September 19, 2019

Chest Pain Red Flags

As a cardiologist what are the characteristics of chest pain that get your attention and raise your red flags I think that’s a great thing for our audience. Let’s start with saying that there are a lot of reasons why the chest can hurt and not all of them coming from the heart the ones that are concerning our chest mean for example that comes with exertion if you usually walk for 30 minutes and a minute 20 you start having some chest pressure that’s the one that they always describe like a pressure like somebody sitting on their chest when they exert and then it goes away at rest when they rest in five or ten minutes that’s a for sure that’s the typical what we call angina okay so that’s the typical angina but also an acute heart attack can present with a chest pain similar characteristics pressure type of chest pain that can present at rest the things that are important with the chest pain one is where does it go to so if it stays in the chest goes to the neck goes to the arm or both arms in other symptoms that could be associated with them shortness of breath dizziness sweatiness so if those are symptoms that are really concerning when it comes to an acute chest pain that lasts more than 10 minutes I mean or five that is the constant. The aggressive nature the durations I often tell patients if it’s deep and poorly localized if it’s not I have chest pain here that it’s less likely but it’s important because we spoke earlier about lifestyle modifications and lifestyle remedies so when you use embark on those attempted lifestyle modifications if you do start to get cardiac symptoms I want to know about it I’m sure you do too because they may start to bring out some of those warning signs well we can intervene with more specific diagnostic testing so it’s important to do that.

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