December 14, 2019
Casper Down Pillow Review | Casper’s Take On a Classic Pillow (2019)

Casper Down Pillow Review | Casper’s Take On a Classic Pillow (2019)

– Hi, I’m Neil from Tuck, and today we’re going to take a look at the Casper Down Pillow. By now you’re probably well
aware of who Casper is, they started with mattresses but have since expanded
to pillows, dog beds, sheets and more. In this video we’ll be looking at their newest model to their pillow lineup, the Casper Down Pillow. Will this be another win for Casper? But more importantly,
is is it a win for you? Let’s put it to the
Tuck test and find out. (upbeat music) If you find these videos helpful, let us know by liking this video and subscribing to our channel, now let’s get started. The Casper Down Pillow comes in two sizes, standard and king. I tested the standard, which measures 18 inches by 26 inches. Uncompressed, the pillow
has a six inch loft, and weighs approximately
one point nine pounds. The cover is made of 100% cotton with two inch gussets along either side. Inside, there are two main chambers encased in panels of 100% polyester. Those chambers house the down fill. The outer chamber contains
80% white duck down with 20% feathers, and the inner chambers
60% white duck down, and 40% feathers. The down and feathers in the fill have been ethically sourced and certified by the Responsible Down Standard. Meaning they did not come from animals subjected to unnecessary harm. Cleaning the Casper Down Pillow is easier than down-filled pillows. This one you can machine wash. We recommend a warm, delicate wash cycle, followed by tumble drying
on low, with dryer balls. Give it a fluff and you’re good to go. When I first laid down on this pillow, I immediately thought this
was a soft hotel pillow, I don’t know why hotel
pillows are my barometer when assessing pillows, but
that’s where my mind went. My head sunk right into this pillow but the pillow didn’t flatten out. The inner chamber with its extra feathers provided a nice support layer. Even with that firmer support chamber, this is a very soft pillow and should feel that way for all sleepers. It doesn’t conform or hug your head like a soft foam will, but it will compress and
let you head sink in. I found that the fill would shift around as I settled into position, often moving towards the sides as my head sank into the middle. Like other down pillows, this one is not very responsive. Though it will bounce back
if not overly compressed. And when it does, it is a slow response. I felt pretty comfy in
all sleep positions, and it was the most
comfortable on my side. Between the loft and the extra
support of the inner chamber, I felt well supported. Sleeping on my back felt pretty good, though I did notice my head
tilting to the side over time. The outer chamber doesn’t seem
to offer enough resistance to hold my head directly up and down. Sleeping on my stomach was just okay. It was better than I expected given the over-all
loftiness of the pillow. Once it compressed a bit, I felt better. As a combination sleeper, I was impressed with the
versatility across sleep positions. This pillow allows you
to mold and manipulate as you see fit, so you can twist it, fold it, and compress it to your liking. Even bunching it up to
make it a bit firmer. And weighing a little
less than two pounds, it is easy to move as you
shift or change sleep positions. This is a great pillow
for huggers and snugglers. The down-side to that flexibility is that you need to fluff it, a lot. Unless you want a flatter,
compressed pillow, you will find yourself
fluffing this pillow often, which I did while changing
positions throughout the night. However, the multiple
chambers and two inch guessets keep the pillow from getting lumpy, and help it return to
it’s shape upon fluffing. In my time with this pillow, I never felt like it got too hot. The breathable cotton cover
helps regulate the temperature, keeping the pillow nice and cool. (upbeat music) the Casper down pillow is
a great all-around pillow. Being airy and moldable, it can adapt to most any sleep style. I found I was most comfortable on my side, as it allowed me to hug and
prop it up with my arms. I enjoy a more traditional pillow, and this has that classic pillow feel. It may not be the best at anything, but it’s good at everything. So who is this pillow good for? We found the Casper Down Pillow to be a solid choice for
all side and back sleepers, and especially those of
lighter or average weights. The combination of soft and high lofts should let you sink into alignment. The pillow works for heavy
weight sleepers as well, though side sleepers bigger
than me may prefer a firmer, or higher loft pillow. The six inch loft may be too great for most stomach sleepers, but it can compress and flatten out a bit. Over all, this is a solid down pillow. The duel-chamber fill design helps keep the shape of the pillow while also helping keep it cool. Add to that the ease of cleaning and the ethically sourced
down and feathers, and you have a great take
on the classic down pillow. Here’s some additional information if you’re thinking about
purchasing a Casper Down Pillow. They offer a 100 night sleep trial, free shipping in the contiguous
United States and Canada, and a one-year warranty. For up to date pricing
and exclusive discounts, check the description below, or visit Thanks for watching our
Casper Down Pillow review. Please give us a like, and subscribe to our channel
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you have any questions, or if you would like a
personalized recommendation. Sleep well, everyone.

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