April 6, 2020
[CC/FULL] Modern Farmer EP04 (3/3) | 모던파머

[CC/FULL] Modern Farmer EP04 (3/3) | 모던파머

Every joint in my body aches
after all that shovelling. Me too. What’s he doing over there? I guess the mosquitoes had
another feast last night. Are you guys taking turns
feeding the mosquitoes? Wake up. What? You still slept outside after
you saw what happened to Ki Jun? Why are you sleeping here? Just because. It’s nice and cool. I haven’t slept this good
in a long time. I feel great. I’m sure you do. Good morning… Morning. You’re up? Give me a minute.
I’ll make some ramen. What? Ramen again?
And this early in the morning? You don’t want that? Then shall we
have rice for a change? What? Who said rice? I like ramen. I want ramen too.
Only ramen! But we had only ramen
yesterday already. You better say you want ramen. Just have ramen. All right. We’ll have ramen. Excuse me. I’m letting you stay for Yun Hui. But if you ever give her a hard
time again, I won’t forgive you. Got that? Yes, Si… All right. Don’t worry.
That won’t happen again. Bye. He’s young but he has presence. He’ll go on to do big things. Where’s Yun Hui? I don’t know. She went out early to
take care of some business. Already? She’s diligent. Let’s get to work if you’re done. I’m not done yet. – I’m not done either.
– Then I’ll get going first. You’ll come to
the practice today, right? Well, Man Gu told me not to go. You know his temper. Please, I beg you. But those jerks said they
can do it on their own. Let them do it. Please! She’s even begging to keep
that stupid village head title? What a bother. Who cares? You’ll break your jaw. Why are you so tired when
you went to bed early? Well, I had trouble sleeping. Mister, can you help me? I don’t know
the boundaries of the village. I’m busy. I have an appointment
with my morning rice wine. Come on.
Please help me. My rice wine at Mr Han’s
expires today. Well, then… That’s too bad. Darn it. Follow me. What a bother. Min Ki, what’s wrong?
What’s bugging you? It’s nothing. Mister, let’s practice
together later. I’m counting on you. You scared me.
What is it? You’re starting to scare me. I’ll be back soon. – Where are you going?
– What’s wrong? Where are you going? Yun Hui dropped by earlier.
About that practice… Come on! I told you
not to mention that again. Just don’t mind them
no matter what they do. Man Gu, be honest. You’re doing this
so we’ll lose and you… can become
the village head again, right? You fool! What do you take me for? Nobody would understand… Min Ki. What are you doing here?
Are you here to see me? No, I was just in the area… You must be busy. Can I help with anything? Have you lost your marbles? Why are you like this?
What are you up to? I’m not up to anything.
It’s not like that. Yes, you are. You wouldn’t do this for nothing.
No way. Come on.
Are you still mad? I’m sorry about yesterday. Please don’t stay mad. And you’re coming to
the practice today, right? I knew it. You were up to something. Why? You said you don’t need
kindergartners like us. Come on. I just said that out of anger! Here, let me help out.
Give it to me. Snip the bad ones like this? Like this? That’s still just a baby. It hasn’t even bloomed yet.
Why did you cut that one? I’m sorry. It looked a little yellow. I’ll tend to the other ones. Don’t do anything! Don’t! It’s so horrible! This isn’t something
a human being should do! Yes, it’s something
a man should do for them. Right? Eat up. I’m feeding you. They look delicious. It’s okay, it’s okay. It will…
I’m sorry. I’m done! We’ve finally been freed
from shovelling! Hey, but what’s
Min Ki doing all day? He made us do all the work. I don’t know. Let’s go take a bath to cool down. You guys go ahead.
I’m in no mood for it. – Okay.
– Fine then. See you later. Let’s go! Sweet buns. Did you eat? I didn’t feed you? I’m sorry. What am I going to do now? What should I do? I thought I’d fall in love for
the first and last time. Why isn’t anything going right? If there is a god, he’s so cruel. It’s bad enough
I have to die young. Shouldn’t he at least help me
find love before I go? Right? Hey.
What are you doing? You should listen
when I talk to you. Come on. Never mind. You must miss your mum too.
Were you lonely? Fine. But just once, okay? What are you doing now? What are you making the puppy do? Is this the type of man you were? Were you that lonely? No, that’s not it. It’s a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding my foot. Then how’ll you explain this picture? You can’t bite that! Hey.
You’re bleeding. – I’m okay.
– Let me see. Don’t touch me. You’re not okay. You’ll be in big trouble
if you get an infection. Let me see. It’s okay! Why did you have to… You have to clean that up. I just don’t get
young people nowadays. Well, this is
the end of our village. Darn it. See?
I told you no one would show up. No one would show up after
what he did yesterday. Darn it. What can we do with
just these people? A sickly old man… What did you say? My leg. A pervert who had his nipple
chewed on by a puppy. What does that mean?
Nipple chewed on by a puppy? I was going around the village
with Su Yeon earlier… – Su Yeon?
– That lady… who came to paint murals. I was going around
the village with her, and he was sitting there
offering the puppy his nipple. Is that why your chest is swollen? Why did you nurse a puppy?
Are you crazy? Wait.
The lady here to paint murals… So she saw that too? I can be a good teacher. Come on, let’s go. They’re coming. What’s going on? Why do you look so shocked? What’s going on? You brought them here? Of course. What’s gotten into you? I just don’t want to
get kicked out, okay? We have to win so I can farm
and release an album. I knew it. Good work, nonetheless. Thank you for coming. Yes, good work. But I don’t see Man Gu. I knew it. He wouldn’t come when
he wants your position. What’s gotten into you? I thought you’d be
praying for our defeat. I’m not here because I want to be. Of course not. I only came so he wouldn’t
ruin my strawberry plants. You’re not trying to
mess up so we’d lose? So that you can become
the village head? That’s right! I’m dying to become
the village head. Happy? But I hate losing to
Sangdurok-ri even worse, okay? I’m a citizen of Hadurok-ri
before anything else. Okay? Be quiet! I’m not here for you punks!
Don’t misunderstand. That’s enough. Since we’re all here,
let’s get started. Let’s go. One, two, three, four five… Wow! Good, very good. That’s right.
Go with the flow… like riding a horse. You must have done some
horse riding in your days. I sure did. Very good. Stand up now. You have to endure it, Sir.
Good job. Stay still. You have to endure it. Stay still. Sir? Sir… – Start!
– One, two, – One, two…
– One, two… Come on! How many times
do we have to do this? Why can’t you get it right? They have no rhythm. Rhythm my foot. You guys are going too fast! Be quiet. I’m tired, darn it. Stop saying “darn it”.
I’m getting sick of it. All right, you punk. Darn it. We got everything else down,
so why is this one so hard? But we’ve gotten much better. Let’s call it a day for today. Why don’t we go to our house
for some rice wine? – Shall we?
– Okay. Let’s go. Darn it! Those Sangdurok-ri jerks. I can’t stand them! Calm down. Attention! We’ll win this year’s competition.
Why, you ask? Because you have us,
Excellent Souls! So let’s win and show the people… of Sangdurok-ri
and their village head. – Okay?
– Okay! – Cheers!
– Cheers! Punk! You said something right
for a change. Here, have a drink. Have a drink! – Thank you.
– Sir, pour me a drink too. You have one too. Just drink the whole bottle. Let’s all drink up. – Drink up!
– Cheers! Thank you! Su Yeon… Su Yeon… What a pretty name. But she saw me
at my worst again. This is driving me crazy! I thought you were
a pretty boy band. There’s one who isn’t though. You must be
a really good musician then. Who are you? Han Sang Eun. I might see you on stage
someday. You can say
I’m a potential idol. A potential idol? You want to be an idol? Yes. I’m sorry, but you must get
some work done on your face first. I know. That’s why I’m saving up money. Kids these days are so systematic. But what’s with that hair? This is the only hairstyle
I can do for now. My dad shaved my head. How could he do that
to his daughter? Who’s your dad? We didn’t talk much. We were just talking about
the sports competition. They’re not bad people. Don’t cuss at them. Fine! I’ll tell you when the
washing machine is done. Bye. What part of that grunt
meant washing machine? How does she understand him? Don’t mind them. It’s a special sign language only
the two of them can understand. Let’s all have a drink.
We all deserve it. Our cheer is
“Hooray for Hadurok-ri.” Hooray for Hadurok-ri! – Hooray!
– Hooray!

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