December 14, 2019
Cervical Cancer successfully treated by Cancer Healer Center-Testimonial

Cervical Cancer successfully treated by Cancer Healer Center-Testimonial

I am Reeta Shah, and I belong to Delhi. It is in 2016 June,
all of a sudden, I was detected with
carcinoma of the cervical, And we went to various hospitals
for the tests and check-up, because it was quite a shock. Because I used to live quite a healthy life with no signs of any kind of discomfort or any other kind of… There were no signs whatsoever. But when it isdetected, they said the size of the
tumour was pretty big, which was more than 4 mm, which was, as per the American
Cancer Society, it cannot be operated upon. So I had to go through a very
vigorous kind of a treatment, because as it, the size being too big, it was 6.5 cm at the final stage
when I started the treatment. We went to Bombay to the Tata Memorial. We went to other doctors also. And then when finally came back to Delhi because it was suggested that it’s better if you are comfortable in
your own home surroundings. So we started the treatment there. The treatment went on
from chemotherapy, which was… I initially did a… besides doing the normal treatment,
they did a pre-set of chemotherapies, which was five of them. I was able to go through
four sets of chemotherapies. simply Yes, the first two were
taken in a very light mood, I used to go there, get the
chemotherapy done, come back and next morning
go to office also. It was only after the second chemotherapy, things which start showing up,
like the hair fall, happened. So I went and shaved off my hair. Then the body started
feeling a little weaker. And there were repercussions. As in, the blood and the platelets
and all those blood works were…. started showing that they are falling. But, it was basically, I would say,
just the zest and the will, and the support of the family, that I just kept on going through it. We completed four of them,
and then we came in for CTRT called chemotherapy along with radiation. So I did 32 sittings of radiations, along with seven chemo sessions again. Yes, by the time , it was difficult to once again complete, somewhere around,
I would say, August. It was a bad month after we
started the treatment in June. So August was a little difficult because by the time it was
60 to 70% of the treatment, the body works, the blood works,
the haemoglobins were falling. But then I think it was just willpower, I would go there every day,
I would walk to the hospital every morning along with my husband, going for radiation, come back, and then go to office also,
for three hours, four hours, whatever amount of time
that I could spend in office, doing my normal routine, I would do that. And I just pulled myself up
and continued to go through that, even though I know from inside
my body was failing, and it was getting weaker. But it was just the willpower
that I pushed myself to the extreme limits and
I didn’t even think for a minute I am so sick that I should not be continuing with my normal routine work. Whatever physically I could do it,
I did it. I used to go for my walks in the morning, even if it was for taking 20 steps,
or 15 steps, whatever. Even if it was half a kilometre. Earlier I used to take 2 kms.
I started going now. But then I would just go
down into the park, sit there for 10, 15 minutes,
20 minutes and then come back home. So that routine… I kept on maintaining
my daily life routine. My children were a great support for that. My office people, you know,
I just continued the way it was, that, yeah, you get malaria, you get
viral, you feel sick, you feel weak. I continued like that. And when I finished my treatment, I had a lot of fallouts which
your body normally does, after going through such a
vigorous and harsh treatment. I was searching… A lot of people suggested alternative
medicines and this and that. I was searching, searching, searching. And till I was not very satisfied with… There were a lot of other homeopathic
doctors also coming in. And I did a lot of
research on that one also. I went to Mumbai to look for
some other alternate factor to give me that confidence
that I will be perfectly fine even after having gone through
the normal chemo radiations. Then I found… After a lot of researches, I found
Dr. Tarang Krishna’s immunotherapy. And that give me a lot of confidence because that was something
which was scientifically designed and explained everywhere that
and when… I did a lot of research and it did
come up that immunotherapy, making your immune system strong,
is the only way you can stop the cancer from growing. So, from March, after gap of two months, after my reports had come in, I came in here and
I started the treatment. And that time, yes, I used to
have a lot of pain in my legs, and there used to be a lot of
other discomfort, lack of sleep, and general body weak,
body was weak. And I had to keep myself away from
people who had any kind of viral so that I don’t catch any
kind of an infection or anyone. His medicine has helped me
recover from the effects of the chemo and the radiation,
superbly. I mean today I don’t feel any
after effects in my body at all. I have gone through this treatment
for the last seven months, nearly it’s November now. And my reports from then to now
have all been clear. I completed one year of my post treatment which ended in last October to now. And I have my report which
shows very clearly that I’m totally clear of the cancer. I can show you the report. I will be collecting it from the… So I can only say that if one
takes this once as one only like any other normal disease, and one goes through the correct treatment, I think one can… and goes about life
without thinking that… with a positive mind that this is also
like any other sickness which you can recover from. And it’s not the end of the world. You go about your life in a normal manner, and continue to do it like that I think one can… with a positive thinking, one can
come out of it very, very well. Thank you.

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