December 14, 2019


I think that’s a good place sorry
mother that I did this without putting up a sheet behind me like I did when I
used to film over here but we have four callars well four braces
hold on how to put this one together so we’re gonna start just an order of how I
got these and then at the end I’ll take this one off and put on I guess the
Miami since that one’s put together and over here so first I had this one which
actually has padding that goes in the back and everything but I don’t know how
to put it on my mother does it when she gives me a bath because I can’t wash my
hair by myself so well I guess I could but I wouldn’t I
would have much less arm function and I’d be very moody person because not
having arm function when you like to use your hands a lot is not to find in
situation so here’s this one wait I’ll toss this so this is the Aspen this
stuff yeah and it worked really well for the first so I guy in December worked
really well December January February and we started off with it like there
I’d say so you can’t really tell the difference but basically I cranked down
the neck part and then oh as the months went on my neck got stretched out more
and we were sitting here which is at full extension and this somehow I broke
seven of these nail um when I break them this one is does
not happen to be broken but I’ll put a picture like right here of it broken the
little plastic pieces right well it’s broken now these little plastic pieces
um yeah they are what hold the collar together and I heard this one crack when
I was wearing it the other day but I didn’t think I actually broke it but
apparently I did and I just broke it off the last little bit of the plastic and
so this is what it looks like when it’s broken how would it get you to be able
to see what I’m talking about I don’t know basically the two pieces
would come apart if the top one was broken too but usually they both snap at
the same time so that’s where I thought this one was um it for me my issue is
not really like the side-to-side tilting of my head it’s the backwards and so
this didn’t come up very high on my head so my head could tip backwards and slide
backwards all I wanted and it really only prevented me from looking down
because in this one I could turn my head side side without any problem this one I
could if I try but more stuck and then when this one when we were on to collar
number like four or five we decided to that maybe we should start looking into
a different color and that’s where this miami comes into play there is a more
typical miami one i’ll put again a picture like here that most people try
after no phone ringing judge talk over it keep
talking pretend I don’t hear it because that’s what I do when I when I’m
actually here about myself I don’t think they wanted to talk to me they didn’t
even leave a message so here’s that Miami this one the lever is changed by a
button in the front this little button and so that’s what in my opinion that’s
like way too short right anyways but again and this one I was at full
extension because I guess my neck is long which if I was taller with my neck
be longer and be more of a problem who knows because I’m a super mini human and
I’m not very tall at all so it doesn’t matter please for me
and this one um the fret to back squishiness wasn’t a problem because
this is a very flexible collar so I get your neck was wider this you could pull
it out why turns getting here and so I would just like when it was on pushed
the side in and then pull the strap around so that it would fit my head kind
of in there I don’t know this one I haven’t worn it
in a long time and then this one has a higher up back it’s kind of a soft back
though like it’s kind of rubbery so it held on my head better then this one did
for the front to back sliding issue and I also couldn’t turn my head because
this comes up all the way to my ears see how these ones don’t and then after this
became well this one didn’t last very long for me because I bent it so quickly
so this one I don’t know if you can tell well this is actually pretty strong so I
guess this is one else which into in just a moment but it’s this one I had an
issue with because my neck muscles are still fairly strong considering I’ve
been in a brace for six months but so I basically just kept bending
this one with my neck muscles guys I do and then once that one became a problem
for sleeping because I haven’t laid down to sleep in maybe a year almost now so
we went when sleeping and laying down became a problem then we called in the
Minerva brace this I wore for two days if that tells you how this went at all
um for me I think we would need to bend this bar more this way I don’t know how
to do that though because it was um attached to me
uh where’s the strap yes the head strap and so this goes around your forehead
and hold your head to this and for me that’s positioned too far back I guess
and it was pulling my head off so my head when the two days that I wore this
I was only to wear this one at night and then I would switch to Miami during the
daytime my head was never connected at the entire two days because this is
pulling my head off it did not prevent me from looking side turning my head
side to side or actually turn looking straight up either it only this one also
only prevented me from looking down and then it has this like sandwich apart
where I was sandwiched in between it and also with this we had the predicament
that I have that weird thing where my back is crunching over to the side I
mean if you scroll down in the cards like the old videos you’ll see pictures
that I posted of me after like taking baths basically my bath looks like it’s
crunching that way well note spongy Nodaway and so
basically from this holding my body in more of a straight line because it made
my shoulders be in line with my hips and the muscles in my back were
crunching down super hard when I would take it off and was making back pain
like 20 times worse so that was also deal involved this brace
I’m sure if the head thing worked out better and actually held my head onto my
body that um that would work out better for us but it didn’t so I don’t know
what our next plan is moving forward we see him a neurosurgeon in I think next
month or the month after because it’s pretty much it ended okay so I will take
this one off well I’m not gonna cut the clip so you’ll like me this one is not
adjusted for my head so ever alright so see what I mean this one I
just bend it so it doesn’t hold up my head like hardly at all but it’s better
than wearing nothing or wearing the Minerva for me so oh yeah and on this
one I like this ones draw apart the most because it didn’t it doesn’t give me
sores but that is because I feel like my jaw is oddly shaped or something because
it’s more flat then how these ones are for more of a pointy jaw so here is the
vertices like old Aspen multi post therapy color and then here’s the
regular Vista the plastic part so this front piece is the same I think as far
as I can help the same except for the multi post doesn’t come with this I just
put it on there it’s from one of these cuz I break them all the time so we have
plenty of them root hang around and so this one I was having trouble with the
brace not fitting because my neck was too Guinea years old
and so my chin was falling off of this and this was pretty much in my mouth all
the time not a good plan but that’s what was happening so oh this is where in the
vlog from the day that this was being filmed
I was saying that over sharing my life on the Internet has been very helpful
for me because people told me that christina can’t remember her last name
already again um she has a video about tightening these and I followed her
instruction and it now fits and I took out the in the back back here there is a
like a jelly heating / cold pack thing that it comes with it just I’ll curl on
back there I just unbell crota it because me and my sensory issues I don’t
like things they’re hot or cold or have the potential to be hot or cold touching
the back of my head just one of my weird things this is just the airbag for the
pumper thing I know very technical names for these thing so I don’t know if you
can see it I do it okay I see how it pumps up this is probably common sense
but I’m gonna put it out there because I did it don’t pump it up until you almost
pass out I did that because I didn’t really know what I was doing with it
when the first day and so I just started pumping it to see what would happen and
I almost passed out letting out all day or now and so all problem I could link
that per video or basically their front padding you just unbell CRO it and then
slide the back padding between the plastic in the front padding like that
and then on this side I already did it and then you yank the thing and then
hunker that one into the back hole and then this one I always bend it
like this when it’s on so that this isn’t whacking me in the throat all the
time so I think that’s all the differences between the four braces um yeah I didn’t the other miami one the
one that’s more common with the darker blue and white that one didn’t work out
for me because it squeezed the sides of my neck it made me really dizzy again
not really sure what that was about mine getting all dizzy from that because
these touch my neck equally as much but I don’t feel like I’m gonna pass out
when I wear them so anyways um that I guess to recap all
that I’ve said this um has well I’ve only had it for about a week or two
maybe a week I don’t really know but it has been my favorite of the four so far
because it provides my head from sliding back because the back on this one is
much higher than the back on this one and it’s a lot more like stiff so my
head can’t just bend the thing back to see how these are kind of up there and
then this one I could just with my head just kind of like fold it down and then
same thing down here if I got this caught on anything it just kind of like
bends up but this one does not so it’s all this one so far seemed a lot more
strength II definitely not the word I’m looking for
um because I have I haven’t cracked this one yet the plastic piece might still
crack on this one yes but the has worked out I also at first didn’t not like this
and I thought that it was giving me a rash on my chin because my face was
really icky when I was first wearing this but I got used to it so
it might have just been something that I was around at the time because I was in
public so anyways I think that I have rambled on for long enough about all the
callers if you want a video more in-depth on any of these or a follow-up
as these things go on um I’ll make a video about it
well see you in the vlog


  1. I have the miami one but I dont wear it constantly, only when i‘m in a lot of pain. I think its great except the blue patting is kinda… too bright? I dunno.. 😂😂😂
    I‘m very happy hat it helps me with the stabilization!
    I tried the other miami one before but I could not adjust it enough

  2. I found it interesting that you said that on the large brace, you would need to bend the posterior bar to make it work. What stops the orthotist from simply bending the bar as needed to do just that?

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