December 13, 2019
Can A Person Who Has Caused You Pain Also Be Your Greatest Teacher? | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

Can A Person Who Has Caused You Pain Also Be Your Greatest Teacher? | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

This is the great
lesson for us all. And it comes in welcoming
the unwelcoming. You share this, that the
person who has caused you the greatest humiliation–
– Right. – –the greatest pain–
– Right. –the greatest suffering is
also your greatest teacher. PEMA CHODRON: That’s right. And we should be
thanking that person. That’s right. Well, someone was asking
about the other day, said, I really don’t buy that. But so we had a great– we
had a good conversation. But they– You don’t have
to buy it or not. If you can see it though,
you can open up to it. You know?
– Yeah. And traditionally
that’s called something like “troublemakers as gurus.” OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah. Yeah, they’re your teachers. Yeah, I share this story that
when I was moving from Chicago, I was going through
all of my old stuff and found all these
love letters that I had written to someone in my 20s. And I sat in the closet
weeping for the woman I was– Yeah, I know. –grateful that
I had come through whatever my delusions were– Yeah. –and also said a
thank you to that guy. Yeah, that’s it exactly.
OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Because I thought, well,
look who turns out to be one of my greatest teachers–
– And that’s right. –the person that I thought
was causing the greatest pain. That’s right.
That’s right. – Yeah.
– That’s right. But it takes
time to get there. It takes ti– it’s hard to
see it when they’re there. No, when you’re in it. But I think people do
have a lot of wisdom. And if they read a
book like this one, or “When Things Fall
Apart,” or any of them, and that message kind
of clicks as like, ooh, this is interesting to me,
then sometimes, people, they say stumble on the
truth of it themselves. It’s in there. They already know it somehow.

11 thoughts on “Can A Person Who Has Caused You Pain Also Be Your Greatest Teacher? | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

  1. thank u… thank u….thank u…I was feeling bad after watching an abusive video just now..and this video makes me feel so great. I love seeing Oprah's smile here..It is like how things get cleaned up after a long rain….thank u again

  2. Sometimes I cause myself pain for thinking that I can help people however I’ve now learned that some people don’t want to be HELPED. Especially family members so it used to cause me PAIN. So I truly believe that I AM MY GREATEST TEACHER.

  3. Absolutely, I'm grateful 4 it all. I wouldn't be healed from a generational relationship dynamic that has plagued my ancestors for years. I'm still healing, but I'm past the really hard stuff now. My grandmother came to me and said "Enough is enough, and you are going to be okay, now walk and don't look back!!".

  4. Sweet…Oprah weeping as she packed for Chicago…I'm sure she had lots of mixed deep emotions…so sensitive.

  5. When my grandmother was a teenager, she and her sister with a group of other kids would ride horses to the general store on Sundays. And on one particular day, she was leading the horse by the reins while her sister was riding the horse. It was during the depression, and around here poverty was already their normal, but of course, during that time it was even worse. While she was leading the horse the elastic broke in the only pair of underwear she had and they fell to her ankles in front of all those boys and girls. It was a time when female modesty was the norm and anything less was shameful. She was absolutely humiliated, but she acted as though it didn't even happen, she just stepped out them and kept walking like it never happened. She told me she was dying inside, but there was nothing she could do but keep walking, act like it never happened, and hold her head high. She showed me that scene when I realized the truth and was so humiliated by the betrayal of my personal information and his behavior playing out in front of all these people that didn't know me.

  6. When u think back about someone who has caused u pain. U learn so much about your self. U become a stronger and better person. ✋❤

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