January 26, 2020
Cervical Stenosis – Pain Resolved – www.DavisSpineInstitute.com

Cervical Stenosis – Pain Resolved – www.DavisSpineInstitute.com

When you originally presented to the office,
you presented with very intense neck pain, shoulder pain due to a disc injury in your
cervical spine with stenosis. How have you responded to the Davis program for this injury,
and what’s been your experience here with Davis Clinic? Well I was here for probably
six to eight weeks and it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to me. I could not play
golf, I could not swing my neck this way, but look at me now. Sorry about that, look
at this. Both ways, and I’m telling you, this procedure works. It’s fantastic. I play golf.
Actually I play twenty seven holes and walk and carry my clubs all the time on the executive
courses and I’m doing good. Excellent, Excellent, I feel great. Well congratulations on your
results and we’re delighted to have had the opportunity to treat you. Thank you and I
support this place immensely. Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes and all the pretty
girls here.

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