February 27, 2020
Cervical Cancer Debate – 22 January 2018

Cervical Cancer Debate – 22 January 2018

Another wise woman, Lesley from Edinburgh, had this to say:
“Imagine we didn’t get smear tests under the NHS – we’d all be campaigning to get them for free. It’s literally a few minutes at the nurse, who has probably seen a lot worse than your lady garden and so it’s important
and life-saving. And then there’s a novel initiative by a Glasgow beauty salon
where Debbie Porter is offering free waxing services to women to encourage
them to book their smear test. As reported on Glasgow Live recently
Debbie posted on Facebook to her clients “Being a wax specialist, I see many of you girls who admit you haven’t been for a smear or are too scared to do so, yet you
have me wax you for 20 minutes!” I think Debbie has a point. In conclusion,
there are many many reasons why women put off their smear tests.
But there is one overriding reason why they shouldn’t. The test protects against
cervical cancer and can save lives.

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