses
actually had a high rate of back pain and that was the factor that was most
associated with it now doesn’t so imply causation but it’s interesting that the actual working conditions didn’t
really have a big impacts weber all they have backpacking so what we can usually says if there is
no association is quite like me that’s probably know causative so it is very difficult complex a lena
is definitely the majority of people are getting back pain because that spending
time than i ever lisp and science flash in the states will sign opposition the
web because they’re new situations just on
consistent they’re all over the place in the may be
affected by methodologies in the populations in the catholic and thus the consistent is very
difficult to say yet definitely that message russell what’s happened so we
need to comeback as of today the psychological
family swings back into the hallway m work-related stuff and uh…
work-related stress is other said mahmud focuses isn’t probably
on uh… and so i thought processes associates is melissa nicholson
associated with back pain and i want to step out of my bounds
uh… that and cognitive behavior therapy is is a
very sort of like prevalent that treatment options and i and the you’re
the research is trying to be pretty successful and in terms of an leading people’s pain section but im interestingly and some of the research that i’ve
looked at looks at has with the fact that the soldiers in chicago i stress
the soldiers and and psychological sensitivity and and found that injury cases they’re not necessarily associative with the prevalence of le backpacking they affect the degree of love acting
cell asserted that the intensity of the plane experience so it’s not the kind of like four to me
that suggests well maybe psychological stress and most of the
things all having you know the director of direct impact on howell much background people all how prevalent
back pain is certainly one of the story be the main causative factor it’s also by holistic approach to the they can have an impact on the penny to
safety preserves the perception that uh… it’s it’s considering that it’s
time to see the brain hands and any kind of stress is not necessarily
have an impact on what the sections you have of that and response was important it’s monastery myers
focused and attendance of think it’s unit remains hoping plays an important
thing to consider perhaps in an addressing people’s pain perceptions and lastly won the race as a respect as
we look at uh… these physical acceptance that
when we talk about his work at respect as we’re talking about times and but demographic characteristics and i
like height weight below the only things that i’m uh…
people’s physical characteristics and some of these things are we looking
at like uh… join structures join function uh… how how the joint actually
physically functions like i say no they’re going to function of the joint
and so you know that could be in the love acted to strengthen lumber expenses
that you feel that well but that’s the anil diagram and petty from one of our jags but uh…
just showing a lumbar extension and sent uh… and his lodi vanfleet looking at things
like range of motion as well and that the check i might grow strong regulation
and on the stage a specific number dimension which we talk about that
alonso excuse me okay so i could send association doesn’t
necessarily imply causation started clover is difficult to say also
if something’s associated with it was really causing it liberalize just may be
simply unite maybe something else is underlying it and when this thing has an impact on a
campaign is prevalent and something else is provided as well
these kind of a conditions because very difficult i’d like to say i’m what’s
causing wall in the majority of cases found at the same opinion is as
researchers likes to have a gala benefit you’ve you’ve had it is his name is
quite big names alone about uh… by mechanics and rehabilitation uh… even if you know i mean in general
agreement with him that in the jury cases pain has an
organic souls okay and injury or some sort this
function of the joint because it is what initially causes move
sequence of events that leads to he fixes along harrel and very stiff
physical characteristics of columbus find have an impact on injury uh…
thresholds and and and the injuries that you’ve infects and dan usa distinctions between where for all
of the uh… yet acute injuries all chronic injuries
as well netware broadband you know yesterday like an acute
chiseled like sprain or high-impact an injury a liberal that anne anne these words right now uh… a repressive injury at for example
like maximize get the texas rangers people get reports of injuries which can
develop in c chronic back pain the lungs spine as well you know it’s a really get tackle from behind the rugby of
whatever so quickly backed out it may be sustained loading and
sustained injury very small small small just builds up a
discount like running response and what does that mean is off to a
injury a series of events happens which leads to spot of high response the actual at peripheral nervous systems
or data structures and uh… person in their structures become sensitizing come
really sensitive to pangs anymore compass
simulations as joy they structures willis eaten for the pain response and some of the things that you know if
you can get directness and pension because of a with joined by mechanics
because of the function uh… and discs and other tissues as
well facet joints it’s just easier to handle it and it seems fine that date
that’s right and had to have muscular and ligaments officially they will have
no supplies so they can all feel kind of any kind
like alterations that by the tax may be
something that’s responsible for sensitizing those nerves and then subsequently sitting up a
series of n since i was the rest of the uh… same response says maybe white white paint private
developments mccormick condition as well you know one thing i just want to point
out is something interesting laid out in a again how made what you guys followed
local yukon abilities but does well the big he cannot hide real of
research and i really love lots of out of the book the great source of
information such as you can find good blogs from bike interesting and and and critical correctly thinking and
russian peoples uh… are full of logs written by and very species and doctors center and but why does a is was a full is a
guy called photography bro’s vocal better movement and he’s over so blood
brain senses approach on um… pain and and and he is uh… questions for back pain and interestingly uh… heated up a
couple of studies that show was aware of announcing of the stories where some people who have abnormalities in
the lower back discount haitians of exposing myself
think shows no pain symptoms so alarm people cause like jumps on top
and wagon to say you know if if that’s not being as they
go back problem but not all time then maybe that’s not responsible for
paying the first place but i think i’m set said like injury
cases pain does seem to have an organic kind of like like souls icon stimulates
appetite and one of things as an impact on my
sisters their t_v_ injury as well when you can’t look at these have
studies which metabo malfeasance incidents tends to find that the actual and degree
of injury if for example we looking at the disks
of dust can begin to degenerate make and then softball which and they couldn’t center at that point
stop pressing on earth and causing pain response or they they could have a completely
within which case you know they can cause a real slow like impingement on
that uh… nervous tissue would need to move down into the actual blood-brain units stimulators inflammatory cascade of events that that
can cause a racial painful response and it seems to me that that the
majority of links and between abnormalities in pain for a
lot more satiated with at the severity of them so the ratio of light lotus verity and injuries uh… abnormalities when necessary it’s
highly associated with um… back pain the thing to do is come by at least this
state’s response relationship between how badly injured the spinal how badly
deteriorated wars and the extent of pain experienced so maybe they even when we see an
abnormality it may not necessarily be sufficient
enough to cause the pain response yet also we’ve got an examples with some
people have since in some people say they experienced pain the scan showed nighttime soap also no amounts itself am and this is this is interesting as well
because a lot people may become a little erica whether it’s a caring evidence uh… sorry and absence of
evidence to main evidence of absence side is this whole inmates in the senate
as uh… a phrase it that they use and which is sorry absence of evidence doesn’t
indicate evidence absence faces hold you com prove the non-existence of something
godlike and that’s what we’re talking about his family entertainment it’s is a logical jumped that i’m a logical
jumps i’d say that just because you can see something on this particular scan there’s nothing that the festive season am so that you had the scam i hadn’t
made mister ouagadougou lawsuit estate using and i just like laugh as well now
i’m not docking station said his admonition lines up that incident of of
reason the research yet not not not the thing i missed
something or perhaps the abnormality was there desensitized and create a kind response as potentially alleviate itself it’s
rotten lousy but tangling it because of the same size
asian it’s very difficult scott venues ease
diagnostic tests to stay on the air power how worthwhile actually offered and zambia’s any refers to the use of
these tests in the country who was then that that clinicians like arafat’s visit
is that you can see contact this small number of people with that
was an accurate diagnosis in most cases is no usually that useful this whole idea of how dangerous verity
then conference on the side there’s an injury fractals and in most cases when injury fresh fruit is
exceeding along the lines plastered mcgill thinking it you’d kill joy structural have a
particular um… level of of loading and i can’t sustain before it’s it breaks basically is like any
kind of like engineering aspect it will be up to sustain uh… and start consented to have
loading beforehand as boom and amber expand that made a spectacular
failure and they all collapsed or but like an accused of a severe
injury impact injury or maybe a sustained pat stipulating
that may cause an injury i a verdict that period of time but as an injury
fresh felt and they’re gonna be things that impact how well you can opened to that’ll how well you can
sustain and leading before you actually and gets
injury excuse me walter and his own mind refresh alerting them one important things in certainly coming
from a uh… mciver excise phase that background is and be submitting a joint can’t take is
usually to be dependent upon the extent of resistance that the musculature holding
the joined together can actually withstands if you’ve got week musculature that’s joins dot is not to be out with
stands much loading is going to be up to that you may have
led injured mergers lefty characteristics as well uh… and strength and endurance you
know the not separate things they go hand in hand if any of you familiar with
the kind of opportunism analogies on that if for example you implement strength
training program accessory any exciting east offer a
little with a at maximum former max it as a hundred ql you
improve increase that to syndicators and stuff so you can do one red mexicans
killers and things to do eight reps with excuse can increase that you one red max two
indicators then people began to get to do about a
breadth of hasn’t sixty hitler’s interested person so your actual endurance the amount of rhetoric and to we’ve
aggressive loans going up to some dangerous enormous you know if you
previous championship reviewed your your insurance as well so there’s no time like training for one
or the other anne’s doesn’t have an impact on how
well you can yet uh… withstand impact injuries no
se sustained writing as well and dan twelve impacts on the visit the injury
severity and then the impact that has on paying the sponsor interestingly and one of the most
consistent things you find in in the in the lecture looking on on summation of
studies is small populations into large-scale
studies looking at least physical characteristics a lot of things associated with um… the actual number extensive musculature
minimal two-fisted rectus finally muscle groups uh… shave in people with back pain they usually very weak and they’re very agitated and they unit uh… compared to an older
population of people without back tag packing that colin able to withstand is
much stratton unloading as as the people who are
suffering from that all of these and these things like that
to fade the uh… lumbar extension strength lumber extensive activation is usually
lauren s toward native people of back pain and we actually get interestingly as well is that people who have the q injuries tend to have innocent have associated
lumbar muscle atrophy as well so certainly in the in the most if
that’s the people come into a with an acute injuries though you know that was
done by uh… heights and click something and uh… the people who came in with
acute injuries founder they had lumbar muscle wasting his well they
didn’t know follow-up study as well and also did some studies looking at people
coming out of injuries up and found that the degree of the improvement in the
back pain was actually related to the degree of improvement in the lumber mill
musculature as well as the amount we actually uh… itouch stage in the amount of and
improvement act financing says interesting that first-time and certainly the impact on
whether it becomes chronic or not is also related to how strong and how lab well-developed the
actual on the musculature is when i was in the stuff and it’s not rush for the next time that
sent on the phone sir wine okay but is it briefly just such a down on
the indigenous populations that i have this kind of idea that well if
it’s a physical characteristic that is not necessary to be uh… environmental cause it causes all
you know that holds online westernization you know what else is in
the lift anything to win having impact supple i’m going to have a look western prostitutes with uh… i am indigenous in
traditional population sea while the rates of back pain are and then see
where they had a hearing to traditional pain you know final lifestyle but one of the our
caller and actually unite reduce the rate at
that time we see and all the times like and traditional populations are confined
and literature on research on count me in the race with justice high
in some cases higher than about time we have to get in um… western populations fish in the
it doesn’t really matter whether you convert hitting tradition diet lifestyle
whatever you seem to seems to be back pain
everywhere we go out the question honestly rule tide is
because of that discrepancies in some of the research but on the whole is very very prevalent regardless of
what you get it avodon a slight here with some of my recent
forced us to quickly go either now if that’s the case before the potentially there must be
some sort of evolution reasoning for walleye we’ve got a high prevalence of back pain
and to some sort structural btwn compromise perhaps uses the word to
use that badly she’s had to make uh… elation resulted in that means that we fuji dot
we care about muscles than than we really need and i’ll be right that i did everything
since a m trying to book list i’m working a series of the moment which will be fascism just looking at how probable on the spot
is involved in howell diane us all links if my research and have strengthened the
lumber accents among muscles actually links back to that somehow
there is an evolution basis for week lumber expenses just as a kind of power backup
background holidays uses and the cat uh… what’s the global market basically
all twelve monkeys is generally absolutely representative of early hate bury my sanity sense of before the
pain in the thick area and in the early nineteen when we left all boreal quarter panel four-legged opm trees will
and locomotive dan and what we what we have those need to
have a very long so sixty seven number that’s right what then happened is is we kind of
involved in the short back terrestrial have on the ground grounds and and
branched and swing uh… and what’s what’s coming up more was
never quite shortening of the land of right because using what’s called regulation which got
swinging between the trees requires a stable platform from which to break it
from this is this is actually uh… andy and
image of chimpanzees and uh… spinal sent his pelvis
inconceivable in the spines school dramatically and what’s also happened is the iliac
crest have come up elongated and they cause like an
entrapment of the lungs spine so what happens is is we’ve gone from big long
spines really short spine with a lot of passive rigidity and all of passive
uh… structural integrity of that so will subsequently happens is over that period of time we’ve gone
from having a relatively massive strong erect respond i was involved in involved
heavily in our locomotion touting a relatively small one in eight times a cross-section i ran
across that you have a muscle as an impact on the actual math forced
generate site smaller muscles jim remain weak muscles icahn says an evolution basis for y potentially a lot of people have got week back
muscles and his wife seriously when i get people
into testing in the lumber extension shame which of
the freemen as well in that case what can you do about it where two different i’d like to methods
of treatment as a passive treatments rashad payne absence of relief and this
is one of the reasons why the costs of it’s freezing back pain at
the site hard is because a lot of treatment options
focus on relieving the symptoms relieving the pain that the focusing on
what the actual underlying causal factors so things like bed rest in a a
depression pain killers that something’s sarge they’ll focus on pain relief and actually removing the perception of pain relief spirits as the great on the short time really painful but then she comes back because they
haven’t dealt with the coles and that would watch at actually the mechanism
which is actually stimulating the times the value of the cells treatments and
there is somebody is in terms of uh… the severity to
frighten people really bad pain and you need to begin active treatment program sometimes the social treatments can be
very useful indicating that process it is hard to accompany and get involved with the program in that respect we should be immediately
dismissed as being completely deceitful that is of a role for the ms nine wall role they should play a treatment
program and yet for three years and years and
years doctors we recommend that breastfed back pain but that’s done to realize now that doesn’t
really so stupid the next time area is abt active active on uh… treatment options which
it would she have physical treatment options aimed at trying to address the
actual course but at that time and that the traditional primaries in
looking at physiotherapy sick physical manipulation of the joints and um… you know that there’s a really long
history of using uh… manipulation techniques such as mackenzie stuff and
they’ve been very useful way in in research and adding in clinical practice in introducing pain
outcomes and improving functional outcomes improving function
of the of the joys of the uh… and physiotherapist manipulating well the problems that we had with it is and zan it’s unfortunately lee just a a
problem with the technique and therefore the cuff is effective for the writing is
just that the technique relies on a subjective so
flight uh… clinically wisdom if you like a
third of the physiotherapists is very difficult to provide verse of like yet objectives and and valid measurement of what the joints actually doing so
they can be useful is very difficult to that gets old white baseline measurement that
you know is accurate and provide progressive intervention to try and solve tackle and
every measure again get accurate results and thinking you know i definitely know
that that’s great so one things you can do instead is
actually apply progressive sobai exercise prior program and not
necessarily focus also but physical manipulation which to extend involves a uh… the combination of subjective sold
like uh… interpretation and also the com wisdom of the actual physiotherapist now their free time i a reserve an
excise indicate that we can look at which the lipstick admits that well in this kind of general activity
which is basically decide their own get on with with it if you go back and
get on with it just the active do what you can can you
confirm run good do whatever take on a class and and some areas of research had
focused on this new edition rows of the good outcomes in terms of payment spawns the problem is very difficult to say that they’re holy affected because they
don’t necessarily houston and the phillies geez objective measures of function site it’s very difficult to objectively
say functional outcomes and improved pain
meds were just for whatever reason maybe because of a conscious general outcome of the excise but it’s very difficult to jets every
validate that the second robot school of foreign zones
of excise whole idea of stability trying them out of control training and it is
very big in the complex pulls performance areas answer is a very big in rehab and areas
as well and there are a number of problems that with
this approach i failed uh… in terms of the actual controlled trials downstate look is the
fact that this again it does show improvements outcome measures such pain and
disability and that sort of thing the problem is on a theoretical basis is
underlying um… premises very for very flawed it seems
to be that in general it’s probably just a generalized excise
effect from doing the activities that having an impact on it physics behind them sinking so it was a little bit of the the whole
motor control fit for a few dozen familiar with the hine says h_i_v_
lecture and certainly but we also have the political science they discussed in quite detailed yet how
fast iv transpacific scalia’s decline kal bounce around swiss for whatever these specific skills and and question
the answer transference about scaling the actual muscle recruitment plans are you saying
that stuff over activities site on that basis during these motor control
instability exercises it’s is very ten years to suggest that is the actual motor control has been transferred to
them reduced pain and injury right reason improve disability it’s probably
just a general adaptation the actual masterchief
rothman proven transference of the kind of skills involved another level as well as recent research
at has focused on time news the white techniques of measuring
at range of motion an actual joint mission into segments early sit on the spinal cancer that is not a
five to four vote right and what a lot of research recently is
fixed on is how those individuals are brand new even how the muscles surrounds
those individual that a break control dot mind is that for the actual facets of
the the whole matter controller syria and misinterpretation of that skill
transparency but one of the problems of aids the to the studies of lots of people
with back pain suggested ah… people with partner about backpacking
have a lot of variability in the uh… sp into segments to movement of and
that’s a bright but the problem is so does everyone decision get above the solve love that’s a bright with a
majority of movement actually ’cause it seems to be that the movement is very into individual
you’ve taken population of of healthy divisions and fun last variability
between individuals so it makes it quite hard to
then say well how is definitely that which is causing an impact on uh… united that show uh… function
of the lungs spot because the majority movement because and the lower levels of uh… bright and a majority that movement is produced
by the larger uh… musculature externally and compress images is provided by
internal musculature again them out of control theory it’s not necessarily training that
particular skills particular skills and help so what we then move on to decide their
progress strengthening and and in particular high-intensity sector without going into detail because on the
web time of yet high intensity training
principles and everybody was times beach read a little too literature in the area
uh… and other lucrative mention actually
there uh… i’m not sure toll-free paperwork
done at the moment so hopefully i’ll be have publishes some point you guys got to
meet up to the crime scene buddy right yet progressive strengthening site resistance excise this could be one question mark side and is do these exercises trying the lumber
extensive musculature through the dead lift good morning brian and share right generic insists i dot back extension excised one of the problems with all these
excise is is they involve hip extension as well say there is movement of the hips as
well as movement have the uh… outlook on the spot and when we’re looking at a time kind of
movements and so like rest compound movements the bollywood seem to find a way of making things efficient and making
things things and and incision in terms of energy expenditure so when we looking excised involve
movement around the hits larger and stronger muscles of the group
at the if the and please and hamstrings fans do the majority of the like that now studies have been done to look at it activation of the lumbar extensor
musculature in these various excise is in fact and
we we uh… one of the students is just uh… compares the fact that lessons and traditional deadliest and you know the lumber stance is
definitely active insensitive using a election on the fee
which measures the image cracked version of the muscles and during it sizes bosses excise is
being done that doesn’t ask anything other than
their activities and tell us the extent of activation accounting for their very
schools involved with the technique lewis’s their active uh… sending him
out my number expenses are active but doesn’t this lean mean that they’re
getting sufficient stimulus uh… produce an adaptive response they need to be loaded sufficiently and city sufficiently trashy produced
and that the response boom of all of these excise is is they allow hit extension and they allow the collision hamstrings
and the majority of the load bearing studies looking at comparing at traditional back extension chains
with what we want to insect which is the lumber extension seem pretty fanatics both is that he’s looking at and
comparing the um… raymond share exercise to the lumber extension shea showed up as long as he picks engines allowed lowell insulated lumbar extension
strength is an increased because of on the musculature presumably isn’t loaded
sufficiently interested sufficiently also am james fish in a guy’s gonna be
coming on sunday as well to the exiles intrusion kunin as just finished and a city he’s been doing comparing this to
think that left with the lumber extension chain and interestingly stiff but their lives that really improve your lumber
extensive rammstein a couple of people grew the lumber
extension straight not a significant agreeing on the whole
most people didn’t so what can we do we do that so if you’ve got guys maybe you know
that all have access to quit my like this study in those cases yet how many of you from london actually ecology you guys will have access to the
equipment back and then i think it is a facility
cookies a training they have a full range of medics
training equipment and they have a medical version lumbar
extension chain here i think that an excise division as well legend is that they equipment we’ve got
a university which has all the testing facilities on as well and the main principle behind it is the stress-strain systems so what is the changes in st is
basically what the pelvis in place pipeline forced down on the theme is by
the man uh… five-story mistresses kind of life
opens to the point the football that applies force out the
lower legs which hit three fema restraint which then combustible backwards the
famous what doesn’t really holds the pelvis down back against the spelled
with a straight ahead and what happens then it is no movement forth and back actually
athletes conf calf in the pelvis sony flexion extension movement that because just because of the lumber lunberg
senses so we can do it as we can more effectively loaded at
going back to the the evolution of the uh… perspective one of the reasons perhaps that we’ve
got stronger lilac gleason hamstrings is because of the way out date patterns
has evolved when we kind of like compaq children’s we went sizzled has been hit sent me and
katelyn if you think it how much of that these gorillas live and that involved a heavier influence of
heavy involvement of the grease enhancing sec potentially there’s a there’s a powerful
e dash away because we have changed again massively
powerful must be strong and now in this position would go a long
dated lumber uh… lumbar spine again to allow bipedal movement to to for
example a two-legged walking and we’ve got his legacy of big strong voice and sing but we can
spon muscles which creates its just uh… recipe for dan hi levels of the whole high prevalence
of back pain so we can do is we can isolate it and effectively test in isolation
attesting isolation is important because anne of the previous tests it that re
says he’s looking at extension to exit trump extension they’ve got it uh… the dispensing testing fantasy machine
and not skip elvis so it’s very difficult for them to say that with us and love back because the
hips and and uh… hits the extension is involved in prison hamstrings involved to the actual measurements they take you
to be a combination of all of those factors yukon in allies like that one factor was machine does is isolates that allows
us to get varied objective invalid picture of lumbar spine function and we can measure for a full range of
motion we can produce and and look at what i think uh… books like in general they would back pain since before we
even below the top one or more range of strength when we look at things we have this
common bell curve in the middle is the average some people release on some
people over a three-week the most people back time tend to have really low levels of love of lumber extensions right they can’t afford to let the norms will sally and just make it up to the
ball range just to finish up at one of my thing so it’s been like this um… dot and the
military’s top flaunt they’re doing is looking at some
research using the lumber extension james caan
plug some of the gaps the number extension shames
rehabilitation uh… and and and strengthening using high-intensity
excise others cool just wrapping up what what is allows the war the majority of rescission is in a hell
of a lot of research mechanic says that one yet improves lumbar extension center
improves isolated lunberg lumber spon from chin right wheaton objectively measure that research shows that we know that works increased pain outcomes massive studies are studies have been
got done using the uh… medics machine all the studies done in people with back
pain should improve pain outcomes along with improved function prove
number extension strength ’cause reprieve strengthening prove
joint function we’ve got a nice objective measure that would find pains
reduced moved to file a disability levels nation using technical glitches amber improved as well two great we know that it works in terms
of improving function an improving pang and if you’ve got guys can get access to
the case of facilities you guys and access to it as well and if you’ve got
and you can uh… take time incident fancy and an teas that strength in your
muscles but the thing is coming back to these complex sensitive
factors involved with back pain my fourth on on these are the
potentially the most symptoms often causes to be interesting to see whether or not before addressing the potentially ultimate calls and uses the
word ultima arash review familiar jack diamonds but dungeons and still uses
live there proximal causes an ultimate courses yeltsin of course big what causes these
things these extra proximal causes which then have an impact on the you know lax images like paying
disability and that’s ok and if we if we consider potentially week lumbar extension
muscles of what’s happening impact and causing these of uh… ishi’s but limited range of motion degenerate
fiske’s indicate very that series of a physical symptoms what we might see is if we address that ultimate kalos we might see an impact on these of a
possible causes well ease tension simpson’s well my research is looking at physically improve lumbar extension
strength we improve pain withdrew bridges
pampered disability right week and we’ll say with you decided of improving range of motion as well to
solicit some of the research looking at has improved regulation one interesting thing is is most people back i have a limited
range of motion to begin with so clinicians employees limited range of
motion intervention now bill phyllis and i and talks a lot
of our islands of regulation excised and the theoretical basis of why he
suggests avoiding streams of the range of motion sensor
for the lumber extensions can be extremes inflection extremes of
extension is because in those positions the
muscles on necessarily what’s being loaded it may be the patent issues attendance
ligaments lines they’re gonna be what load as well so what what we’re looking at doing is
saying whether or not we can actually on the medics take the exercise limited
to a very small range of motion avoiding those extremes of the world are still
produces full range functional outcomes as if that still produces improvements
in it’s associates in tune with limited
range of motion secondly within the kit in a very busy as well should admit when he came up to the lab
we’ve got i was gonna buy consistent that’s actually a freidy imaging system well and if any does he have high level
of the rings is put together when they picked all the mystical these
little night that ping-pong balls will ever end and he just doesn’t list off the cameras
recorded essentially the same system for too much and symbolic invaded as i can take
distance ed and i can marketable up film than using these ten freidy cameras
in the reconstruct that have an animation see exactly how their lungs
spine is moving relative to that elvis well several king so i can see how very
police to begin with and then look to see what impact
strengthening those muscles has on improving the way they walk as well as
britain is kind of extra simpson this is listed below that time and lastly as well we’re going to look at effect looting has actually only numbers on the discs as well we know that you know progresses high-intensity strength
training most the muscles improves must must papers like the increases have
purchased a increases strength we know that increases bone mineral density in fact
you know the status of that uh… what effect the lumber extension she has
available by mineral density of the the strength and taken to the actual that’s
right and fowler increases by mineral density
as well one thing i mean the time you see any
structure the in the love that the that you know it has an impact on that i’d like to see whether actually has an
effect on improving discount most people people about that time due
to some extent especially as you get older they get unit fifty generation
which concerns herniation bolting accept it and some people got this idea the more you move the more he creates variances impression
across that says you ben folds back was the discs basically and gets washed and extending either
side so it’s not extension movements
creatives squeeze mechanism is listing sundance and to increase hydration subdesc why
one of the time the cap was well may be that that works in terms of
physiotherapy what i’ll be effective at the same time i does load have an effect
on it and may well day because the study that
that uh… uh… but you know that’s the family the changes in but it was named traveled on the soft so
but by no means area which is very closely associated with the disc alphas
well as discs degenerate that since the generators muslim aviall
inc that i could potentially have in effect ambitions well recent study was
published uh… big city in germany found that uh… the heavy overloading of exercise
because the people give weight lifting and that’s all things and have better
itself that people we do things like long distance running as well uh… leading of parcel of that the fat repetitive um… sports center in america running that triathlons bingo about aren’t very
good feedback health so there there’s a potential link that
whereby wife we ask that question we employ uh… employs invention the mud
yeltsin effect on all these different outcomes and see whether or not in terms of the
holistic approach this intervention can have in effect on
all with the contacts that’s about time so that that’s the whole idea and
hopefully i can i what provide some benefit you get
uh… if anyone who gets back thank for the main time you know the research said
he does suggest that anyone gets back pain should really
be employing discarding intervention is very strongly supported and it’s far more objective uh… method
of uh… treatment than any other kinds of currently existing treatment thirteen blue just a summary of kind of what we call
free that today consciously aware of the time so uh… if any questions to liberty at all yet um… so you mentioned in some cases the
actual uh… if pain may not necessarily be the in
which is simpson is little-noticed has your system of receiving it suggests is a correlation between loans at issue c of battlefield uh… on the list is not something that
by specifically focused on this and i like him and uh… point of the at the
beginning is not all wooden ones there come a step
outside my area of expertise and says he is not something that i’m uil aware of
whether or not there is a correlation and by the not looked extensively
incidence of the research said that there may be that may not be at allied i’m not gonna show calm seems to me like uh… you weeks oldies
usta medics machine uh… he said he had a way to smoke i don’t
think everyone else most people will have access to and uh… you know that
you’re absolutely right and and at assess as an idol in his it sounds of thinking sands of the way off by
structures is an certainly the best waste it but it may not necessarily be the anyway some you could be any extras i went for
it to begin with they do activate and loads of love back and in some cases though provide a
stimulus fa producing adaptation in them and doug would have had to run for a few
excise on on a few videos of potential access which you could use to local
outback and that any reductions i have with
excise lie that is already activated is very difficult because the research
hasn’t looked at it zero var less efficiently and loaded to
produce an adaptation it looked like a scene with albrecht
sizing a gem writes of jesus home but uh… control course ability and train
assaulting improves out outcome measures such as pain is likely that there is something
general adaptation so although the loading may not be sufficient to produce
the degree of results that you season something is as uh… advanced medics
mission um… is probably worth doing as long as
you can do them appropriately in safe in united news i’m using falling satellite
hines instant principles and venue you’ll likely see and effect from them but if you want that’s results diesel to
best accomplish use the the best equipment available but yet it if you’ve not got access to
them anza this is one of the reasons why i’m
doing the research is well because a m just draw contrasts would fully and then
x avonex website has a uh… as a facility like i said say is anyone
buzznet equipment sensei then loaded uh… you have reached that would
be a website annual concerts where facilities uh… in the u_k_ there are five facilities and i think that’s likely to no one’s
there six cities in the u_k_ uh… which i have a medic slumber
extension should content to just the florida area undecided which has about fifty ps seven facilities in dc say yahoo there loads have a lot of american life that is very
complex hands at that time surrealism and edge investors but it but as the
along war access available as a long time typing as it is so in
this country people are aware of that dividend any options available although it’s very sparse i think
impolite doing the research at presenting a
academic conferences and making precipitous inclinations more aware of
it and showing how effective it potentially
could be will hopefully make people’s ours i
think that warmed up pocket we need to get the sacrament we need to make it
more variables that we can you know we can get that treatment
option gehring hands at get sorted patients come in and use that but yeah i think i think i’m you can get
benefit from of rec sizes but sorry so maybe has been the season that okay and has a guys if any of you go
expressions tom bradley outfits isozyme

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